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"Cant hit me from up here, BOZO!" ― Maya

Not to be confused with: Maya (Disambig)

Maya Is a Harpy who's recently moved into Scrap Town! She works for the town as a Mercenary and in her spare moments collects many treasures and shiny objects. She daydreams of a life in the fresh air of the Upper City and owning her own Pawnshop, however will her record of sharpshooting and thievery hinder her? Maya is Portrayed by AussieSophie

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


At current moment, not much is know of her origins. Maya has spoken about living in another scrap town along the border walls of the city. This town is said to have been overrun by crabs, leaving Maya to be the only survivor to have escaped. However, recently Midge was made aware that Maya was actually born somewhere in the City. Maya has spoken about having lots of brothers and sisters, and is certain that they are 'looking for her'. When prodded further about why she was in the wasteland Maya became quiet and hesitant, only saying that it was not her fault


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Episode Summary
  • EP 1 - Gained the keys to her rented home from Henderson McCuldger. Shot self in right foot, Joined the WL Mercenary group, Gained knowledge of where scrap goes after scrap run, Acid bottle and bug corpse placed in fridge, Gained a synth companion Midge (nickname itch). Finished the day unable to find a “shiny”

End of day total collection: 1 Acid Bottle

  • EP 2 - Stole a Carbon 12 from the scrap run however claimed she 'dropped it'. Maya explored the desert and found a place on a cliff? Attempted to collect some scrap by shooting it, unsuccessful until Sheila showed up to help collect 2 scrap for her. Maya later sold the Carbon 12 in the undercity with the help of a fellow harpy named Luz gaining 2000 Credits and a favor from a blue synth (CR-055)

End of day total collection: 1 Acid Bottle, 2 Scrap, 1 Favor from CR-055

  • EP 3 - Waited for Midge to return, to find them with another Synth named ReCon. ReCon added to the party, but repair of their legs costing Maya 7000 Credits. Missed the scrap run for the day, but however received 1 Scrap from I Ma A Ikatsim and stole another scrap from behind Sten Berglund's back. Additionally learnt that Sten Berglund buys carbon for 5000 Credits, which is 3000 more than Maya sold it for... Whoops. 2 Scrap from prior day was given to Midge to help pay for their gun. Plans for a Personal Scrap run was interrupted by Raiders and later Maya assisted Mercury with a scouting the outer edge of Scraptown for a sniper.

End of day total collection: 1 Acid Bottle, 2 Scrap, 1 Favor from CR-055


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Edges & Flaws


  • Major - FEATHER FALL -

Her anatomy and bone density allows for gliding/slow fall over varying distances.

  • Minor - JUMP HEIGHT -

Unique leg anatomy and strength from a wing flap allows for a larger vertical height gain upon jump.

  • Minor - ACCURACY -

Great Eyesight from her genetics improves her accuracy with gunplay.



Incredibly difficult to resist the urge to steal any item that shines or glistens. Will always attempt to steal the item. (1 Item MUST be stolen Every session) If an item isn't stolen each session, (depends on time left in session) Maya will do one of 2 things: Maya will finish her day jittery and anxious, pushing her to find an EXTRA item the next session. OR Desperation will push her to search out into the barren sand-worm riddled fields to find something.

  • Minor - LIGHT LOAD -

Able to carry half as much as a regular person can carry. Carrying more will result in an inability to Feather Fall/Jump High as well as mild-moderate muscle strain.


Fearful of small tight spaces. Will refuse to enter spaces if she does not have to.

Racial Traits

  • Racial Edge - NA -
  • Racial Flaw - HOLLOW BONES -

In order to maintain her ability to Jump high and glide, her bones are all hollow on the inside. Damage from brute force attacks can easily shatter bones.


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