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Lorelai, lives in the Row and currently works for the Dirty Diamond as an escort.

She is a friendly gal and typically likes to have people in ear shot of her. Not only for the company, but for the gossip. Don't mistake her kindness for stupidity however. Although she is loose lipped in many topics she would never reveal anything that would lead to someone getting hurt. You can count on Lorelai for companionship in many avenues, so don't be shy!

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Lorelei has always been quiet, but within her burns a lot of passion. And with passion you need an outlet. Her first way of doing so is through protecting those who can’t protect themselves, through information gathering, and you know what gathers information? Pillow talk. You know what needs to happen before pillow talk? PASSION, BABY~! Lorelei found that even with her quiet demeanor she was very good at getting out introverted tendencies through sex. With her need to comfort and protect, a lot of the pillow talk also came genuine conversations to those she canoodled with. She found a slight calling being someone's “One night stand, long term effects” gal. And so, with this interest, she pursued work at the Dirty Diamond.

But before all of this self realization Lorelai, was a very introverted slummer girl, living with an alcoholic, jobless and abusive father. She often was hospitalized for her weak immune system and this made her father blame all of their financial problems on her. He was aware the Lorelai was good looking and with that he coerced her into working for the local gang to “Make herself useful and contribute”. The gang quickly made Lorelai their info gathering siren. Although many of the gang members genuinely cared for her, even going so far as to convince her to come live at their hideout, bad things always come to those lurking in the shadows waiting to harm others. When the bigwig boss found out about Lorelai, she was quickly forced to become his moll and put into many perilous situations in an attempt to get info out of his rivals. When a shake down went wrong in the Undercity, and everyone was dead but her and the rival Mafia leader, a strange sensation came over her. She was able to use magic for the first time (Ice to be specific) to kill her enraged assailant. With both gang leaders dead, and many minions as well, the gangs dispersed. Lorelai now lives on her own, her father under the impression she still lives with gang members, too afraid to come seek and pimp her out again. When learning about the Dirty Diamond being a woman run establishment, this called to her. Not being around positive female interaction and encouragement was something Lorelai craved.




  • Major - Post Nut Clarity - After Lorelai has had intimate relations with someone, the PC feels a tinge of confidence in their best skill!
  • Minor - Rock Their World - I get a rematch on ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. I always rock their world.
  • Minor - Make-out artist - After Lorelai has had intimate relations with someone, she is has a better idea of who they are, by identifying the truth of their lifestyle. Like: wealth, status, etc.


  • Major - Lorelai has a compulsion to go into risky intel gathering confrontations for the greater good of her allies. If there is even a slight potential for a juicy bit of info she can procure she will go. But being with high tier corps and faction leaders is very dangerous for a fairly pacifist gal like Lorelai.
  • Minor - Because of Lorelai's weak immune system, she is more prone to being hospitalized for sickness/poisons.
  • Minor - Because of Lorelai's weak immune system she overall is sensitive to damage as well.


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