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Lioka Qiao

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Who is Lioka?

Daughter of Alpha and Lysh, one of the moderators of JaJa discord. She is a celestial chromatic dragon who inhabits many different forms. The last known form she was in is that of a mix between a fairy and a succubus.


While born to Xalpha and Lysh, discoveries in ancient ruins showed that Lioka has a history in the universe that predates them by several eons. She has no recollection of these past events save the stories uncovered at these sites. Throughout most of her childhood she held the succubus form and attended schools in hell instead of the kingdom of Unity. After graduating she went on to found an orbital observatory that is still operational to this day.

Where is she now?

She can be seen wandering local pubs and rainy worlds, learning several new forms to take on.


Chief among her powers is the ability to shift both shape and gender at will. While able to take on any form she prefers female shapes. Second though not insignificant is an ability known as "Genesis", allowing her to create and destroy worlds at will. She doesn't like destruction though will not shy away from it to create anew


  • Rain Grove: [1] -Nestled in the middle of an open sea this small island is washed in an endless rain. Lioka can be found here relaxing in the mist.
  • Lioka's Observatory: [2] - Floating on a space station platform in the middle of outer space this observatory offers 24/7 night sky views with controls to rotate the facility, allowing viewing any part of the night sky normally visible from Unity. (world was featured in Community Spotlight)