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Lnik is a student who transferred to the academy along with Flora Lumi, Liang Gray Raven, Nikolash, Joseph Joko, Naitya, Aida, Narali Lagomora and Misty Flame in the second year of the academy. Since coming to the academy he has been transfered to Vanguard.

His surname at this time is unknown.

It is argued he is a puntable object. Lnik is at times a snide, mordant and vocal critic of things he perceives as slights or injustices to both himself and others. He is altruistic and means well but has a difficult time correctly posturing himself to others as such, feeling obligated to defend himself at even the smallest of comments to claw at a morsel of respect that he craves. He can come off as almost caustic in his demeanor at worst. A few times his attitude cracks and he shows his true feelings without the dark humor however.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

Species Lore

Erie Drakes are small wingless distant relatives to dragons native to a valley land to the south west of Eios. Their homeland is dominated by a hot tropical grassland with a dry season sparse with trees that borders with forests and the human kingdoms to their north.

An exceptional amount of Erie Drake history was previously oral, some of their oldest stories used to tell of their near demise as a species, at that time they were natural prey to both Bugkin and plantskin, the latter of which was native to the jungles to their east.

Bugkin overhunting had nearly driven them to extinction according to their histories. They were saved by their tutelary deity Seirtali when they cried out as one for salvation and retribution. Giving them the ability to secrete a toxin from under their scales either on command or as a defense response that made them inedible to both Bugkin and plantskin.

This action was not without cost though, in exchange for taking his gift each Drake was made to lose their wings, and all their offspring would never possess wings either. Effectively making them flightless, although some surviving members of their species who refused the deal do still exist.

The majority of their history is closely tied to the human kingdoms to their north, having good relations universally since discovering each-other. Erie Drakes are not common outside of their homeland but the few who do go abroad to live with other peoples do prefer humans.


Before Ascension

Lnik was born to his homeland and to a large extended family of merchants. In his youth he learned that theatrical behavior and the ability to sell an idea was part of the trademarks of good commerce work. He had an affinity for learning and had a strong drive to travel to unknown places to learn more. Learning basic common from the books he could get his claws on, as a side effect of this his speech is more formal and lacks some of the lingo found in native speakers. When he was presented with the opportunity to school in Eios he took it without hesitation. Spending most of his secondary education years in Eios, finding an interest in the political, military and economic history of the human kingdoms.

After having completed his education his drive to find and assimilate knowledge extended beyond his home continent, deciding to learn from more cultures and peoples. His first attempts at this were to gain access to the libraries of Aldoria which was said to hold great works on arcane magic. His second was that of the great library of Abagua. Unfortunately both had no interest in his patronship and declined his requests. His third and final choice was Ascension Academy which was said to hold a healthy amalgamation of magic, sciences, older works, philosophy and military academic pursuits. Though he was not interested entirely in serving in armed forces he did attempt to gain entry to the prestigious academy. His initial request was denied and he instead attended one of her sister facilities before proving himself in his first year as an intelligent and driven individual, his subsequent request for transfer to Ascension was accepted going into his second year.

Year Two

Episodes 2-11

New students arriving

Ascension Academy's second year saw new students introduced in the second episode, one of which was Lnik. On his first day in the Academy he was uptight and generally withdrawn and struggled to enjoy the new sights and people. His first notable interaction was two standoffs with Flora Lumi and Vevina Ciseris. The latter of which being more intense as he recognized the potential link between the monster bugs told of in his people's oral history and her self proclaimed "Bugkin" affiliation. Lnik postulated that her presence was alarming and made careful claim that he did not possess a phobia of spiders or bugs, but of her and her kind.

Chipz and Lnik combo

In addition and in the following episodes he forged bonds with other members of his squad; Narali Lagomora and Flora Lumi. He claimed that the latter was his personal "Bodyguard". He also distrustfully conversed with Chipz as the Ignis Squad member made efforts to learn more about Lnik. He found both Chipz and a number of other students who would joke about harming him in various ways indistinguishable from a smaller number of students who openly bullied him.

