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MASARU, named after its president, Damien Masaru is one of the ruling mega-corporations of the galaxy. Contrary to the other mega-corporations it does not specialize in any technology but rather in the research of magic.

Being the only corporation to have a hold over something as mysterious as magic has lead to MASARU to be one of the most powerful and most unpredictable of the corporations.

On planet Hellion, their HQ is situated in the Upper City section of Salvation City.



MASARU has dedicated itself to the research of magic and has been trying to find a synthetic bridge between the essence of magic and the essence of life. Their technology is experimental and nearly absurd in its design and function. But should they be successful, they could change reality itself.


MASARU employs the use of mercenary security forces and occasionally provides mages to other corporations for joint ventures.


MASARU is by far the most nefarious of all the corporations. Nothing is sacred or off limits to this entity. Not even the soul. While that is the case, they focus on the greater good. Specially pertaining on magical danger.


Although MASARU is the smallest corporation, their unpredictable nature and mysterious origins lead most to avoid them, preferring the devil they know.

Notable Lore

Season 2 Lore

One of MASARU's great achievements was recruiting and eventually occupying the formerly secret magic users resident in The Undercity. Underground and beneath the slums of Salvation City they have placed the locals and outcasts living there under what is now comparatively martial law.

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