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Manyu All is a human who used to be a mercenary for the mega-corporation Talaris. He has the power to use electricity that seems to be generated from his body. He wields a knife that he holds like a katana. He often talks to himself as if he's talking to someone.

A hit was placed on Manyu after quitting Talaris and he is thought to be dead. Rumors say that he is alive and serves under the mega-corporation WOTO as a mercenary and collector. He is trying to pay back a debt to WOTO and to regain what he lost in his past from Talaris.


Season 2 - Episode 1

  • Manyu started his day introducing himself to Goldman and Rikky. He disclosed about his past with Talaris and discussed on how he can protect them as their mercenary. Goldman and Rikky had doubts of his abilities for protection because of his small sized weapon. To ensure their trust to him as a merc, he demonstrated the true capabilities of his weapon. Wielding his weapon, he goes on "Overdrive"; concentrating his innate energies to his knife and making it bigger. Impressed with the demonstration they go back to business then they meet another WOTO employee, Leonard Kiani, WOTO's head of security.
  • While they are headed out, Manyu inherently demonstrated his ability to speak to technological constructs. As he speaks to a car in the vicinity on Rikky. In the WOTO cafeteria they met with Viktor. While on the conversation people begun to come and go. Firstly he saw Calliope sneaking around avoiding conversation, then a group of three people approached and join in the conversation. They introduced themselves as Enzo Quintiliano, Raz, and HTR-87 (Heater).
  • In this group of people, Goldman had an idea to use the Mars Arena and organize a tournament event. Bringing all the corporations together for a show of blood sport. Manyu was tasked with Raz to gather willing participants into the tournament.
  • Together, they went into the Row. Upon arrival they have stumbled upon Rebecca (Becky). Knowing she lives around here, they asked on where they would find willing fighters for their Arena fight. Rebecca searched her immediate surroundings and asked Warren. Unsure of the offer, Warren initially refused. With that, they wander around with Rebecca as their guide to look for fighters. They stumbled upon Rook, the owner of the local bar "The Grindstone". Rook told them to go to his bar and will meet them there after he's done doing his rounds. Wandering around before going to the bar, they keep on trying to recruit people with no avail. Since the offer of the price money was too low, seems like Manyu and Raz wasn't to sure about the value of credits. Feeling it too low, they discussed about increasing it to gauge interest before they go inside the Grindstone.
  • In the bar, they met J.I.M. Asking the usual question about inquiring fighters, as they talk, Rook appears and redirected them to a second floor where they could talk about it. Properly introducing themselves to Rook, they begun to talk about arranging fighters. Rook told them to wait a little, enjoy their drinks, as he went out to see interested fighters. As they wait, he and Raz had a talk about their professions, knowing a bit of each other as it seems that they'll work together alot. Rebecca comes into the table and Manyu got to know about her and her interesting personality.
  • They got interrupted as Rook enters, with four bodies following him. Rook left and the four people sat down the table to discuss the tournament. They get to introductions, the four men are Locke, Warren, GU1DE-Bot (Guidebot), and Charles. When Guidebot introduced himself Manyu politely asked him to not go near him, as his glowing purple-ish pink hands are electrical in nature and may harm him. They had an agreement and things went pretty well with the meeting. As they leave, Rebecca asked more about them and wanted to shake hands with Manyu. He told her not to but Rebecca insisted on it, and so he did. Giving her shock that may or may not turned her on.
  • Manyu and Raz went out the bar. Raz told him that he's getting headaches and needed to get some medication. Manyu went back to the bar to ask J.I.M about directions. As he was walking to J.I.M a person associated with the rows clinic was just explaining to J.I.M about what the emergency radio channel is to call for any medical emergencies. Manyu followed him out into the streets, he introduced himself as Dash. Dash can't properly hear or speak as he had dubstepitis (a in-character explanation of audio desync issues) thankfully they met Dr.Universe and they headed to the Medical bay or also known as the clinic
  • In the clinic, as Raz was getting his medication, Heater arrived and explained that he is in the Row with other corporate personnel who were looking for them . Manyu radioed in and found Rikky in the end of the line, Manyu asked why they went down, Rikky explained that they are checking in on them as they spent a significant amount of time on their endeavor. Eventually they met up at the corporate docks and discussed about the fighter hunting with Rikky, Leonard, and Goldman. They decided to let Rikky talk to Rook about the logistics of the fight, but they had a feeling that they are needed back at the Upper city and so they went.
  • Back to the WOTO offices, Rikky and Goldman told a company secret to Manyu. As they concluded that eventually he'll hear about it and he is the acting bodyguard to the two. The company secret, there was an incident about the latest batch of WOTO cubes. That some of them have grinded up sentient humanoids in them. With this information, they sent Manyu to look into the labs security to see if there is any foul play or it was just an honest accident. While searching the systems, he found that there's security records of an unknown person who is seen entering the Sonitii offices earlier that day. With that he went back to the WOTO office, finding no-one there he sets off to find either Rikky or Goldman to report his findings
  • Eventually, he finds Rikky in Mars mingling with other corporate people. He immediately excused him, Manyu then talked about his findings. Rikky suggest that they go to Soniti, him being the talker and Manyu doing the digging. They went back to the arena where people were gathered, mingling. Goldman franticly went to Rikky and Manyu with Heater on his security detail, telling them that something urgent has happened and they must speak about it immediately.
  • They went back to the WOTO district, Goldman tells them that someone from the lab contacted him about the cubes moving. They met Jameson (an npc) the one who called Goldman and he explained that the WOTO cubes are moving, clarifying that the cubes are physically moving on their own as if they were alive. They rushed into the lab to see what exactly is going on. At the lab, while Jameson is checking the vents because he heard a noise. His arm suddenly got stuck in the vent, exclaiming that "It's going into my skin!" as he turned into a zombie kind of creature. Manyu immediately acted and killed the zombie. While searching for more movements, Heater detected that something from the vents is moving into the ceiling. As they are leaving, they encountered a larger WOTO zombie. Goldman keeps on shooting it, it keeps on moving, not slowing down. Then Manyu activated overclock to go for the kill. After the combo of Heater's flamethrower and Manyu's overclock, they killed it. With concerns of Heater seeing everything, rather than activating the built in memory reset for confidentiality issues , Manyu manually resseted him using his edge. Manyu went back to the lab area with Rikky to see if the cameras has seen anything. While inspecting, he found out that there was a hacked security camera that captured all of the event happening. He severed the connection. Their only lead now is to go to Soniti.
  • Manyu and Rikky arrived into Soniti. Calling out for a Soniti personnel, they met Mr.B. With Rikky and his strong social skills, they scheduled a meeting with Soniti representatives as a distraction as Manyu goes to their lab area to investigate. He attempted to access the mainframe, bypassing the firewall but he failed and tripped the security alarms. As a last ditch effort he tried to gather as much information as he can so he can decrypt it later.
  • As Manyu is panicked and seem to be not really good as deceit. He acted completely suspicious trying to round up Rikky as he finishes the meeting, then completely giving different answers to Enzo when he asked "Are you guys in a hurry?" while seeing them leaving the Soniti security gates.
  • They went back to the labs and discussed the information with Goldman. They pushed that Soniti is involved about their accident, while Goldman believes that there's a good chance that someone else is responsible and just pinning it onto Soniti. Manyu tried to decrypt the data he hastily acquired but found out that he needed more time to decrypt it