On one occasion Ryder approached Lnik near the docks, picked up, and tossed him toward the water. He was caught and saved from the terrible fate of being wet by Zackary Fang. Lnik, now furious and feeling disrespected, proclaimed a prank war to which Ryder responded "I look forward to what you do". The following day Lnik hatched his retaliation prank; he would plant a book under the pillow of the offending party and claim they had taken it from someone else's room. Nobody ever said Lnik was good at pranks. He recruited the help of both Zack and Narali in his scheme, in which they insisted something more sinister: Panties

The prank was doomed to fail from the start however, following the initial "Discovery" by Narali of her own panties being under Ryder's pillow. The truth of the event was revealed to a now furious Ryder whom thought he was being set up as a predator and having his reputation assassinated. Zack betrayed the truth to him out of earshot of the two quietly snickering general squad members. A couple hours later after keeping the truth to himself, and an investigation by the intrepid Gavin and Stark had shown nothing, Ryder revealed that he knew Lnik as the mastermind behind the scheme. He loudly admonished the Drake for his actions and warned that if he was ever the target of a prank by him again he'd [REDACTED]. Following another conversation held between the two in which Pierce Carver was a witness to the two, they set aside the unfortunate first impressions they had and swore to protect each other on the field of battle. This was the first step to what would soon turn into a healthy friendship between the unlikely pair.

The attempted prank however would come to haunt the Drake only a day later. After having seemingly made up with the offending parties and even coming away from the event better than they had started, Lnik would come to regret the prank for an entirely different reason. The day after the makeup and after having attended a arachnophobia lesson run by Vevina Ciseris, Lnik was approached by Nikolash and asked if he would participate in cleaning Vanguard Squad's dorm as a makeup for the day before. He declined strongly and went on his way. Later that day he was again approached and asked to attend a meeting in the General Squad dorm.

He arrived and found almost all the general squad in attendance, in addition to Miss Minerva DH's Madame Minerva character. He was asked more forcefully to participate and after declining again he was berated for his choice as one of the conspirators that had damaged relations between the two squads. It was at this time he found out the idea for the self punishment was the idea of Aida. He found his position in the argument untenable and was unable to finish his thoughts without multiple objections from a number of different members. He was feeling crowded and with being the only one speaking up for himself, his more primal defensive instincts kicked in. It induced a near panic which resulted in a hasty retreat to his own room. He glanced back as he closed his door to see three members of his squad chasing after him. He dove under the couch in his room to hide from them, feeling the anxious energy he'd bottled since coming to the Academy overpower his discretion in the face of stacked odds.

Flora Lumi was the first to discover his hiding place through the quiet and quick breaths the Drake was taking. Soon after Naitya and Nikolash arrived inside the room. During this Naitya berated the Drake, threatening to drag him out from the couch and put him in front of the squad again if he didn't come out of his own will (Which would be come a point of stress in their relationship later). At this point Lnik had lost control of his facilities and had involuntarily allowed his toxin to secrete from under his scales. Both of the male students eventually excused themselves to allow Flora to attempt to convince the Drake to come out. She succeeded in doing it and Lnik, having had enough of the ordeal, decided to accept the self punishment instead of continue to be bullied into saying yes from his perspective.

Zack standing inside of Lnik's dome shield

In addition to those notable events, Lnik also had a number of other developments. He formed a deeper bond with the aforementioned Ryder and Zackary Fang, retreating to his small friend group when he felt insulted or slighted by the student body. Sometimes he did this in over reaction and sometimes legitimately. He also participated in the illusion maze drill created by Albrecht Xel Brunswick in which he was assigned to fight with Vanguard. In the maze he showed an ability to keep the squad cohesive under the intense situation they had been put in, and revealed a number of his combat abilities, most notably his dome shield of the light and earth affinity capable of protecting regular sized humanoids near him. Despite their best efforts Vanguard got the worst time of all four squads, which Lnik hotly debated was an unfair contest due to unforeseen circumstances.

Vevina after sustaining her injury

Lnik also took a special interest in Vevina Ciseris and her injury following the maze. He appeared to find her vulnerable intelligence as an opportunity to more intensely scrutinize her views on both himself and his people. The Drake appeared frustrated at being unable to get the answers he had thought were the truth when he questioned her. Their conversation ended with "You are making it very hard to hate you!" in a loud and sarcastic(?) tone. It is notable that he mentioned Sir Webbington, a figure of immense notoriety in Erie Drake history. Vevina claimed to have met the individual once, and claimed he was strange and unable to take a hint. This had apparently ended in him losing one of his limbs to her. Lnik followed up by mentioning that he had supposedly been killed following the intervention of their god and the gifts he gave the Erie Drakes.

