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Not to be confused withs: Cell or Dr. Cellulose Universe

Who is Miss Universe?

Miss Universe, also known as InvaderCristi, is a VRChat Roleplayer known for her roles such as Cell in the Crossover, Dr. Cellulose in Callous Row, and Vevina in Ascension Academy. She got involved in VRChat RP in early 2018 but has been RPing since ARK: Survival Evolved. She is also a VTuber and streams regularly on her Twitch. She is also an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons and played Hackne Arcadum's Verum Campaigns.

Her VTuber Avatar shares the same appearance as her Roleplay Character, Cell, but remember to keep RP and OOC separate!


Miss Universe has been roleplaying for roughly 15 years now, starting in various text RPs before eventually moving to Ark: Survival Evolved. She joined VRChat Roleplay in early 2018 during the Crossover with the character Cell. Since then she has played over half a dozen different characters between Metaverse, Pathfinders, Callous Row, and Ascension Academy.

Alternative Roleplaying Characters

Alue Sequoia Arcacia

Alue is a human wizard in Arcadum's Forbidden Knowledge RP Group. She is best friends with Medea Feriro Velymis the pair coming from the same school before being abducted as well as both being nerds. She is learning how to become a druid and is placed in Class 2.

Vincent Von Kingsley III/Leif

Vincent is a human who is a magician. He has no mana to speak of and instead uses technology to make himself appear as if he is casting magic. He later resolved his issue by becoming Leif an Eladrin who is bonded to Blinx.

Vevina Ciseris

Vevina Ciseris

Vevina is a Bugkin who goes to Ascension Academy in Ascension Academy RP. She intends to show humans that Bugkin are not evil through her attendance at the academy.

Parizz Ite

Parizz Ite is a spider and the queen of the "Bugkin Empire" or "Swarm".


Rattler is a being from the plain of movement. His species is actually called rattler while his name is a series of claps. He cannot speak and is constantly dancing.

Krazhul the Soul Reaver

Krazhul is a centuries old lich who is the frenemy of Treebark. He enjoys kidnapping damsels (especially Andraste) and being evil.

Dr. Cellulose Universe

Dr. Cellulose is the Head Doctor of the clinic in Callous Row. After losing everything and being sent to the dregs of Savior City she intends to get back what she lost by any means necessary.

Julie Jellyfish

Julie Jellyfish is one of Universe's oldest characters that's been on streams.

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