Episode 8

Manyu, along with Rikky, Leonard, and a couple WOTO guards venture to The Wasteland to try salvage a crashed Union spaceship named The Golden Lance. The group is unable to reach the ship and is separated by crab and sandworm attacks, but they meet back up at Scrap Town minus the guards who all got eaten.

Later in the day, Rikky tells Manyu about his journey through the wastes, and what he discovered about another world separated from theirs by a thin "veil", and how the spirits that can be seen floating around are connected to that world.

This sparks Manyu to reveal that he is in truth a symbiote, an electric elemental named "Otto" that inhabits the body of the human named "Manyu", though they both need each other to survive so are content in sharing one body. The strange outbursts that "Manyu" often displayed are in fact the real Manyu coming out, and most of the time Otto is the one doing the talking.[1] Otto thinks he might be connected to the spirits that he just learned were connected to another world, and wants to investigate further.


(OOC Note: Unofficial. Traits intended to be secret)


  • Body Infusion: Electricity - Can generate electricity. His electrical abilities also grant him the power to speak to electronics and vehicles, giving him physically-based decking abilities.


  • Anger Issues - Otto is easily angered even when Manyu couldn't care less. This has led to a number of incidents, when Atlantis caught Manyu disparaging WOTO on tape he became incensed and immediately ran to their corporate HQ to threaten their lives. They recorded this as well and got all of WOTO in hot water. Another time, a number of guards went on strike and protested outside WOTO's gates. Manyu began screaming at them and pulled his sword, sending them running for their lives.


  • Manyu has a tendency to be eccentric about showing off his muscular body and will with little provocation proceed to take off his shirt and flex, only to put it back on when Otto stops him. Otto is embarrassed by this to no end. In Episode 17, Manyu dances in the brothel for the first time, and when Otto regains control he is furious at everyone for allowing him to go through with it.
  • His names (Manyu All and Otto) are likely a play on the words Manual and Auto.
  • Manyu is fiercely loyal to WOTO, to which he owes his life. One of Manyu's favorite outbursts is to yell "WOTO #1."


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