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The Monet family are a lineage of fiercely loyal WOTO-corporation bodyguards.

During missions or excursions where there are dangers aimed towards high ranking WOTO employees such as John Goldman or Rikky Raclette they are dispatched to keep them safe at any cost, willingly putting their lives on the line without any hesitation if need be.

Out-of-character the "Monet family" serve as Lawlmans alternative characters as John Goldman, being CFO of a mega-corporation values his life and wealth above all else, he would never take any personal risks putting himself in harms way.

Known Monet's

Exactly how many of them there are is uncertain but rumors tell of them being 7 brothers and 1 sister.

Kash Monet

Deceased. He was bisected by a Sandcrab when scouting out the location of The Golden Lance.

Moe Monet

Deceased. Gunned down by slummers in The Golden Lance

Bic Monet

Deceased. Executed by Cornelius under the false assumption he was turning into a zombie in the Necropolis.

Blud Monet

Deceased. Left behind in Thaddeus' Mansion and gunned down by his henchmen, then zombified and finished off by Manyu and Rikky.

Lotta Monet

Alive. The only sister.


  • Reminiscent of the "Butler" from Artemis Fowl
  • When portraying any of the Monets', Lawlman is readily available to swap to speaking as Goldman, being quickly reachable via phone calls.
  • It is speculated that the family may actually be clones of Goldman, with implanted memory - making him the real "Papa Monet"
  • All the names of the Monets' are money related puns.
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