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Mimika is a roleplayer who streams some of her adventures in VRChat. She portrays various characters but is mostly known for portraying her celestial character Amika.

Aside from VRChat she plays and streams other variety games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, CS:GO and more.

Amika waiting in her pocket dimension.

Roleplaying characters and personas

Out-of-character / Light-RP

In her early days she was a regular in The Great Pug RP Group and used to play a mute character who eventually started speaking.

She once defeated Shrimp in a brutal kick in a battle arena fight.


Amika is a celestial angelic being and a Goddess of Death. She was a prominent character able to travel across the Cycles during The Crossover event of 2018 and later Metaverse RP. This enables her to traverse between various different RP. The character is closely related to KimplE in some magical way and might actually be a version of her in an alternate cycle. The character is also known for her sword dance.

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Izzy talking to Chipz

Izanami Makoto

Izanami Makoto or 'Izzy' for short is a mysterious character who shares a past with Chipz. She was a prominent character in his Pre-Season 5.

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Doodle the "falling girl"


Doodle is a developer of the fictional game Sora Fantasy VII. She also plays the game, providing Sora and his friends with various abilities not available to regular players.

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Altreya is a hacker and the sister of Zentreya in the game Sora Fantasy VII. Since the Sora Fantasy game ended she were established as a real character aside from that. She is the sister of Zentreya.

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Xolia is an ancient demon, affiliated with Hybris who is tutoring "Micro" - the reawakened Nanoade.

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A2 is Mimika's character for Callous Row RP.

Ikaruga Mitsuyami

Ikaruga Mitsuyami is Mimika's corporate character for Callous Row RP.


  • She has never done a face reveal.
    • A long running joke on her stream is that she is actually a guy who uses voice changing software to sound like a girl.
    • Sometimes to really perpetrate the joke she puts on a voice changer that lowers the pitch of her voice, trying to sound like a guy.