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Born on a backwater planet to the name Sarah Baker, she was acqu-hired when Talaris ships made a scan of the world and discovered a severe cold temperature shift in an otherwise arid climate. When a detachment of mages arrived, they found a woman, alone, living atop a Ley-Line junction with an uncontrolled frost emanating from her. Immediately scooped up, this hedge-witch was taught magic, given a home and peers, and was allowed to research whatever she so choose, her innate magical affinity being both a curiosity and a boon to Talaris itself.

It was in this research into history and legend that she discovered the Arthurian Legends of old, and took on the moniker "Morgan Le Fay," laying her given name to rest. Since those days Morgan has evolved into something more than a simple witch living alone out in the wilds. She's willingly offered herself for dangerous experiments in the pursuit of further power, and has bound herself to Damien and his cause.

She is faithful and undyingly loyal to Talaris, and especially to its President Damien Masaru.


Episode 21

Morgan first appeared upon her arrival at Atlantis, grabbing herself a drink before interacting with FL0UND3R. Dismissively she soon went to speak with Conrad Ludovic instead, leaving behind a frozen drink that fascinated both FL0UND3R and Janiel the Guard.

An oddly ominous woman, upon reaching the gate she demanded that Conrad invite her in, and to tell her that she was welcome in Atlantis. He obliged and the mage stepped within.

From there they proceeded to the Atlantis Labs to access their records repository. With some searching a book was found; titled "There's Something in the Air," it was a tome on Vapor magic. With its acquisition, Morgan stated she wanted a second book. FL0UND3R, per Mr. Reynolds' instructions, stated that she was allowed one. Morgan persisted, insisting on a second and that Conrad should make a deal with her. Upon FL0UND3R's second interference, she demanded the bot be silenced. Conrad motioned for the synth to stop speaking on the matter.

Conrad then made a deal with Morgan, a second book in exchange for magic warding on the front gate. The second tome found was something seemingly far more potent. A tome titled: "The Canticles of Kaliphas the Red." This book was both quite old and written entirely in blood. Taking the second tome into her hand, Morgan deposited into a bag on her hip which, despite not looking like it could hold something the book's size, it slid inside with no effort at all.

With that, Morgan left as quick as she came, stating to Conrad that she looked forward to future business.

Arriving later in the Episode at Talaris' headquarters, Morgan approached Jeremiah and showed her peer the bounty she'd harvested from their fellow MegaCorp. Jeremiah noted the dangers of the Blood Tome, and that the vault in inaccessible at that moment. Morgan then took the book again, placing it back within the odd bag on her waist, and stated that she would carry it as it is her responsibility to do so in lieu of a vault, at least until such a time as they could give it to Damien or place it in secure holdings.

As Morgan departed, Jeremiah told her to keep an eye out for Riley Knox, and should she see the intern, freeze his feet to the floor and then call Jeremiah himself. Her response: "Now you're speaking my language. Who knows, maybe if you let me walk on him, you might just make my day."

Episode 22

Morgan arrived towards the end of the episode, conversing with Cornelius Crown and Riley. During this conversation, Friend returned from the mission to Thaddeus' mansion with Jeremiah's body in tow. Spotting Riley, Friend demanded to know why he was there before unloading a magazine of mage-slayers into the intern. Morgan, through this entire exchange, coldly watched before stepping over Riley's wounded body towards Friend, escorting her away to inquire as to what had happened. She left shortly after to debrief Damien Masaru.

Episode 23

Arriving in the lab at the start of the episode, Morgan entered the Talaris grounds and surveyed Jeremiah's body in the presence of Friend. Staying for the ceremony, she watched as each friend and peer of Jeremiah spoke to him and his legacy. Upon their completion of the private funeral, she approached his body and spoke to soulless shell in a hushed tone, parting:

"They say that men of honor don't have a place in our time, and that their lives are shortly lived. You exemplified that, Jeremiah, in stunning fashion. But you did it, with gravitas, charisma, and a shared loyalty to our cause. I'll carry your name. Rest well, Undertaker."

Outside of the funeral service, Morgan came upon Katashi Nakamura, the mage recognizing the Oni from his extended life of service to Talaris and some referenced video conference calls.

After this, Talaris all moved up to the meeting room and waiting there, much to Morgan's delight was a chocolate cake. Enjoying her piece, the group conversed about their plans moving forward, debating the merits of Damien coming down himself, how much force to bring, and collectively agreeing to finally subjugate the Undercity to live under the MegaCorp's thumb. The meeting also covered Friend's violence against Talarian employees, and upon request from Damien, Morgan gave him her athame to use in a blood ritual, binding Friend to another plane should she once more attack a member of Talaris employ.

With her ritual knife back in her possession, she handed off the blood tome to Damien and requested that he watch over her Mentor Spirit while she journeyed to the Undercity, on the off chance that Thaddeus should reveal himself again. This precaution being taken due to the obvious interest Thaddeus had in the spirit talkers.

Later in the day, Morgan can be seen reconvening with the other members of Talaris, finalizing the day before leaving with Damien to study the blood tome for another night with Calliope Keres.

Episode 24

Entering the Undercity to escort the Talaris mages to the meeting area, Morgan's appearance was otherwise limited. She dismissed the massive Blood Spirit, checked on Friend, thanked Granny for her Thin Mint cookies, introduced herself to Emily Beischel (meeting Niko Dinger in the process), and ensured that Katashi Nakamura was secure before departing. Though, a certain slug-like individual did catch their attention momentarily, the mage pursuing them briefly before teleporting out and back to the Talaris.

Witnessed Equipment, Magic, and Spirits


Morgan has been seen to carry runes on her person and drain them directly as a resource.

She carries an athame (ritual knife), an item that has implied use in blood rituals, Damien using Morgan's himself to cast a spell on Friend at one point.

A bag of holding has been spotted being used on her waist.


Morgan's magical aptitude/repertoire has not been remotely explored, but so far she has been seen casting greater ice/frost magic in the upper city with seemingly minor effort.

Damien has referred to her as a member of his personal cabal. There appears to be very few members to this group.

Morgan and Spirits:

Morgan has been stated to have a Mentor Spirit. Not much is known about this entity.


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