Luna Strongwill lives in the slums of Savior City, strangely enough by choice, in a place fittingly named Callous Row where she works as an Inventor for the Talaris mega-corporation who pays for her magical services in Rune-crafting.

She is magically gifted and an extremely talented Rune-crafter unfortunately born with a neurological disorder partly caused by magical means. It left her unable to speak, with impaired sight, balance and sensitivity to cold temperatures.

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Luna was gifted tools and materials that her deceased grandfather left her which she used to teach herself how to read the Runic Language and how to craft Runes of her own. Within a few years she was so skilled that she invented a new method to enchant two magical "Rune effects" into a single "Rune slot", naming it "Doubled Slab Enchantment".

Her skill and invention was recognized by Talaris, the mega-corporation that focuses on magic, and they hired her as an Inventor. With access to her knowledge, they improved her method for their own use and now keep a close eye on her, guarding her under their wing and expecting her to come up with something new.

She used to hide the fact that she's a demi-human as her family's Wolf-like body traits caused some traumatic experiences for her and her family in the past. She decided to live in Callous Row by choice in remembrance of her grandfather who told her many stories about his past living there when she was young.




  • She is able to focus mentally on tasks requiring patience that would exhaust most other people. This is a requirement for her line of work.
  • Her disabilities however limited her ways of communicating and left her lacking some social skills. She has a tendency to blindly trust most people, making her prone to charlatans as well as those who would use her only for their own benefit.
  • She communicates using text to speech on a virtual keyboard equipped with speakers.
  • Battling her disabilities she wishes that she could have a normal life with a regular family.


  • Her neurological disorder was caused by an unknown magic causality. It affected her balance as well as leaving her cross eyed.


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