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"Ohohohoho, ara ara~" ― Link

"Hiiiiii~" ― Link

Who is Link EZ?

Link EZ is one of the many mutes who explores VRChat and hangs out with everyone. They sometimes join in on RPs. Top tier RPer as a mute and one of the quirkiest mute out there. They have mastered the ability to write backwards perfectly as a way of interaction. Also known as "MAMA LINK!".

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

History and Biography

Club Rogue

Link was present at Club Rogue during the crossover.

Grape Gardens

In Aug 2019 showed an interest in joining Kirbynite on his Grapen Gardens adventures, usually teasing him about misfortunes unless he's visually disturbed. She also finds common ground with BWC of Zenic Co.

Host Club

Link can often be seen chilling at the Host Club.

Neko Nights

In Oct 2019, Link was employed at the Neko Nights Night Club as a waitress. Link mostly now parties with everyone and also get drunk at Neko Nights with the Cat girls.

Adventures with the Gator RP Group

In Dec 2019 she asked SciFri to be her "Friday fling" when visiting Neko Nights Cabin on Fridays. The term comes from Roflgator trying to wing-man SciFri and describing himself having a similar relationship with Oathmeal. Since then she's become a regular patron at The Royal Gator.

On April 24th she participated in a Mute Pageant hosted by Roflgator, she would attend more other similar competitions also referred to as "Mute Olympics". She also attended Sexiest of The Royal Gator Competition and made it to the finals in the May 2020 edition.

At The Golden Gator 2020 Link is an active patron and participant in the various events held there including The Golden Gator game night where she is known for her 'Mute Charades' prowess, and is a regular on Mute Adventures.

Link deciding if SciFri should remain as her talking partner

Link EZ Elimination "Dating"

A competition in the style of a typical "Elimination Dating" was held for Link on July 8th 2020, with the aim of finding her next talker[1]. The much-hyped event featured many of the lobby regulars: Bearly, Walter, Axman, Poiya, Cyr, Crumpet, SciFri, Shimmy, LilBunnny, UzuriMia, R3dzDead, Vore, KuriGames, Icy, Sur Lee, Johnny Arizona, GingerSnap, Emmitt, and Gap Gap.

This list was culled down to 7 main participants, and then 5 for the final round, who all had to perform for Link and tell her why they would be the best pick. The finalists were Vore, Crumpet, Sur Lee, KuriGames, and Cyr.

In the end Link chose Cyr for the potential "stonk" increases, becoming his long-standing Personal Mute.


  • Link loves to tease people and use soundboards to troll. 
  • Link is said to play VrChat for 24/7 non stop. Over 3k+ hours in game.  
  • She likes farming BTTV emotes such as YEP, pepeDS, etc. 
  • Link always gets +1 RP points  
  • Recently, Link has been taking part in the ever expansive Kirbynite related RP, joining the side of Zenic Co
  • When presented with 'kirby n00ds' on Kirby's TV, Link became very excited. It's joked she has a crush on Kirby.
  • Link is rumored to have an undying love for the "frog" SciFri and with no "ERP" allowed in a personal mute arrangement, it is speculated that Link left it in order to pursue this dream.


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