Mission to Abagua

The mission to Abagua began after a visit by The Inquisition , an apparent arm of the government in Abagua, and was headquartered in the city of Antioch along with the ruling monarchy. The visit was to begin the process of handing off land that had been gifted to the Cross-Allied Forces and then to the Academy. Leading up to the mission a lot of talk of the inquisition and some of the general population of this far-away desert being xenophobic was impressed to the students. Apparently their society valued human purity before their customs and traditions to the point that non-humans were prohibited to enter the throne room. In response to a number of supposed extra steps designed to humiliate non-human students Lnik proposed an act of solidarity to Professor Albrecht Xel BrunswickPierce Carver and Professor Lorelei Bliss. His idea of peaceful protest was to ask the human students of the academy to ask to participate in any demeaning behavior the inquisition attempted to put their non-human peers through. This idea was ultimately undermined by the number of students disinterested in such an act, some busy trying to find loopholes under and around the established law.

The inquisition ship from the POV of Lnik

The night before leaving on a boat the inquisition had brought for the mission Lnik approached and conversed with the guard on duty near the ship. Inquiring as to its make and the economics of a presumably forest-less nation building wooden ships. He found out that the lumber used was largely imported, as well as that the ship was more than capable of high seas travel despite its low to the water appearance. The Drake was later constricted from having conversation with Inquisition personnel and from setting foot on the dock by Professor Pierce Carver.

Upon arrival into the city on the inquisition boat Lnik had opted to enter the city of Antioch legally while a portion of other students took an underground route to avoid being searched at the city by the authorities. During his admission to the city he was berated, accused as a thief, had his glasses taken from him without warning, had his tail pulled quite hard, and was scoffed at by the guards and admissions officer. Although he came through the experience generally calm and cordial his mask of professionalism did crack visibly when as he came through the doors to Professor Silas Ulysses Steele making a disgusted grunt at his first sighting of the Drake. Not the last time while on mission that Lnik would be upset by the apparent perception that the staff and students of Ascension Academy were hypocritical to complain of the inquisition's disposition toward other creatures and people.

While on mission he participated in defending the newly established camp the academy had come to build. He also fought in a number of missions, one to find and bring back Heat Stones guarded by a tribe of aggressive hobgoblins and on another to help a tribe of lizard folk clear out a number of dangerous predators from their usual fishing grounds. Throughout all the missions his only injuries were sustained during the lizard tribe's mission. Having fought raptors, slaughterfish, an ogre and large carnivorous birds in just that mission. Both injuries were to his left arm and both were the result of slaughterfish attacking him from his blindside. Although they were healed on site by Speca it had instilled a feeling of trepidation. Due to the anxiety he was caught unawares and cut off from his squad during a expedition underwater against more slaughterfish.

Lnik holding back a slaughterfish with his dome ward.

He was found by Hannah Hart with his shield ward up and staring intensely into a thrashing slaughterfish attempted to break through. Lnik would later admit he had lost his cool somewhat, expressing a regret that of all the monsters he'd faced that day it had to be a simple fanged fish.

When bored or needing to be entertained Lnik would be found near Chipz. Helping the fellow trouble maker in his quest to seek out Vevina Ciseris after she had been influenced by a Harpy's spell. They also appeared to enjoy each other's company, even to the point where Lnik jokingly(?) suggested that his companion was an angel. During his time in Abagua the Erie Drake also made an effort to spend more time with vanguard squad, going so far as to be found sleeping at the foot of Zackary Fang's cot one day. His attempt at sleeping there earned him a good kick in the stomach when Zack woke up and mistook the Drake for a snake in his bed. It was only a short time later that his squad mate Naitya was killed in action on a mission to a tomb. Lnik struggled with the fact that his former squad mate had never seen eye to eye with him and that their relationship had been inflammatory since its beginning. He did show grief however at the lose, commenting that despite their differences he didn't deserve to die. Shaken by the event the Drake shared his emotions with both general squad and eventually to a trusted friend of his. Ryder consoled him within the vanguard tent, hugging Lnik who only protested a little less than usual. It was that night that Ryder offered to share his bed with Lnik, then only ever sleeping in the Vanguard tent until the end of their mission to Abagua.

Ultimately the mission ended, but not without the Academy hearing from the elusive forty thieves. An organization of criminals that opposes the inquisition and makes their living off skullduggery. They offered choice advise to the students and staff of the Academy about how to deal with the sand worm problem in the area surrounding Antioch, putting forth the theory that the inquisition was somehow responsible for the worms agitated behavior and the poisoning of the camp watering hole. The latter of which had been a point of conjecture from Lnik since the first day of its poisoning.


