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Luin Malice was once a proud member of The Hellbats, but he left after his squad was almost completely wiped out due to incompetence on his part. Rather than be reassigned, Luin left, his inner demons following close behind.

He ended up in the Wasteland on Corvanis 3 after hearing through his network of contacts he made while part of the Hellbats that there has been a lot of interest in the planet from several different parties.

He now uses his skills to work as a bounty hunter or a general gun for hire. He mainly spends his time protecting the transports that run through the Wasteland for regular income. To this day he still sticks to the code drilled into him by the Hellbats. As long as it suits him that is.




  • Major - Combat Experience - Luin was a member of the Hellbats and has been working in similar situations since leaving. Because of this he remains calm under fire and allows his expertise with firearms to show through. He is also experienced with higher-tier weapons other people may struggle with.
  • Minor - Survivor Man - Luin grew up enjoying camping and outdoors activities. This coupled with his training with the Hellbats has made him quite proficient at survival. He is in his element out in the Wasteland. He will always be able to find food, water, and shelter of some sorts in areas most people wouldn't.
  • Minor - Tactical Helmet - The mask/helmet that Luin wears can filter out some low-tier toxins in the air and allows him to operate in low-light and low-vision areas, for example a dust storm in the wasteland.


  • Major - Survivor's Guilt - Luin's mistake in the past sometimes flashes back into his mind at stressful times, especially during combat. This causes Luin to freeze or completely lock up, leaving him completely vulnerable to attacks if he isn't in a safe location. This tends to trigger specifically upon seeing his close friends or squad mates become wounded.
  • Minor - Old Wound - Luin took a projectile shot to his left arm which has never fully healed. The injury makes it so that he struggles with lifting and pulling heavy objects. This also weakened his ability to fight in close quarters to the point of an almost guaranteed failure if the fight drags on for more than one or two minutes.
  • Minor - OCD - Everything has to be in its place. Luin will not be able to focus until things are fixed and will become more and more agitated with those around him to the points of hostility.


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