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Not to be confused with: Dr. Lorn Barnes

Lorn Barnes is a magician that joined the academy as an Evocation teacher after the mission in Abagua.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Probably during the events of the World War in the Fantasy Era, Lorn participated in a human crusade lead by the Inquisition against Morgana Le Fay, a powerful magician, that corrupted Camelot with the armies of Undead and monsters at her command.

Knowing that he can take care of Morgana, but not the Undead army, he contacted the Inquisition and together they managed to destroy Le Fey forces after a massive spell wiped out most of the forces in that location, and attempted to destroy the devices used to bring forth The Darkness.

After her defeat, Morgana destroyed that city, transforming Camelot to what we know as the Dead Marsh. Barnes believes this was a last-ditch effort to stop Barnes himself. He theorizes her son escaped with remnants of Morgana.

During a discussion with Professor Vondanen, Barnes mentioned that although he shares a great deal of hatred for the late Morgana, he has no interest in tracking down her surviving relatives, reasoning that her crimes are not theirs.

During the uprising of the Darkness, Barnes traveled the land, attempting to quell The Darkness wherever he found it. One day he found a letter in his name from Headmaster Kareeda Akiyama, formally inviting him to the Academy. He now focuses on training his cadets not only in magic, but also strategy, unit tactics, physical education, and conventional weaponry. Even for those who have no magical affinity, he focuses on these so that they may learn how to fight and kill wizards like him, noting that the advent of the firearm made the common man as powerful as a wizard.

During the nights, Barnes will often transform into his bird form and travel far and wide, performing spying and reconnaissance, meeting with his many contacts, and occasionally helping with fights on different fronts that the Academy is not directly involved with. The mission to Aldoria was one such time, as he was called upon to fight elsewhere.



Powers and Abilities

Ability Description
Shield Magic Type: Abjuration
Barnes creates a durable yellow shield capable of withstanding multiple hits from weapons like Liang Gray Raven's conjured frost ax, to bolts from magical rifles, and even a substantial amount of hits from the large monster's weapons in Concordia.
Fireball Magic Type: Evocation
Barnes launches a high power fireball at enemies that is 12 inches in diameter. Upon making contact with a surface, it creates a small explosion.
Bird Form Magic Type: Transmutation (Shapeshifting)
Barnes has the ability to transform into a hawk which allows him to fly and grants him the keen eyes of a bird of prey. When using this form in the presence of townsfolk and non-magic users, they are usually bewildered by Lorn being a talking bird.
Lightning Bolt* Magic Type: Evocation
Barnes shoots a stroke of lightning, he uses a subdued form of this lighting to punish students, or in the incident with Zackary Fang, where he had to use the lighting to remove a glamour curse.
Magic Bolt* Magic Type: Evocation
After finding his staff, Barnes gained access to a high powered magic beam that has the ability to stun larger targets. He is also able to cast all normal spells through this staff.

Through recent personal training, he has demonstrated the ability to perform this spell without his staff, and has even performed it while in his bird form.

Lumos Magic Type: Evocation
Barnes creates an extremely bright light source, capable of lighting up massive caverns with ease. He is teaching the cadets a weaker version of this spell through his enchanted wands.
Illusory Armageddon* Magic Type: Illusion
Barnes conjures meteorites over a very large area, able to blanket at least the entire campus of Ascension Academy, while firing streams of intense flame from his staff. He then conjures a gigantic, fiery mushroom cloud, producing shock waves that consume all in its path.

As mentioned to Vevina Ciseris, this was a form of a memory illusion meant as a fireworks show to celebrate Shizuko Nanteko's birthday, implying that he may have cast an Evocation version of this spell in his past (heavily implied to be during the fight against Morgana in Camelot). Cadets witnessing his display felt as though they were watching the end of the world.

Heavy Fire Bolter* Magic Type: Evocation
Barnes sends forward a furious barrage of heavy fire bolts, with the sound and appearance of a heavy-duty autocannon.
*Non-canonical/unofficial name


  • Lorn Barnes as a character is heavily inspired by the character Merlin in Arthurian Legend, name dropping characters from his past in character, from the likes of Morgan Le Fay (A powerful sorceress in Arthurian legend) and King Arthur himself.
  • Lorn has stated a few times that he had once had a wife who has no known information about her other then that she was an extremely powerful witch who traveled the world with Lorn before her passing.
  • ZoranTheBear has said out of character that he wanted Lorn's bird form to more resemble a Merlin falcon.
  • Lorn's age isn't ever stated in or out of character, ZoranTheBear himself says that neither he nor Lorn himself knows. However, Zoran's chat has speculated that he is possibly over 1000 years old making him one of the oldest possible characters at AA. Zoran OOC says that Lorn is as old as magic itself, being around when mortals started first discovering and using magic but never a specific age.
  • Out of character, ZoranTheBear refers to his Bird Form as "Bird Up", a reference to the Eric Andre sketch of the same name. A rarely used alternate name is "The Content Crow".
  • While not canon, his Armageddon ability simultaneously plays the music to "The Wizard", a Looney Tunes sketch starring Daffy Duck as an all-powerful Wizard performing mundane tasks such as microwaving food, crossing the street, and changing the channel on the TV.
  • A running joke is that Headmaster Kareeda Akiyama has been paying Barnes in chocolate coins the entire time, and upon realizing this he immediately went into a fury, slapping and berating Joseph Asmodeus Joko, yelling "I DEAL WITH YOU FOR CHOCOLATE COINS?" The canonicity of this is highly questionable.
  • When asked by his chat which affinities Barnes possess, ZoranTheBear responded by saying "Yes."
  • Lorn's "alleged" daughter, Sally Barnes, has been confirmed as non-canon by Zoran, explaining that it was done as a one-off joke.



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