The Loli Police Department, also known as LPD, is a group of VRChat users using Loli police officer models to entertain bystanders by enforcing the law within VRChat.


The department was founded in early 2018 by former Chief Sarma under the original number of precinct 60. The group roleplays as police officers in order to create funny interactions with the VRChat community. They also try to fight against harassment in any shape or form. It is the forefront of justice in the virtual realms of VRChat.

As of January 2019, the LPD was reformed under the helm of Captain Tide, who was promoted to Deputy Chief later on. Since January 2019, the LPD is growing in numbers and activity.

In late 2019, Sarma resigned as LPD chief and decided to close his Discord server. Since then Rickity, Hroi and Tide rebuilt the community reforming it as precinct 18 under Chief Rickity on November 18th, 2019. Since early 2020, Hroi was Chief of the LPD, supported by RookieRanger, recently as well as DrCheesebuger and TheGamingExite in the past as Deputy Chiefs. However, on the 7th of March 2021 Molls took over as the new chief with Derpicat and Notshane as their new deputies.

The community resides in its official Discord server and follows a strict ruleset called "The Handbook". The handbook informs officers about how to behave as an official LPD police officer.

Leading officers of the LPD community are called "White Shirts" because they use Miko Patrols with a white uniform. Though if desired, Staff members may have a white shirt with a non-Miko characte

White Shirts (LPD Leadership)


Deputy Chiefs


  • =RUAA= - Lead of the development team
  • TheFoxyDemon - Lead of the LMT Trainers & Division alongside Orazzy


  • 4 - Development Team
  • Harunene - Programming team
  • Nathanimall - Lead of the Recruitment Team & Moderation ( As of 6/10/21, He dropped down to the rank of Corporal to focus on his life.)
  • Khangaluwu - Lead of the Instigators - (people who are chosen to instigate at events.)
  • Karet - New Owner of the LPD Station and who actively works on developing it.
  • DrCheeseburger - Works with the SLRT
  • Dono - In charge of the Trainers

Staff Sergeants

- A Staff sergeant is a Sergeant that is trying out as a White Shirt. This rank is a temporary rank that is only granted for one month, after that time the member either gets promoted to lieutenant or moved back down to sergeant.

  • NeonicBlueStar

Retired Staff

  • Delayed (Lieutenant) - Advisor
  • Hroi (Chief) - Advisor
  • NeonicBlueStar (Lieutenant) - Currently Staff Sargent, formerly Advisor.
  • Rickity (Chief) - Rejoined as a recruit.
  • Robin The Tactician (Lieutenant) - Rejoined as a Recruit.
  • RocketInMyPocket (Captain) - Retired
  • RookieRanger (Deputy Chief) - Rejoined as a Recruit
  • TheGamingExite (Deputy Chief) - Retired
  • Tide (Deputy Chief) - Retired
  • WickedFlyGirl (Lieutenant) - Retired
  • Wolta (Captain) - Retired

More ranks of the LPD

  • Sergeant - A sergeant is a pillar of the community and a role model for other officers. They are the on scene supervisor when a higher ranking officer is not on scene.
  • Corporal - A member who has been trusted to set a good example for the ranks below, they frequently join LPD activities and lead groups.
  • Senior Officer - A member who has attended senior officer training and has proven themselves a capable leader and has good knowledge of the LPD.
  • Officer - A proven member of the LPD community, they are active in VRChat and on the discord.
  • Recruit - Trial member of the LPD, they have gotten training but need to follow the example of the regular LPD members and learn your way around!
  • Cadet - Recently accepted members in the LPD, they still need to get training before starting to go patrol or participating in events.

Today, the LPD carries out a daily assortment of events for the community to partake in every week under the command of several Event Hosts.


Although the LPD was initially founded to protect Lolis against lewders, it quickly developed into a full-fledged VRChat police force. Today, the LPD is promoting a self-image of comedic interaction under the guise of "protecting the security of VRChat." This group is mainly operating for entertainment. Though, if the need arises, LPD officers are known to help users.

They do a variety of different events for the community. They can range to doing bait/sting operations with involving a loli selling illegal drugs, or getting illegal headpats, to doing civic services and helping the community, especially people who are new to VRchat.


LPD: VRChat Stories promotional banner with old logo.

Over the months, the LPD introduced new gear and player avatars to their ranks. It has a wide variety of Patrol, Riot Control, SLRT (Special Loli Response Team) and LMT avatars. Equipment of LPD officers range from pistols and rifles for Patrols to shotguns, grenades, shields and more for SLRT. All these gadgets are fully functional and usable in the game.

Avatars used to be made by former founder Sarma, but after he resigned, the new LPD Dev Team created avatars for the group. The result of this change was that the Patrol, SLRT and LMT avatars were eventually remade, but other subsidiaries, such as the Riot Control avatars, were permanently scrapped until further notice.

The LPD encourages its users to create their own custom avatars for Patrol, SLRT, etc. But they must abide to a specific set of guidelines and go through an approval process before being officially usable.

Social Media

The LPD has two social media pages. On their Twitter profile you will find up to date information and entertaining pictures and videos. Their youtube channel was recently revived with new content.

The group also produced an online comedy-documentary called LPD: VRChat Stories and frequently adds more entertainment on YouTube and Twitter.

Media Content


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