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Lilith is a young Arachne who lives in the undercity. She’s had a hard life being an Arachne; people often avoided her and forced her to fend for herself for most of her early years. She sought aid from the coven, being a mage, and was able to get some help. There is still hardship though being a shadow mage itself has brought its difficulty fair share of difficulty

However, if it weren’t for the kindness of a Taifling, she would have been stuck on the streets. He was a craftsman and tailor by trade who gave her a chance to live without hardship. Lilith herself learned to make simple clothes; he took note of this and whisked her under his care and wing. Tell one day he disappeared. However, she learned a great deal from him, like acting. She kept her old habits and struggles at times still. Her eating is a harrowing sight, and most are often horrified.

She’s a talented tailor and mage making the best of it and wanting to make a name for herself. She has still yet to see her savor and mentor even years later.



Season 3
Edges and flaws


  • Major - Spiders silk: Being a spider her silk thread is extremely strong. She Can use her silk in many ways, be it used to bind someone, an Offensive attack, or interacting with the environment. If she uses it as part of enchanting she can craft protection enchants at one level higher than her enchanting skill.
  • Minor - 8 times the work: With Her extra arms Lilith is able to multi-task effectively, and additionally can dual wield small arms weapons and reload them using her lower arms.  This scales in effectiveness based on Lilith's combat skill and knowledge of firearms.
  • Minor - Enhanced limbs: Lilith can change her limbs three times their size and are razor sharp.


  • Major - Nearsighted: She may have incredible sight, and awareness close to her, however, has extremely poor eyesight at long distances. Lilith can’t shoot or hit things very well with her limited visual range, so guns are practically useless to her unless you are very close. Also unable to see details at a reasonable distance.
  • Minor - Light Exoskeleton: being a petite size and build she was not built to take much punishment.
  • Minor - Glutton: she can be Persuaded by offering her food and things she finds tasty.


  • Racial Edge - Jumping Spider: Being a Jumping spider, she can Leap farther then most.
  • Racial Edge - Spider Agility: Her kind is varied some excel depending on the shape that are Lilith sports impressive agility instead of strength.
  • Racial Flaw - Urban breed: she can’t handle above average heat, being exposed to it can sap her strength or hinder her endurance reducing the things she could normally do physically or making her pass out.
  • Racial Flaw - Freezing Up: Much like the heat, cases of being exposed to above Below Average Cold can do the same to her. causing her limbs to shutdown slowing her down.



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