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Minto Wellaby is a human who owns the "Wildfire Diner" within the Fire District and works there as its chef.

He was born in the slums of Savior City and was abandoned by his family by the age of 14. Since then he got many jobs in the culinary branch and acquired an affinity for the chef profession. Because his body was not taken care of during most of his life, he degraded to a very skinny state. Eventually, over the course of 10 years, he acquired a good amount of experience with and knowledge of cooking a variety of meals involving the different ingredients available within the Undercity, such as a variety of meats, bugs, vegetables, and fish.

But there's still a lot to learn out there. With the help of his fire magic, he plans to create food that will be enjoyed by all.




  • Major - Feel the heat - Has the ability to utilize fire magic in order to cook while on the go. This allows him to not only have a good presence as a chef in the field but also to possibly defend himself from those afraid of or weak against fire.
  • Minor - I'm cool - Thanks to his attunement to fire magic, he can withstand above-average levels of heat.
  • Minor - Food is everywhere - Able to make an edible meal out of most things, even bugs and plants that are seemingly inedible.


  • Major - It's his metabolism - Because his metabolism is at an unusually high level, he has to eat an abnormally large amount of food in order to ensure he doesn’t run out of energy throughout the day. Not only that, his body also has hardly any muscle at all. Because of this, any job that would require average or above strength would be difficult.
  • Minor - Unprepared body - Although he has the ability to use magic, his body can not handle much use of it. After using his magic, he becomes increasingly wearier the more he uses magic.
  • Minor - Unfamiliar territory - Minto has never touched a gun, let alone heavier weapons in his life. Should he ever find himself using one, he has poor accuracy, occasional misfires, and poor swinging. He also has no knowledge on how to properly reload all the different types of guns that are available out there.


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