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Thought to be the older sister of the popular ATLANTIS idol Mey, Miss Money takes a backseat compared to her sibling as she handles backstage production.

In truth Mey and Miss Money are the same being with a split personality and different appearance. The ATLANTIS necklace the older sister wears seemingly is the catalyst that causes the shapeshift. She refers to her older form as her "true self".

With a cool, calm, and collected demeanor, Miss Money takes charge of meetings and deals for the ATLANTIS Corporation which her family has worked under for generations.


Season 2 Episode 4

Miss Money gets revealed for the first time as Mey puts on her necklace at the start of the day. She spends her day making deals around the Upper City and Scrap Town, including becoming good friends with Pepper Alex Ly and GU1D3-B0T, and they are both invited into ATLANTIS HQ for meetings.

For her journey around Scrap Town, Miss Money enlists the help of two guards as well as a local street samurai by the name of Xion Eros. Her main goal of making a deal with the Mayor is cut short as she notices they are being tracked and watched from the rooftops.

Season 2 Episode 6

She attended the Quixote hosted corp gathering, in which Atlantis sourced the drinks that were later found to be spiked. Miss Money pleaded ignorance and later heard rumors that Nirvana had been experimenting with nanomachines, and possibly spiked the party drinks with them.

Miss Money and Max Stillwell at the computer talking to The Brass King

Later in the day she is called to a computer by Maxamillion and they talk to a hacker who goes by "The Brass King". This hacker has seemingly all the secret information on Atlantis and Miss Money herself, and shows the two Atlantis employees other corp information he has, including Quixote apparently plotting against Atlantis.

In exchange for this knowledge and the promise of keeping Atlantis secrets safe, The Brass King requests Ellek Myth at the old cakeshop down in The Row by the next evening. Before answering any more questions the computer turns off, leaving no trace except a user login - "Yamato".

Episode 7

Making a deal with Kaiphus The Collector

Kaiphus The Collector breaks into the atlantis office to talk with Conrad, Maxamillion, and Miss Money about the recent Shadowbat merc that attacked Sonitii. He wants Atlantis to broadcast the mercs death, so that he can send out the message that noone messes with Kaiphus and his plans.

Thus Atlantis had to now deal with two incredibly dangerous and mysterious criminals; Kaiphus and The Brass King, and they were not able to fufill The Brass King's demands due to the Sonitii attack and Ellek Myth getting injured and hospitalized.

Episode 10

Miss Money hosts a meeting with BR-16 where she extends the Atlantis family hand to the AI, offering her assistance and possibly even a body. As a possible gesture of kindness she reveals to BR-16 the true origin of FL0UND3R and gives Atlantis access codes, which the AI would use later.

During the meeting however, Rebecca Cantuckit interrupts as part of her crusade around the Upper City. While talking with Atlantis, Rebecca coins a new phrase in line with Atlantis tradition: "Shark you!"
While brainstorming Atlantis-themed names Rebecca also accidently stumbles upon Miss Money's true first name: Ursula. Miss Money does not comment out loud on this however, keeping it a secret.[1]

Episode 13

Miss Money gets close to scold and hit Max

Beginning the day with an Atlantis meeting where she scolds Max for getting too close to Rana Amariah and drinking alcohol in the brothel when she wasn't around. She knows that when Max drinks, he might regain some of his lost memories of the time before he worked with Miss Money/Mey and is very cautious to not let this happen.[2]

The Atlantis crew then make their way to Scrap Town to pay respects to the late Pepper Alex Ly and giving her a traditional Atlantis prayer beside her grave. While in Scrap town they also talk with the Restaurateur Jyggal about hiring him for future parties.

Wit senses a sniper shot then protects Miss Money from it

Back in The Uppercity, Miss Money has a couple informal meetings with Maia Seren and Rikky Raclette before running into Wit who found his way to the union building. She wants to show him around their HQ, but before they can get inside Wit senses something above the towering Atlantis buildings, and at the last second shields Miss Money from a sniper shot.[3] She panics, trying to contact Nirvana and Ian but finds that Wit's wound begins to self-heal and he will be relatively fine.

Her final moments of the day are quiet as she sits down, reflects on everything that just happened, and begins to feel sick.



  • Firearm proficiency - Miss Money is trained in firearms and can use them with confidence


  • Had a past relationship with Coach Eric, who revealed in episode 6 that Miss Money has a hidden tattoo somewhere[4]


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