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"I think of myself as a method actor. I will occasionally eat cat food to get into my role... Protip: the Fancy Feast Tuna flavor is trash, it's all about chicken." ― Lowrhen

Lowrhen is a Twitch streamer and TikToker on Team Kinetic and Team Hope. She is known to be extremely energetic, both on and off the dance floor. Singing is also a large part of her Twitch content as she is trying to become a real life Disney Princess. It has been shown that she is very easy to impress and entertain. She is also a big fan of cats.

Her most notable content was a series of TikTok videos created in late 2019, featuring a muscular Pikachu she dubbed "Stronkachu". The advent of the muscle-bound, protein drinking, perfect buff Pikachu boyfriend has gone viral on the platform. This has caused many VRchat streamers to begin using the service.

Lowrhen's Stream Schedule

  • Fractured Thrones: Tuesday/Thursday @ ~6:30pm PST
  • VN Degens: Wednesday @ 3pm PST
  • Just Chatting: Literally all over the place but usually weekends

All of her announcements on her Twitter are proceeded by a custom made gif relating to the intended content. She makes a habit of attending public worlds on most, if not all, of her VRchat streams. At the same time, she always tries to do something different like being an Art Critic trained by Bob Ross to singing pop songs like a Death Metal song.

Off stream, while still exceedingly energetic, Lowrhen is known to hang out with friends and relax with her cat playing Skyrim. She is currently earning a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

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  • In 2019, she started using an avatar dubbed "Lolirhen" who is supposed to represent her child-like personality. She is quoted as saying she's a "kid at heart". On that note, both her Lowrhen and Lolirhen avatars have alternative outfits that she calls "ToxH" but are officially known as the "Sour" variants to the original "Sweet".
  • Lowrhen worships Elon Musk as "the God of Catgirls," citing the meme that genetically engineered catgirls are scientifically feasible, they just require the funding.
  • She appears the main character in Raawr's Horror Hideout Remastered.
  • When she damaged her vocal chords she painstakingly put together a reliable soundboard to communicate with friends and fans to the point of not being different from normal conversation.
  • She made a train cake on stream that she was unfortunately unable to finish, much to her friends' dismay.
  • Lowrhen has appeared in many VRchat videos, most notably in videos with Drumsy as herself.
  • After hanging out with the developers of VRchat she took a selfie with Deadmau5.
  • While Lowrhen is generally a content creator, she's been delving into the realm of voice acting as of October 2019.
  • As of August, she's been working very closely with the artist known as Kay. They frequently appear in her streams.
  • Lowrhen is co-star along with Anyu in Rawr's new Horror Map.