Moddex is the Leader of the famous Solid Legion faction, he first appeared with a gaining popularity after doing a raid using the Solid Snake avatar from Zarniwoop's avatar dungeon. Gaining followers to participate in larger-scale Snake raids.

Out of all other factions being made during the time of the Solid Legion, The Legion held the highest popularity and followers. Many people made Snake Parody avatars and many notable ones would be; Vakter, Brochacho, Highom, Rare Spice, BladeWild and many many more.


Moddex as a person and leader mainly pulled off crazy stunts with raids, avatars and unique overrides done with help of his peers to make VRChat crazy or even more exciting. His overall personality was very passionate towards making new and crazy ideas, Moddex was also known for swearing quite a lot when excited. His goals were to make VRChat fun and interesting due to how in the current time there were only 300-700 active users(Before the streamer explosion caused popularity). With the increase in popularity later on in VRChat's lifespan, Moddex faded from the spotlight with the Legion.

They waited for their next big moment to shine, however even after all Moddex has done and his name well-known still in VRC by the "under 300 club" members of VRChat he had made quite a few enemies. He was also very vocal about dev changes and passionate about what he wanted from VRChat, he was put under 1 month bans several times for this (Even after coming out of a ban to be banned again preventing any form of log in). It is rumored that his 4-year ban was done just to silence him or possibly out of fear his popularity would cause a negative effect on VRChat as a whole. He has banned many times for odd reasons.

Powers and Abilities:


  • Moddex has moved on from VRChat, continuing his song work he does on sound cloud and playing games with those still loyal to the Solid Legion via their discord.
  • Moddex seemed to be obsessed with Oathmeal, as he chased her quite a few times. (All in good fun.)
  • His 'wanted poster' was seen in Times Square.
  • Moddex and VRPill seemed to be on good terms when interviewed together.
  • We miss Moddex.
  • As of recent, Moddex has been given his old account back (since being banned via mistake) and now frequents VRChat.


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