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Luz is a cheerful half man/half bird demi-human who works in Eir Sirona's bakery in the Air district of the Undercity. Once human, Luz volunteered to be tested on by Nirvana with an experimental DNA-based drug made to enhance dexterity and precision, but the experiments changed him. The side effects left Luz unreceptive to positive forms of magic, shortened his life span, and changed his body heavily to take on more avian characteristics as his genetic code was reconfigured with DNA from several birds of prey. Now wanting to make a difference in the short life he has, Luz wishes nothing more than to see his friends and loved ones succeed, so he has made it his goal to try to help out others with their problems by whatever means necessary even if its a detriment to himself.


Luz was once a normal human boy from the Row who tried to provide for his family, taking on odd-jobs and such. One day he signed up for a trial study run by Nirvana scientist, Alice Constantine, to test one of their products. The pay she offered was good, so why not. What followed were a series of excruciating exams with various genetic medications meant to enhance dexterity and precision, with "side effects" causing him to have adverse effects to magic, decreasing the rate that at which his cells regenerated overtime, and finally, changing his appearance to have various birdlike features as his genetic code was reconfigured with DNA from several birds of prey.

When Nirvana broke the news to Luz of his condition, he simply took his credits, paid any debts his family had, and went on a self-imposed exodus to do more with his relatively short life.




  • Major - BIRD OF PREY - Highly dexterous and agile. Luz is quick moving, and can handle knives and other blades with decisive precision.
  • Minor - DOWN FEATHER - Though flightless, Luz’s wings can soften his falls, making him negate fall damage if conscious and unrestrained.
  • Minor - SCAVENGER’S PALETTE - Appreciate what’s good, by enduring what’s bad. Luz has adept cooking/baking skills and is able to stomach even the least edible of foods.


  • Major - MALPRACTICE - Nirvana experiments from his youth have left him grounded to only medicinal healing and enhancements. Luz can not be healed or buffed by magical sources, but can still be damaged or debuffed by magical sources. In addition, his lifespan has been shortened to 40 years.
  • Minor - BIRD BRAINED - Some behavior is hard coded. Luz is prone to taking colorful and/or shiny objects he finds unattended, even while on the job or other high stakes situations. Can be slow to understand things sometimes.
  • Minor - PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS - Loyal to a fault. Luz is prone to taking on more than he can chew for his friends, even if he loses out in the end. Whether it be his job, promises, or opportunities for credits.


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