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Luca Gray is a young human born into a Valkyrie family with high expectations. In his early years he was sheltered from anything outside the Upper City. He always kept a level head, exceeded educational standards, and never questioned his family's moral compass. He was expected to follow in his father's footsteps.

Now, new to his position as Head of Research and Development of Firearms at Valkyrie (fast-tracked by his father's high status at the Corporation), he's finding out more about how things are done behind closed doors not only at Valkyrie, but at all Corporations, noticing their influence on the people of the Row, the Undercity, and beyond.




  • Major - Code Proficiency - In meeting his family’s high educational expectations, he became extremely proficient with technology and decking.
  • Minor - Weaponized Memory - Growing up in an environment surrounded by weapons, he is familiar with and knows his way around most corporate manufactured weaponry.
  • Minor - Developed Muscles - Through near unlimited access to high-end training equipment, he’s developed above average muscles and is able to lift heavier objects, equip heavier weapons, etc.


  • Major - Closed Mind - Once afflicted by magical effects, he immediately goes into shock - becoming paralyzed and requiring urgent medical attention. He was unaware of this prior to the first occurrence.
  • Minor - Pressure - From the stress of his new job and the pressure from his family, he’s been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. If he doesn’t pick up his medication from the Med-Bay on a daily basis, his sanity begins to crumble.
  • Minor - Mixed Focus - Through his medication, he experiences loss of concentration as a side-effect. He’ll mix up priorities, urgent matters, and responsibilities for a short period of time after medicating.


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