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Maxamillion Stillewell is a member of the ATLANTIS Corporation working as the manager for the pop superstar Mey. You can often catch him chumming it up with other corporations, trying to solidify media deals.

The majority of the time, Max is doing the bidding/will of his client Mey. He will move the world for her, ruthlessly if need be. Max has an almost over the top happy demeanor, opting to be grand and ostentatious in most interactions. He is a good friend to have and you don't want to think about being his enemy.


Episode 6

Miss Money and Max at the computer talking to The Brass King

Max gets a phonecall from a pseudonym named "the brass king" that he has something that he wants to see. Visiting a computer with Miss Money the device turns on by itself and offers some valuable information in exchange for a dangerous demand. It warns of Quixote moving against them, the secret of the WOTO cubes in their labs seemingly turning people into zombies.

After offering this the hacker demands that they have until tomorrow night to get the leader of Sonitii - Ellek Myth - in front of the old cakeshop in The Row. Before answering any more questions the computer turns off without a trace except a user login - "Yamato".



  • He can project a euphoric state on individuals. This often manifests itself in the target feeling drunk and having their vision go hazy. Max uses this to get that choice interview question or to have an individual slip a critical detail of an upcoming brand deal. People often say more than they mean to around Max.


  • Max is allergic to cats and needs to take drugs to counteract this. If he's caught unawares, he will sneeze most profusely and won't react well. This leads him to have a special annoyance reserved for cat people.
  • Max has no combat training and wouldn't stand for 2 seconds in a hand-to-hand fight. Max is also not proficient with firearms.


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