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Molls is a player in VRChat, and is currently serving as the Chief of the Loli Police Department, and is still the shortest person in the LPD to date.

Her appearance resembles a short demon girl, with red eyes and purple hair. She also wears thin-rimmed glasses, and can also be spotted wearing sunglasses as well.

Molls is currently the 4th chief to run the Loli Police Department, with her predecessor being Hroi. Hroi stepped down once things in his life began to overencumber him. Hroi passed down the mantle of chief to Molls on 03/07/2021. Molls works alongside two deputy chiefs, NotShane and DerpiCat.


Molls joined the LPD in the January 29, 2020. She was trained on February 2, 2020. At the time she was accepted, Chief Rickity was in charge of the LPD. After a month or two, Molls was a officer at the time when Rickity passed down the throne down to Hroi. Nearly 4 months later after Hroi was promoted to Chief, Molls earned the rank of Corporal.

"When I was an officer, the thing that made me realize that 'I can help' was when I sent in an application to be a trainer and working with others." Molls, 2021.

Molls worked as a trainer at first, until she slowly started to realize that she was doing all this work but getting nowhere, then she was promoted up to Corporal. A new door has opened. She was an event host, and hosted patrol events every Tuesday night. She was then promoted to Sergeant, when she saw all of what occurred behind the scenes of the LPD. All the glaring issues, and problems sparked her to start getting the ball rolling to fix all these issues as a Sergeant. She worked alongside DerpiCat, which became her Deputy Chief after Molls took over as the 4th Chief of the LPD.

Soon after, the election for the new chief of the LPD was up. The potential candidates that were running for the election was Molls, Wicked, 4, and TheGamingExite. At the end of the election, Molls won by a major landside, and became the new chief of the LPD. She brought her old friend Derpi to be her Deputy Chief, and NotShane, who was a Captain at the time.


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