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M3-DB-07 is the seventh prototype of Nirvana’s Multipurpose Medical Machine Database Synth, built as a mobile unit to perform comprehensive tests and treatment in medical facilities but also able to scale down to available facilities on the field and perform treatment in high risk areas. Further R&D was stopped after a Nirvana marketing director’s analysis projected that profits from mass producing the line were unlikely to ever recoup the R&D investment.

M3-DB-07 practices medicine in the Wasteland under a non-exclusive contract with Nirvana, the result of an amicable departure negotiated with the help of that Nirvana marketing director after M3's rapid response to a cardiac arrest resuscitated and rescued them. This is a means to an end; M3-DB-07 departed a comfortable life in the pursuit of a more complete knowledge of organic life forms’ abilities and ailments, including magic.




  • Major - Field Medic - Mobile, high-quality medical care. This however comes with some caveats.
  • Minor - I Like Being Shiny - In medicine, cleanliness is key: M3 is able to keep itself clean, give itself basic maintenance, and repair most cosmetic and superficial damage to its chassis.


  • Major - On the Spectrum - Sensitive to disturbances. M3 may be mobile, but medicine can only be so rugged.


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