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Lux is a human doctor who is currently completing his residency at the clinic in the Row. He grew up having a mostly sheltered life in the middle city completing his education in Avalon schools. However, when his mother died from being overworked as a nurse, he lost faith in the corporation due to their lack of care and compassion toward them both. Lux now is trying to find a place where he can fit in in the world and provide medical care with care.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Shortly after Lux was born it was discovered that he had a rare case of genetic immunodeficiency. Unfortunately, before the doctors could properly react, Lux contracted an infection that resulted in the amputation of his right arm above the elbow. His mother, a single Avalon nurse, was devastated at this. At that moment she promised to Lux that she would not abandon him like his father did and she would do everything in her power to make sure he could have a good childhood.

For the most part, she was able to fulfill that promise. Lux and his mother were able to bond heavily on gardening as a hobby and he was able to get good enough to start growing various medicinal plants in his own home garden to give to her. He was so inspired by this that he eventually was able to convince her to let him apply to an Avalon prep school, to which he ended up graduating with top marks.

Everything good does not come without the bad, however. While Lux was given the opportunity to lead a good life, he slowly became somewhat jaded to it over the years. Many times he would come home to his mother's datapad filled with messages of bills, notices of mandatory unpaid overtime, and more along with the sound of gentle sobbing across the house. As much as Lux began to lose faith in the good life that he had been given, she always made sure to make him feel like he was going to do great things and to keep pushing forwards.

Lux would go on to obtain an MD and a bachelors in biochemical engineering from an Avalon medical school, including completing student research into experimental autoinjecting regeneratives. However, shortly before his graduation date, his mother suddenly passed away from a stress induced heart attack. Lux turned to Avalon for support during all of this. He saw the corporation as family and believed that they would help him through everything. His mindset quickly changed when, instead of assistance, he was handed a pile of bills and a coupon for hugbot rentals. Although he had a disdain for Avalon, he quickly began to realize that working in one of their clinics and completing his residency was the only way to maintain some level of independence while paying back the countless bills placed upon him by the corporation. He now arrives in the Row where he is keeping his chin high and fulfilling his mother's final request to "Keep being what you are to me. A shining star blazing through life with a smile on your face.".




  • Major - Hope in a Bottle: Lux has extensive knowledge of drug research and manufacturing. He is adept at researching, replicating, studying, and manufacturing drugs.
  • Minor - Guardian Angel: Lux has a prototype prosthetic that he assisted in developing during his time as a student researcher at Avalon. It is a cybernetic arm with a small tank of regenerative serum that is released automatically when the user is severely injured or manually injected into a patient. After use the cybernetic needs to be refilled with the serum.
  • Minor - On Call: Lux was cooped up inside for most of his life due to his condition. Whenever he had the chance to get out he would make the most of it causing him to pick up running as a hobby.


  • Major - Immunodeficient: Lux inherited a genetic disease that reduces the potency of his immune system. Major vulnerability to poison and disease. Needs daily Avalon meds or risk contracting illness.
  • Minor - Weak Frame: Due to constant illness as a child Lux was stunted growing up causing him to be weaker than the average person.
  • Minor - Four Eyes: Lux can barely see without his glasses.


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