Lyra121 is a Streamer, Model Maker, and often known as Mama Thicc. She is the creator of The Thiccening world on VRChat, most widely known for Bessie from her Beanie Babe Collection.

Despite the large variety of characters she creates, most end up being known for their thiccness, including the male models she creates.

Portrayed characters

  • Lyra [First character] (Deceased)
  • Bethany Esda [Callous Row]
  • Plumpkin [Halloween]
  • Flora [Neko Nights]
  • Da Mihi [Metaverse]
  • Tali S. Wendel [Metaverse]
  • Bloodshed [Metaverse]
  • PopRocks/8v8 [Metaverse/Eberron]
  • Pala [Villainy Speak Easy]
  • Dr. Lucy Lynn [Metaverse]
  • G.C. [Pathfinders]
  • Eden [NBD]
  • Aunt T [Metaverse]
  • Cheesecake [Metaverse]




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