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The Loli Police Department, also known simply as the LPD, is a group of VRChat users using Loli Police officer models to entertain bystanders by enforcing the law within VRChat. This is a roleplaying group that has no connections to any Real Life Law Enforcement, and is purely made to have fun in VRChat.


The department was founded in early 2018 by former Chief Sarma under the original number of precinct 60. The group roleplays as police officers in order to create funny interactions with the VRChat community. They also try to fight against harassment in any shape or form. It is the forefront of justice in the virtual realms of VRChat.

On November 17 of 2019, Sarma resigned as LPD chief and decided to close his Discord server. Since then Hroi, RocketInaPocket, Wolta, Nathanimall and Tide rebuilt the community, reforming it as Precinct 18 on November 18th, 2019, just after the nuking of the old server. The community stuck together and rebuilt and In early 2020, Hroi became Chief of the LPD, supported by DrCheesebuger and TheGamingExite and later on RookieRanger as Deputy Chiefs. However, on the 7th of March 2021, Molls picked up were Hroi left off, becoming the new chief with DerpiCat and Notshane as the new Deputy Chiefs. Eventually, Molls decided to step down as the LPD Chief on the 27th of March, 2022 and had picked Nightwisp as the temporary successor until a new leader election was held, but all of the stress and sudden shift of responsibilities wasn't for Nightwisp, and so they returned to Captain. DerpiCat and Notshane continued leading the LPD until the next Chief election, which resulted in the selection of Karet as chief, as well as a new deputy chief TheFoxyDemon, who joined DerpiCat and has replaced Notshane, after they decided to return to Lieutenant.

The community resides in its official Discord server and follows a strict ruleset called "The Handbook". The handbook informs officers about how to behave as an official LPD police officer.

Leading officers of the LPD community are called "White Shirts" because they use Miko Patrols with a white uniform. Though if desired, Staff members may have a white shirt with a non-Miko character.

Ranks of the Loli Police Department.

White Shirts (LPD Leadership)

The Leadership of the LPD are the administrators of the group. They are in charge of making executive decisions, solving community issues (whether it be problems internally with members, or other members outside of the LPD.) and guiding the LPD to a better future. The group based their ranking off the NYPD (New York Police Department, as they switch from using Blue Shirts from recruit to sergeant, and a Whiteshirt for anyone Lieutenant or above)


  • Karet - Owner of the LPD Station, and updates it regularly.

Deputy Chiefs

  • TheFoxyDemon - Lead of the LMT Trainers & Division alongside Orazzy
  • DerpiCat - In charge of all Moderation.


  • Nightwisp - Lead of the Prison team, and watches over the sergeants.
  • DrCheeseburger


  • 4 - Assistant Avatar Development Team Lead, with Mushiiii leading the team, and also Leads the Social Media Team with MrFoxWasTaken
  • Dono - In charge of the Trainers Team.
  • Fukaziroh - Leads the SLRT Team with RookVR, and Instigator Team alongside Nihonbo.
  • Notshane - Assists with the Development Team.


Advisors are people who are staff members that can't do the normal activities due to being busy with other tasks. They still work with other Staff Members, and helps influence new decisions, attend meetings, basically doing the tasks of a normal staff member, but held to a lower standard than a normal Whiteshirt.

Staff Sergeants:

  • Mushiiii

- A Staff sergeant is a Sergeant that is trying out as a White Shirt. This rank is a temporary rank that is only granted for one month, after that time the member either gets promoted to lieutenant or moved back down to sergeant.

Retired Staff

  • RocketInaPocket (Captain)
  • RookieRanger (Deputy Chief)
  • Tide (Deputy Chief)
  • Wolta (Captain)
  • Jones26 (Lieutenant)
  • TheGamingExite (Deputy Chief)
  • WickedFlyGirl (Lieutenant)
  • Nathanimall (Lieutenant) - Rejoined
  • Saintofwar3 (Lieutenant)
  • TacticianRobin (Lieutenant) - Rejoined.
  • =RUAA= (Captain)
  • NeonicBlueStar (Lieutenant) - Rejoined.
  • Khangaluwu (Lieutenant)
  • Delayed (Lieutenant)
  • Harunene (Lieutenant)
  • Tris: NEET Lord (Lieutenant)

More ranks of the LPD

  • Sergeant - A sergeant is a pillar of the community and a role model for other officers. They are the on scene supervisor when a higher ranking officer is not on scene.
  • Corporal - A member who has been trusted to set a good example for the ranks below, they frequently join LPD activities and lead groups.
  • Senior Officer - A member who has attended senior officer training and has proven themselves a capable leader and has good knowledge of the LPD.
  • Officer - A proven member of the LPD community, they are active in VRChat and on the discord.
  • Recruit - Trial member of the LPD, they have gotten training but need to follow the example of the regular LPD members and learn your way around!
  • Cadet - Recently accepted members in the LPD, they still need to get training before starting to go patrol or participating in events.

