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Who's MaTsix?

MaTSix first debuted in Nagzz's 5th VRChat episode "ANIME GIRLS ATTACK" and has subsequently appeared in many videos ever since that episode.

Known for being quiet, MaTSix has a tendency to "stab" and "kill" people in various worlds before eventually being apprehended by the V.R.P.D. (Joey Bagels broke her out of jail and escaped).

Nowadays after being married, MaTsix is a lot less "killer" these days although she will still go out of her way to swing her sword at people.

Lore Biography/History

Adventures of a Tsundere

During season 1, while on Loli Island. MaTSix was playing with a Nep doll, Joey snatched it out of her hands and then ran away with her chasing him in pursuit. In other appearances, MaTSix had dance-offs, played bowling and many other little competitions with Joey. (This could be a spark between the two's romance?)

In Season 2, Episode 23 of Nagzz's VRChat Adventures, MaTSix debuted a new avatar which looked more 'grown up' since her last appearance. Again she tries to beat up Joey and then some other folks who were present (in classic MaTsix fashion.)

She reacquires her weapons in Season 3, Episode 1 on her newest avatar where she once again holds Joey at gunpoint while he was at the Void Club.

As of April 15, 2018, MaTsix is now married to Rad and Joey Bagels.

In the court case episode, MaTsix was given custody of Boxfinate and also given financial aid as a result of the proceedings.

After some time has passed after the court case, MaTsix and Joey sent Box off to study at a boarding school.

Meeting a genetic clone...

In Season 5, Episode 2. Joey introduces Summit to MaTSix, the little one clung to Joey as she threw objects at the curious Neko.


  • She has an immense dislike for Chuck-E-Cheese avatars.
  • MaTsix carries a lot of weapons.
    • Ranging from a katana, rifles, and pistols.
    • She even has apples, the effects vary from person-to-person.
  • Her go-to "punching/stabbing bag" is Nagzz.
    • Occasionally she'll do it to KSic too whenever he's around.
  • Nurfee has joked that 'stabbing people in the abdomen' is a way to impregnate people in VRChat and said that's why MaTsix likes to stab.
  • MaTsix is very good at PUBG.
  • MaTsix has started a rivalry with Ryan over Apples and Tomatoes.
  • In the videos, Matsix saw Lanfear as a rival, but as of recent months, Matsix and Lanfear became good drinking buddies.