Following the mission to Abagua Lnik was absent from the funeral the academy had put on for Naitya. He involved himself with the love triangle between Chipz, Vevina Ciseris, and Esmae. Initially he and a number of his friends assisted Esmae in trying to get alone time with Chipz, with success. Lnik made a show of joking to his closer friends that Vevina's "Jealous" behavior was getting in the way of true love, although in his usual over the top dramatic tone. While this was going on he also had a couple negative run ins with Shizuko Nanteko in which she threatened to burn him a number of times to his face.

As the attempts to sway the love triangle faded Lnik was also involved in a mission down into the caverns below the new lighthouse. Suffering a critical injury to the arm from a crocodile bite to his arm. Even with his shielding wards the bite had reached his scales, failing to pierce his dragon scales but with the bite force damaging the bones under, and causing him to bleed. He was quickly seen to by Speca's necromantic healing magic before being properly treated back at the Academy. His arm was kept in a brace and sling for three days after.

Lnik was notably caged by Shizuko Nanteko after Lnik had whacked Chipz in the face. Thankfully he was not the only victim, having Chipz join him. In the subsequent conversation he was forced into a position where he had to admit he was a football among other things to be let out. He was also face to face confronted by Shizu before being allowed out of the dungeon proper. This had taken place on the same day that he had two of his uniforms ruined by having a number of liquids dumped on them as well as kicked by another student. In the aftermath Lnik's self esteem and mood took a considerable hit that he wouldn't recover from until Irinarya Sungrove took him aside a few days later after hearing about the general bullying from Professor Albrecht Xel Brunswick who had in turn heard it from Professor Lorelei Bliss. Professor Bliss had asked Lnik about the situation after hearing it from a "Concerned Squad Mate". In the discussion with Rin it was established between the two that they were generally in good terms, and it was the first time the Drake had spoken to Rin without her apparent mask.

The Fruity Knife

His usual speaking pose

Following the general improvements to Lnik's state of daily affairs, he decided to follow Chipz for the day. Generally being a bro and keeping the spider-spirit love triangle in mind, however later into the night Chipz revealed a knife covered in fruit juice alongside Irinarya. Apparently he had been accused behind the scenes of having stabbed a squad mate during kitchen work. He explained that it was to prove he hadn't cut Esmae, as this was the knife in question that he had slotted away in the clock of the Ignis dorm. It was at this unfortunate point that Lnik was put in a position in which he would have to be nice to Vevina Ciseris, whom was now a more reasonable option to let near Chipz than a false assault charge maker.

Of other note following this time Lnik also completed his map of the 'known world', a collection of all the sources he could find in the library and from memory. See the map. He also received his body pillow.

Camp Cari and Placements

Lnik participated in the visit the academy made to Camp Cari, a new blossoming village with a stone wall. He played a role in helping sell plots of land, had various ideas that he shared about improving the economy going forward for the village, and fought alongside Ignis Squad against blights.

A couple weeks passed without many notable events, with the exception of being egg'd on by Chipz - Season 5 about being a prude even in the face of female attention. To which his response was to immediately ask Shizuko Nanteko out on a date.

Before that however squad placements had come up, and the first day was the most physically taxing. First however they were asked to make a couple potions in the alchemy lab. General squad was put into a assault and retrieve system with nothing but mana rifles and wands against the rest of the school. This was followed up by a pop quiz with both Miss Minerva DH and Professor Silas Ulysses Steele as the initiators. As a final test near the end of the day the squad was put up against illusions on the roof the academy, however these illusions caused actual injury when they hit. It was at this time that after having had his shield battered and nearly broken that Lnik dropped it and used a counter attack beam that he'd held close to his toolbelt until now, only once before practicing it in front of students as he complained it leaves a horrible headache. He placed down his shield at the last moment to block potential kill moves a number of times during the fight against a colossal foe.

Narali Lagomora and Flora Lumi were both injured in the fight, Flora having had one of her arms lopped off in an attack. A day later after having mostly recovered general squad was put through interviews with Professor Albrecht Xel Brunswick. After all the tests and interview were over Lnik entered a sad state, finding that his own performance was subpar and disappointing from his own point of view. He'd prepared himself to be passed over in placements. On the day of placements Lnik sat where he usually did in the great hall, being called up as the second student to be placed. He was placed in Vanguard Squad, and with great celebration from hims

Lnik after placement

elf and a number of the squad at having secured him. They went to far as to dedicate an entire blossom to Lnik's new room. It was only days later that Zackary Fang asked Lnik to act as a second lead to the squad and to help them come together into the future. Lnik accepted, having already been told by Professor Albrecht that his placement was intended as a way to help temper the squad in such a way already. He was tepid at his chances of succeeding in such a task however.

