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Maia Seren is a private investigator whose office resides in the alleyways of Callous Row near the entrance to "The Grindstone." She works tirelessly to gather information on anyone and anything for those seeking her services, especially when it involves matters aiming to disrupt the Mega-corporations within Savior City.

In her past, she sought to join Atlantis in hopes of becoming a famous news personality, but such dreams were not meant to be. Instead, Atlantis experimented upon her psyche for months on end to reshape her until a lucky opportunity permitted her escape. Unbeknownst to her, Atlantis' grip on her mind still remains awaiting the right keyholder; a simple three words being the key.


Season 2 Episode 12

Maia Seren was informed of a break in to her apartment by Loch. After she went to investigate her apartment, she was ambushed by Loch who proceeded to interrogate her at gunpoint regarding her investigation into him. He left her alive and with a warning.



  • Major - Muscle Memory - While Maia is not consciously aware of the conditioning that she has undergone, her body remembers the things she is truly capable of. She has a natural capability to effectively fight in close quarters with knives or other short bladed weaponry, especially if attacking by surprise or from stealth.
  • Minor - Tech Talk - Maia gains a bit of her handle’s deeper knowledge of special techniques for decking. She possesses a hacking tool that, on top of being able to record audio and data, has a short-range wireless capability for connecting to electronics as a medium for hacking. Maia is proficient with using this for decking, allowing her to use more subtle and harder to notice techniques, like decking one-handed or slightly further away from target.


  • Major - Dancing on Strings - Maia is subconsciously forced to act in support of Atlantis against her wishes. Additionally, whenever her handler or another Atlantis member of higher standing speaks Maia's trigger phrase, her free will vanishes entirely and she is bound to the one who spoke the phrase until either the release phrase is spoken or Maia is rendered unconscious by, for example, knocking her out or falling asleep. Upon coming out of this state, Maia will have no conscious memory of what she did. Any order in the “Awakened” state given by the one who caused it is followed to the letter, except where doing so would knowingly cause excessive harm to herself.
  • Minor - Arcana Instability - Something about Maia induces a strange instability upon magic when applied toward herself. Negative magical effects have a chance to be magnified and positive magical effects have a chance to be weakened when focused on Maia.
  • Minor - On the Books - Atlantis has plenty of accessible information on Maia’s identity due to the time spent with them. She is immediately recognizable to Atlantis affiliated personnel and easily looked up by anyone else if they have her full name.


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