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Miranna wasn't born on Hellion, she grew up on another planet plagued with rioting and instability.

She ended up joining the planet's local militia and helped combat the rising tension from the aftermath of the War of Unification. During her service, in a situation of being corned she accidentally drew upon her undiscovered fire magic and incinerated her opponents in a gruesome display. Afterwards she was quickly picked up by Masaru agents and tested. She was confirmed to have magical affinities for fire and mana, but her current deployment in GEB meant that she was never taken in. Fearing that she would be taken in by Masaru, she decided to stay in GEB for sanctuary and committed herself to their cause to never earn their ire. She climbed the ranks of GEB and eventually scored herself a spot on Hellion as head of security.




  • Major - "Heat of Battle" - Miranna survived by being flexible and nimble, learning to quickly relocate throughout the battlefield. She wastes no time jumping between cover and outflanking her opponents. She also likes showing off, making sure everyone sees how athletic she can be.
  • Minor - "Steady Aim" - Miranna has improved accuracy from her training in the military.
  • Minor - "Fiery Heart" - Miranna has been hardened through conflict, making her mind and body reinforced to injury.


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