Events hosted in the Loli Police Department.

Today, the LPD carries out an assortment of On Duty Events for the community to partake under the command of several Event Hosts. These events are either Patrol Events, Bait Operations, Most Wanted, Search Warrants, Civic Service, and other special events. These special events are either collaborations with other communities (Such as the SCP x LPD Collab done in May of 2021.), A 24 Hour Patrol for the yearly anniversary of the group held on November 18th, and the 24 hour patrol event for New Years Eve.

They also host Off Duty Events for the community to go and meet the members of the LPD. These events are either Movie Nights, LPD Community Lazerdome, World Hopping, Game Nights, Anime Nights, and other off duty events.

Legacy of the LPD

Although the LPD was initially founded to protect Lolis against lewders, it quickly developed into a full-fledged VRChat police force. Today, the LPD is promoting a self-image of comedic interaction under the guise of "protecting the security of VRChat." This group is mainly operating for entertainment. Though, if the need arises, LPD officers are known to help users.

They do a variety of different events for the community. They can range to doing bait/sting operations with involving a loli selling illegal drugs, or getting illegal headpats, to doing civic services and helping the community, especially people who are new to VRchat. In january of 2021. they have started their new series on the Youtube channel, called LPD Files. Khangaluwu is the one who is in charge of filming the series. The first episode was released on February 14, but after a few months it was taken down due to Copyrighted music. In May of the same year, they re-released it with a whole custom soundtrack.

Avatars of the LPD

The LPD has used many avatars over the years, with the Mikos being the most prominent. The brief history of the LPD avatars can be found a separate page, The history of the LPD Avatars.

Current Models:

Standard Patrol: These are the avatars most recognize the LPD for, these avatars are worn by all officers of the LPD with staff members (Lieutenants and up) wearing a white shirt in place of a blue one, gold rank pins (Sergeant and above for rank pins) and badges. Although mikos are what the LPD has mostly used, other base models have been used as well such as the Ukon and Kemono Friends MMD base.

Patrol Rifles: Patrol rifle avatars keep to their namesake, with only Senior Officers allowed to carry them and using rifles, shotguns, and other equipment.

Vehicles: There are several cars and trucks used by the LPD with patrol cruisers being the most prominent.

Special Loli Response Team: This is the SWAT of the LPD, with more gear and equipment comparably to the other avatar types. Only specially trained LPD personnel are allowed these avatars, wearing black to denote their branch.

Loli Medical Technician: Much like the SLRT, LMT avatars are only issued to trained personnel, with a main focus on healing others. These avatars are equipped with many tools to treat wounded officers and civilians alike.

Correction Officers: With the introduction of the prison, a need for officers to maintain the prison is a role filled by these avatars. Although training is not as extensive as the other branches, these avatars use less than lethal weapons to maintain the prison, with a clear brown shirt in place of a blue one.

Dress Uniforms: As stated previously these avatars have a focus on optimization, this due in large part to the other avatars having a difficult time with lag when in large instances. These avatars are only used during briefings and large gatherings.

Custom Avatars: These avatars have been created outside the LPD Development team for personal use, with official LPD avatars only given approval by a LPD development team member and a staff member. These avatars adhere to a no-nonsense guideline set out to insure the quality of LPD avatars.

Specialty Avatars: In the history of the LPD, several avatars have been used despite not fitting into the mainline categories, these avatars are either limited time; as seen with the anniversary 3rd Gen LPD 1.0 avatars and the sheriff uniforms; a role specific avatar, i.e. with the range-master and bait avatars (old and new), where one avatar is needed to fulfill that role; or a prop avatar used in LPD media such as the LBI detective (as seen in LPD VRChat Stories EP:1).

Social Media Content.

The LPD has two social media pages. On their Twitter profile you will find up to date information and entertaining pictures and videos made by the Social Media Team, and their Youtube Channel was recently revived with new content, which is ran formerly by Khangaluwu, now is lead by 4.

LPD: Files, made by Khangaloo

The group also produced an online comedy-documentary called LPD: VRChat Stories (discontinued for now), and frequently adds more entertainment on YouTube and Twitter. They also came up with a new Documentary Series for the group called "LPD Files."

LPD Files

After the nuke, Khangaluwu began work on the new series for the LPD, called LPD Files. This follows the story of a new recruit, called Marney, and their adventures through the metaverse of VRChat and explore the story of the Love Gang, the main antagonist of the story. As of October 2021, they have released two episodes so far, with a 3rd episode in the works. Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, Khangaluwu turned Advisor on January 29th, but then retired fully shortly after. Since then, no new info has came out about Episode 3, and the future of LPD Files.


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