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Morel is a sickly but pleasant Myconid who emerged from a patch of soil one day to find themselves being grown in a man-made biome. Now that they've been dumped in The Row with other failed projects, they're determined to connect with other Myconids and find their place.

Despite a general desensitization from years of testing, Morel is always kind and sweet, albeit far too honest at times. They yearn for a quiet life and a better understanding of what they are and where they come from.




  • Unknown Fungi Anatomy - Morel's body naturally heals and regenerates most of the body back
  • You're A Stunner - Morel can release a gas that acts as a muscle relaxant and effectively stuns the people immediately around them.
  • A Place To Rest - Morel's body was discovered to possess pain relieving properties. They can feed a person bits of their skin to numb pain for a short time.


  • Why Lie? - Morel will not knowingly lie
  • Sickly - Morel's constitution is bad. They can only be active for a few hours before needing to go home and rest.
  • Doctor Doctor - Because of their upbringing, Morel is immediately distrustful and fearful of doctors and scientists. They will refuse to enter hospitals.


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