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After evidence of sentient Myconid became common knowledge, Avalon showed interest in growing their own and seeing if it was possible to replicate the conditions needed to bring life to the planet's natural fungus. After a lot of failures, one was finally successful, but no matter what they did it appeared sickly and lacked any inherant magic found in the naturally occuring matter they had procured.

After months of study and attempting to find a use for it, the creature appeared to finally die. It was clumsily chopped up and dumped in the Row... just close enough for it to feel trace amounts of natural magic for the first time. The body slowly rebuilt itself among the trash starting with the mind and Morel, as they are now, was finally truly alive.


Season 2

After connecting with Conk, Morel was accepted into the Myconid household with open arms. Wisp declared them siblings and they were given a place to sleep and somewhere to work in the Undercity. Feeling stronger and healthier with each passing day, it was obvious The Undercity and more specifically the sort of magic found in The Grove was what Morel's body had been missing.

Working in the hookah shop was pretty boring, though, and Morel began to muse about how they were using the mushrooms. Maybe they could be turned into other things? Had anyone tried? Morel realized quite quickly that although they were never actually trained, they picked up a lot of things from being in a lab for so long and took a strong interest in experimenting with and altering the mushrooms the family was growing.

Down in the Wasteland the cave where Jimmy was born was found and unearthed, revealing a huge lush mushroom-filled cavern to be explored. Conk believed it was important for all of them to visit it and meet with Jimmy's "grandpa", potentially one of the oldest Myconid still alive. Morel was able to commune with Grandpa, expressing their desire to find purpose, and was given a boon of protective magic to aid their endeavors and keep them safe.

Back in The Undercity, tensions began to rise. Masaru guards patrolled the streets and talks of an invasion caused panic. Morel felt a voice beckoning them to the Grove and followed it, being granted entry to the Grove Spirit. Again, they expressed the desire to help and were accepted as a trusted ally to the Grove Spirit and its interests, allowing them entry and access to any resources they might need. It was at this point that their attempts at making medicines grew in earnest while their new companions talked of a battle that might happen any day now.

Unfortunately, the attack did come, just as they said and Morel's medicines were put to the test. Healing salves, burn salves, pain medications... all of it was used and all of it helped and Morel felt more than ever that this is exactly what they were meant to do. They won the day with many injuries, a lot of destroyed homes... but no casualties.

Despite the amount of work involved, The Undercity picked themselves up and started to rebuild. Morel was happy and with every day became more and more dedicated to The Undercity and the people in it. They had a home and a family and they were gonna do everything they could to help.

Season 3

Over the last year, Masaru has had more and more of a presence in The Undercity. What started off as "helping to rebuild" has started to feel more like a takeover.

Morel and Wisp were able to secure their cafe and business has been good! Despite Wisp's general chaotic demeanor and Morel's resistance to capitalism, the cafe makes good food, good money, and has established a consistent flow of visitors each day. Morel continues to make medicines although they're normally more along the lines of sleep aids and minor pain killers nowadays but their talents might be needed again as whispers of sabotage and corporate resistance starts to build.



  • Mushroom Healing, Baby (Major)
  • A Place To Rest
  • Mycelial Connection


  • Overgrowth (Major)
  • Pacifist
  • Doctor Doctor


  • Morel's sense of style was established while regrowing in the dump and replicating things they saw in bits of magazines by making jewelry and accessories out of whatever was nearby.
  • In Season 2, Morel's Major Flaw was an inability to lie based on their lack of social interaction up to that point. A year later, they've learned that lies can save your life.
  • Morel is strongly anti-Avalon and will do things purely out of pettiness when it comes to them specifically.


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