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Who is Mama Mercy?

Mercy was a full body dancer who was always ready to entertain in their Mercy of Overwatch fame avatar. They are often found in public worlds meeting and entertaining people with her loving personality. Otherwise she is more commonly known for keeping a lot of well known VRChat Celebs in good moods with her silent but caring love. This is what put Mama on the map for most, a silent one but can be immediately spotted in a busy crowd. Now a days she world hops, meeting and greeting new and old. She can be found mostly in rp worlds with her friends during some weekends.

History and Biography

Mama Mercy is a mute VRChat player. Making her debut early April of 2018 when she was inspired by VRChat videos on youtube. Her alias "Mama Mercy" comes from an old nickname and one of her favorite support heroes in video games.

When she made her debut she immediately befriended several people who enjoyed her loving personality. One friend eventually becomes the well known VRChat Streamer named Junkratwaifu. This leads to her getting to know Forceable, J4key, ThatOneRebel, Zentreya and many other well known faces.

Inspired by Forceable, Mama picked up her own set of full body trackers and joined the hype of full body dancing in VRChat. Only doing so for fun she eventually led herself into ThatOneRebel's small dance group where she eventually began to teach a few people simple moves for them to be inspired to dance more.

Mercy eventually moved away from the dancing due to it being so common to see, she became a full time Mama in VRChat. Doing what she can for most people to be happy and allow them to have a better experience in VRChat. She can be found today doing so, if you ever see her don't be afraid to give her hugs!


  • Mercy was 'recruited' by Rebel to teach Zentreya how to dance.
  • Zentreya and Mercy became fast friends.
  • Mama commonly wanders the public worlds of VRChat.
  • Her favorite color is Blue
  • She attends many VRChat RPs usually as a healing character.
  • She streams casually.
  • Has never spoken before in VRChat.