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Maxwell, or Stein as they used to prefer, is an augmented human with an undead-like appearance. They possesses a cocky attitude, raised on Slasher and Action flicks of old. Despite their appearance, Maxwell claims that they once were a high rolling mercenary in a location they only refer to as "The Shit." They claim they were attacked by a group of "strange looking punks" before blacking out and they woke up in the body that they are in now. Knowing nothing of their location, they simply wish to find "the low sonofabitches that did this" and get answers. However, having no friends, family, or any affiliation to anyone would likely make this difficult.


Stein's first appearance in Scrap Town was an estimated two days before the start of Season 2. However their involvement did not begin in a major sense until Episode 2. Sometime after arriving, Stein was offered work from Ashley Jones and her crew of scrappers, who were looking for extra muscle to assist with combating the dangers of the Wastes. Since then, Stein has become deeply involved in their ordeals. After some time working with the aforementioned group, Stein's skills in combat caught the eye of Xion Eros. Which landed them a position in the town's local mercenary guild. From this point on, Stein was able to work to a position of being able to take on small time work that is mostly done alongside the Scrapper crew. It's important to note that nobody in Scrap Town knows of Stein's real name or their strange situation at the moment, likely to come into play in the future; Though their backstory has been referenced in passing dialogue.

Following the deaths of Ashley Jones and Pepper Alex Ly, Stein looked to pick up the pieces of the remaining Scrappers and install a joint leadership between Ryzy and Reeza Dunewind. Additionally as of recent Stein has looked into investigating his strange situation that has resulted in his appearance in the Wastes. Stein and Reeza Dunewind have been actively investigating a way to open the strange tear in reality in the Spirit Canyon, looking to use it as a means to narrow down Stein's search.

After a string of events that resulted in a lost eye and string of PTSD attacks, he soon found much of his past to in fact be a lie. Finding to be from the Lower City and Ex-Corporate at that. Hailing from a desk job in MARS Corporation which may have included a fair bit of dirty work on the side. Maxwell soon began to understand that he may have been a victim of a hit, resulting in a fatal car accident that nearly cost him his life. Maxwell was then put under for emergency surgery, resulting in his augmentations. While he is curious on his alter-ego, far more pressing matters are at hand.

After an unfortunate run-in with Thaddeus, Maxwell was gunned down by the man himself. Currently his corpse is left in the Spirit Canyon.


  • Augmentations:

Maxwell’s augments were implanted in an attempt to reverse muscle and skeletal damage that occurred in their backstory. These augments are experimental, thus having the drawbacks listed in the flaws.

  • Fully Augmented Muscles: Maxwell’s muscles are augmented as previously stated in their Major Edge. Do note that the same limitations still apply. These augments are laced in with their muscle fiber which allows for heavier lifting and much stronger punches and kicks. As implied these will be mostly in the arms. However there are small traces of these fibers in the chest and groin, very little that is.
  • Framed Skeleton: To complement Maxwell’s muscle augments, they have a skeleton framed with metal. This is mostly to keep their body intact as they lift heavy objects or sustain damage. As punching with such force as their augments allows would cause large amounts of damage. Do note though that if a hit were to hit bone, it does feel a lot worse. The past two augments play into his major flaw of electric weakness and faulty augments.
  • Replaced Vision and Implanted ID: A minor augment that simply replaces Maxwell’s left eye due to faulty vision.While it does replace the eye it doesn’t do anything other than provide a means to take blurry images and offer an ID and image display. This is also used in credit transactions. They claim from this ID, they can shut off functions of their arms or legs.
  • Prosthetic arm:  A large, mechanical prosthetic arm. Maxwell lost this arm in the aforementioned accident, and it was replaced with this hulking beast. This arm doesn’t feel pain and due to its robust nature is used primarily in attacks and lifting.


  • Major - Augmented Muscles & Skeleton: Allows Maxwell to pick up around 250 lbs of weight, anything past will result in struggle and eventual shutdown of said augments, resulting in a lengthy downtime and call for repairs. However, the number of actual weight that can be lifted is far in the realm of estimation. (See flaws)
  • Minor - Augmented Arm: Maxwell’s right arm is replaced with a rustic, barbaric and very beefy cybernetic arm, to call it such would give it a bit too much credit. It can take a little more stress compared to the rest of his new, somewhat frail body. An estimate of around 15 more pounds of stress can be taken on by the arm. This arm also is disconnected from the rest of his body sensory and feeling wise, so no pain is felt if damaged. While typically prioritizing this arm in attacks, too much of a workload on this arm will cause malfunctions.


  • Major - Faulty Augments: Due to their experimental nature, Maxwell’s augmented skeleton and muscles causes any major trauma, overworking the augments, impalement or stress to make said augments work below spec. The effects can vary depending on the intensity of the wound or situation. Ranging from weakened strength and shutdowns to apparent seizures. Due to the metal implanted in said augments makes its user weak to anything electric. Electric attacks will render the user completely useless. Only way to recover from any of these effects would be to seek medical attention. These augments are supposedly one of a kind, and cannot be upgraded or replaced, relying on deep pockets for repairs.
  • Minor - Target Obsessed: A mannerism picked up from Stein, Maxwell looks to get work done by tunnel visioning on any task at hand. No matter what the job whether it be finding someone, putting someone down or escorting an important individual. Maxwell will devote himself to the task at hand.
  • Minor - Fractured Mind: With Maxwell’s mind torn to shreds by his alter ego, his memory is somewhat shattered. While he retains his memories from Scrap Town, anything involving his past with Mars is somewhat hazy. Though he is looking to pick up the pieces of his memory.


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