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Millar Shine is a young, somewhat idiotic, thrill-seeking, adventuring scavenger. Having been born in the Wasteland, there was nothing more for him to do than to mix and match what the outside world has to offer. Once Millar turned 15, he decided it was time to leave home in search of a more adventuring lifestyle instead of worrying about when he'll die.

Millar doesn't stay in one place too long, so instead of looking for a job he just tries to pick up credits by offering services here and there while thrill-seeking. He hopes that one day he can find something that'll cure his disease.




  • Major - Shaman's Knowledge - After having been treated by a passing Shaman, the Shaman taught Millar simple treatments for minor poisons and vemons and how to make a potion that’ll temporarily slow his disease, slowing the corrosive acid reaching into his heart. If given the proper materials and tools, the treatment can be potent, but it requires time to complete.


  • Major - "Wasteland Disease" - Living in the Wasteland without proper equipment, Millar has been infected by an old-age incurable disease that is slowly killing his internal organs. He requires professional care at least once a day, injecting medication through a syringe to sterilize the blood, or his internal organs will begin to slowly corrode. If he's not properly medicated, he starts coughing up blood, his movement will be reduced by half, and his muscles will be weakened, eventually leaving him a husk in an acidic pool if it isn't taken care of quickly.




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