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Monty grew up with her mother and father, and siblings, 2 brothers, She was born with a leg issue that crippled her for most of her life, But after saving up enough money after college she augmented herself to give herself the ability to walk again. She continued to augment later down the line with the extra arms, She found them very efficient for work and most minor things in life. After applying for Shometsu she has continued to work on augmentation of the mind through chips making people more efficient .

The Scar

Monty had a friend during her college years, They were both really close but once they graduated her friend lost it or something snapped, They had fought and it resulted in her friend dropping down some stairs, and Monty gaining a scar and a feeling of failure to be there for her friend.




  • Minor - Anything is a weapon! - Monty works with augmentation on the brain of humanoids and synthetics. This technology is experimental, and finding willing subjects to test and record information on the field is little to none. This tech is usually to add combat practices that are tested at Shometsu on willing participants.


  • Minor - Insomniac - Monty prefers work over sleep, usually only sleeping 2-3 hours is the max amount of sleep she usually gets. Due to this she usually sees hallucinations of her friend from college and family from time to time due to the lack of sleep. She is usually seen with coffee to keep her awake and somewhat focused.


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