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Introducing Mey! High class human kawaii super talented idol mega star!

Mey is a member of the TRIDENT Corp. Her manager is Maxamillion Stillwell. Mey has become the "mascot" representing Trident and her goal is to make herself and Trident shine the brightest. Number one forever and ever.


Season 2 Episode 4

For the first time Meys "older sister" Miss Money is revealed as Mey puts on a special TRIDENT necklace, transforming her into the older sibling, the version she refers to as her "true self".

Season 2 Episode 6

Mey begins interviewing the people of The Row. Starting off with Dash Spacer and Vessa Chernelle, she asks them questions about life in the streets and their experiences with magic.

Later on in the Upper City Mey sets up the assassination of supposed Trident business parter GU1D3-B0T, prompted by an email Miss Money recieved earlier in the day from Hatsune Shinohara. The email noted that GU1D3-B0T is most likely attempting to acquire insider knowledge about the Upper City, and will share said information with his friends down at The Row.



  • Mey is a known celebrity which means she has a backdoor pass due to status.
  • Mey is vlogging most of the time, so watch what you say whilst live.


  • Mey is incredibly vain and only cares about her fame. There is only one "person" she will listen to.
  • Mey is pretty two-faced. If you insult her, she might act like she doesn't care, but behind the scenes she is plotting your demise.
  • Mey can't turn down an invitation to a party or event. She's also a lightweight.


  • Mey's first song released is called 'If Cupid Had A Heart'.
  • All of Mey's songs are available on online music stores under 'EileMonty'.


  • If Cupid Had A Heart [[ Vocals: Mey // BK Vocals: EileMonty // Music/Lyrics: Gordon Pogoda // Mix: GuitarHeroPianoZero ]]
  • Excuse My Rudeness (Cover)
  • Memory Go Round [[Coming Soon]]
  • Pow [[Coming Soon]]


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