Revisit to Cari and Mission to Aldoria

Shortly following Lnik's placement and settling in with Vanguard the academy was petitioned by Camp Cari for additional assistance with an increase in twigblight attacks. The drake was excited to return, having secured funding from professor Carver for a private mining company to open at the camp. The large quantity of ore would seemlying go to waste otherwise.

Upon arrival and throughout the first day of pest control the academy realized that the problem in the surrounding woods was much more dire than they had assumed. With the professors in foul moods and the majority of the students in a state of either anger or somber moods Lnik buttoned up his shirt for the next day. The following day was heralded by a great battle with two giants not unlike those controlled by the dark forces met in other locations by the academy. Vanguard participated in the rescue operation to the cut off students in the grove not far from the camp. Ultimately the academy was successful in winning the battle, breaking the siege before it could be properly laid and saving the students.

After a brief period of rest upon returning the events of the Bump in the Night took place. In which Lnik was a participant in the rescue operation. Nothing of special note occured to him during this however.

The mission to Aldoria followed after, arriving to a city of the high elves that asked for their assistance with a wicker beast infestation in their woods. As Vanguard went through their tasks on a particular mission to find a missing caravan they were ambushed by forces of the black guard. Whom had not been expected to be operating in the area. As they fought through the undead Lnik's squad mate Ryder and accompanying academy peer Misty Flame seemed to become agitated at voices in their head. It culminated in them attacking their squad mates before the source of the voices, a certain black guard anti-paladin could be located and engaged. Before this however Ryder nearly cut Lnik in half, only a hair of a moment's dodge saved him from death.

In the following days the Academy attacked and cleared out a ruin deep in the mountains that was being used as a staging ground for the black guard to prepare a great attack on the local elven city. Within Vanguard again confronted the anti-paladin that had caused Ryder's attack, beating and killing him on the spot. They also took part in a fight on the rooftop of the ruin against what appeared to be a greater demon of some sort and his subordinates. The engagement was hard fought and the demon escaped through a portal to what is presumed to be their black fortress. Jixie was fatally wounded during this. In the concluding actions of the mission Hannah Hart was located and rescued, having been kidnapped prior to the attack on the ruins. Irinarya Sungrove however suffered a life threatening wound from what appeared to be a cursed sword. When the cry out for some sort of clensing magic of the holy kind was called Lnik tepidly offered to attempt to lift the curse of the sword. His efforts were a failure, she died later that night.



Lnik's life expectancy is 130-170 years and he is shorter than most of his siblings according to him. He claims that his species ages slower physically than average humans. His notable physical features: They are consistent with his species as follows; a very potent cardio and neurotoxin-alkaloid capable of killing the average human ten minutes after exposure from respiratory arrest. A close link to their god, who blesses them with an affinity for abjuration magic casting. The remaining tail and stabilizer flaps also make Erie Drakes proficient swimmers.

His more personal abilities are his acclimation to hot and dry climates consistent with his homeland, as well as his exceptional climbing skills and muscular endurance. He is somewhat farsighted and requires glasses or another visual aid to read objects in his immediate front. Consistent with his draconic heritage Lnik has a hoard instinct for objects of knowledge, which most commonly are books or scrolls.

Powers and Abilities

Ability Description
Draconic Shield* Magic Type: Abjuration
Using himself as the center of the spell Lnik cast a protective sphere barrier that protects Lnik and his allies, this barrier is powerfull enough to withstand attacks of the Illusion Knight and the Illusion Mage created by Professor Albrecht.
Draconic Beam* Magic Type: Evocation
Often called the crouch beam, Lnik shoot an unidirectional beam of that injuries his enemies. It seems that this beam shares the same properties as the Shield that he cast.


  • Erie Drake is a term coined by the human frontiersmen that discovered them first, prior to adopting the human's name for them Erie Drakes used to refer to themselves in Draconic as Drakes or Dragons depending on time period. Dragon being the older term.
  • Erie refers to the region they were found in.
  • Lnik religiously is aligned with Seirtali, a god represented as a serpent or dragon.
  • Erie Drakes speak a Draconic offshoot language known as the Speech of the Erie.
  • Lnik has stated that he only finds his own kind romantically attractive
  • His affinities are Earth and Light.
  • Is banned from an ice-cream parlor in Eios




Year 2

Spirit Week

Year 3

Camp Cari