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"G'egg" ― Lupus Arcum

"Welcome back to another Minecraft Review..." ― Lupus Arcum

Who is Lupus Arcum?

Wolf boy and head of The Shenanigang (SG), Lupus Arcum is a content creator who streams his explorations through the magical world of VRChat, usually accompanied by many of the SG and friends like Thamriyell and Mr. Brunswick to name a few.


Lupus Arcum is the long lost son of Mr. Brunswick, King of Brunswickia. At a young age he was freed from his father's kingly teachings and sought a new life without the kings name. Not so long later he met a few other adventurers daring on the Calcium Crusade where he met a few friends. These friends would go on to create the group now known as The Shenanigang. The gang would go on to make many new friends and have many great stories to tell, from helping his daughter speak for the first time, meeting the long lost cousin with a weird egg shell obsession to getting the Echidna curse. Alas, these adventures did not go unnoticed before the king would seek to reconnect with his son in hope to save the continent from the Chungus.

First seen in Brunswicks Thrones of VR series.

In an attempt to stop such alliance, the Chungus sought to banish Lupus to the Abyss where he was saved by his faithful AI daughter and friend, VR_Kisu and AyyKiss, in the event known as The Rise. What lies ahead is yet to unfold...

Alternate character personas


  • Lupus has over 140k subscribers on YouTube and 11,000 followers on Twitch.
  • Lupus has a video with over 2 million views.
  • Lupus' name comes from the Latin, Lupus meaning the wolf, and Arcum meaning bow. His name could potentially be translated as DogBow.
  • Lupus carries around both a bow and a sword powered by the abyss.
  • Lupus' weird cousin is called Lupo who is currently trapped in a basement (RP).
  • The west wing of Brunswicks home, Lupus' childhood home, is said to hold great things but has never been revealed to the public.