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Marceline is a demi-human mechanic who works at Marcelines customs with her synth S.E.R.A..

At the moment she is trying to help others like aiding in being the leader of The Wyverns to escape from the Valkyrie corporation. Fearing any potential wrath she incurred after defecting.[1]

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


At a young age Marceline was a child robotics prodigy who had scholarships in robotics and technology, until one day she found S.E.R.A powered down in the back room of Finnie's garage and started to tinker on her. S.E.R.A. malfunctioned and tore her right arm off. Unable to get a prothesis, she lost her scholarships and was denied jobs due to her new handicap, and she eventually stopped tinkering.

Once she got a prosthesis, she began working on projects again and gained a fascination with tinkering and augmenting her prosthetic. Her father, Finnie Key, worked at Valkyrie and managed to land her a job with the corporation. Valkyrie had noticed that Shometsu is public enemy number one in the Row, and they wanted to make use of the Row’s recent resilience in the face of catastrophic events to find out more about their rival, as they generally don't get along with the other corporations already anyway. The corporation sent Marceline down to the Row as a representative to establish a foothold and gain the trust of its residents, with the end goal of gaining access to information about Shometsu’s activities, and possibly, through connections in the Row, gain access to some of their technologies.




  • Major - “Artificial Savant” - Marceline is Capable of understanding and repairing synthetic augmentations on organic characters, even after only a brief, cursory inspection. With GM permission, is even capable of augmenting them further.
  • Minor - “Bat like hearing” - Due to her bat ears she has enhanced hearing and can hear things further away than regular people can.
  • Minor - “Bat out of hell” - Due to an increase to her metabolic rate from the gene splicing she has a slight increase to how fast she moves.


  • Major - “Plague carrier” - Marceline is extremely susceptible to diseases and can spread them like a wild fire. Any rolls for infection and disease have worse effects and will make marceline extremely weak. All disease rolls are rolled at disadvantage for marceline. Minor - “Arachnophobia” - She has a fear of all creatures with spider-like form
  • Minor - “Catastrophic Failure” - If she fails a mechanics check, it will have worse effects than for another person.


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