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Metaverse RP is an umbrella term for the shared RP community that includes various roleplaying groups in VRChat. It was initially started in 2017 but was popularized by The Crossover in 2018 between Chipz and Nagzz21. It covers multiple groups from different VRChat communities with their own leaders.

There is no "dungeon master" or "leader" representing the canon metaverse RP but it is rather free-form roleplaying in a virtual setting similar to larping[1] but where each player is their own main-character from their point-of-view.

Metaverse is very expansive and includes a multitude of groups and events so not all may be listed. If you wish to add a group or event please add it or message an editor to do so for you.


  • Metaverse Lore - An article collecting and going into detail about Metaverse related lore.
  • Metaverse - A page discussing the setting of the Metaverse as a whole.
  • Metaverse RP - A page that details the broader Metaverse RP, such as chronology and involved groups.
  • The History of the World - Lays out the entire currently known timeline of the Metaverse and lays out some basic overarching concepts that impact this timeline.
  • Zaphira City News - A page that catalogs News Reports, from the in-universe Zaphira City News.
  • Zaphira City - The primary setting for most Metaverse Roleplay, a massive city on the prime planet in the Metaverse.

Related Groups

Related means that some cross-lore or interaction occurs

History of Notable Events

List links to articles documenting metaverse related events here in chronological order.






  • The Hand of Zarus Chapter 2


  • The Earth in the Metaverse is three to four times its regular size, as many new continents and areas exist together. This was popularized by King Maou.
  • The most common year people use for the RP is the current year plus 400 years. This was popularized by Purple Lotus and Aegis.
  • There are several incarnations of common ideas such as "The Seven Sins", "Reapers", and "Gods".
  • Time and Space magic are usually frowned upon but not outright banned.

Metaverse Terminology

Glossary of popular terms and phrases frequently used in Metaverse RP, sometimes used as part of the lore and/or as ways to stay in-character while explaining out-of-character topics.


  • Cards Up/Cards Down: A way to state that people are either in-character or getting into character (RP cards up) or are out of character or ending a Scene (RP cards down).
  • Having a "Scene": Used to describe a roleplay scenario (like an acting scene) generally held outside of known roleplay lobbies. Used for when people want to gather specific characters and progress their story plots while using specific maps. Occasionally involves other players that act as NPCs or DMs for the scenario. Other players will sometimes spectate Scenes silently while in invisible avatars as not to disrupt the in-character players.


  • "Cosmic/Cosmically": Adjective generally used before explaining something that happened OOC or within a player's playspace. Ex: "I cosmically punched a wall and now my hand hurts."
  • Fire Drill: The term for when a problem has occured either with the lobby map or an invite-only instance needing to change hosts suddenly. An issue that requires everyone to leave the lobby and either go through a portal to a new map instance or make a new invite request when directed.
  • Flux/"Fluxxing": The cosmic power that causes people to freeze in place, stutter with robotic movements, lose their hearing or sight, and/or disappear suddenly. An IC explanation for VRChat connection issues.
  • Clothing being "too heavy"/A request to "take off armor" or "power down": An IC request to switch to a "social" version of one's character model that has more optimized stats and/or a smaller filesize. Usually requested to combat Flux issues in crowded lobbies or as a way to state that a model isn't adhering to a lobby's avatar optimization rules and the character needs to "go change" and come back.
  • Polymorphing: Occasionally used as a quick explanation for a character having a model that looks completely different from their previous model, either because they needed to suddenly switch models due to avatar optimization rules or because they went from a public avatar to a customized one.