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About the Fork

The Lying Fork Inn is located in a pretty rural area of the countryside, where travel roads cross and lead to bigger and more shady areas. It is definitely a pit stop that comes at a cheaper price than those fancy city hotels and where the stew is warmer and tastier than those pesky rations you've been carrying for days.

Led by Camille and Ivanak, a Hoodoo Witch and Geomancer Orc, the Lying Fork is a place where you can meet fellow adventurers, grab a drink or a meal, purchase various items to help you on your journey and enjoy the rare gift of a comfortable bed to lay to rest in a safe space. You might also be able to relieve stress in the backyard by punching another being in the face. (The Lying Fork does not condone violence within its walls, but outside is fine.)

The Inn opened its doors on November 3, 2420.



  • Camille
  • Ivanak

Regular Staff

  • Ebb & Flo (Manager)
  • Zal (Server)
  • Yana Kae (Server)
  • Nadia (Server)
  • Mira the Butcher (Bouncer)