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Who's Lexakitten?

Lexakitten is a variety streamer who simply wants nothing but the best for all of her friends and the VRChat community as a whole.

Lexa spends a fair bit of her time roleplaying, DM'ing and streaming. She is currently a Row DM for Neon Divide.


Lexa joined VRChat in October 2018 as a purple haired fox. As she gained interest in streaming. She brought herself full body, then brought herself a Shonzo avatar with her stream communities help.

In September 2021, Lexa changed her avatar to being a cat dragon, commonly referred to as a kittyderg. Not to be confused with her roleplaying persona Lily.

In May 2022, Lexa joined the Neon Divide DM team as a Row Co-DM.

RP Characters

  • Everest - Half-Human Half-Dragon Hybrid