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What is the Loli Squad?

An organization of members of the VRChat community who use 'kawaii' anime girl avatars who roam the vast worlds of VRChat. They're not to be confused for another organization with a similar name "The Loli Army".

What do they do?

They... really just dance, and throw sick parties...

All Members/Former Members

Former Members


  • According to Leeroy, the group is quite infamous...
  • Since Nagzz possesses a Hoppou avatar - on it had a Loli Squad armband 'sweatband'. He is on a technicality "a part" of the Loli Squad.
    • He isn't part of the roster however (and will not be seen on it).
    • He was however given an 'honorary' LS flag at TwitchCon 2018.
  • Magnanix was part of the Loli Squad but has left it.
  • Recently, the Loli Squad had celebrated the two year anniversary of their group.
  • Assassin has joined them a few times.