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Levi is a humanoid sea slug that was born in captivity to slave traders, she wasn’t much for exploration and would sleep the majority of the time. This passed the time quickly for her, and her parents were quickly taken from her life before she could remember their faces. She was put in tightly packed cages with many others of her kind, watching as many passed away from not getting enough water or just not being able to eat. Once she matured she was used solely for reproduction, but sadly she would lose those children that she cared about deeply. She instead would care for the people that wouldn’t leave her.

One day she was able to slip away from her captors. During her escape, she snuck onto a ship not knowing where it would go. Hoping it would take her back to the lands everyone around her talked about she hid inside planning to get off where it stopped. A few months later, she snuck off of the ship onto Corvanis-3.


Season 2 Episode 23

The first thing Levi sees when waking up in the Undercity

Levi's first day in the Undercity begins by getting woken up by Niko from an inconspicuous boat in the Water district. Niko and Levi realize they are of similar species and quickly form a bond, however Levi refuses to answer questions about her past. Much of Levi's first couple hours are running around the Undercity touching and tasting everything she can and questioning whoever she runs in to. Notably, she finds herself in the Grove and learns about spirit shrine offerings from Korvo Tallis.[1]

Offered free tea by the tea-house staff

After a lot of touching, tasting and jumping around the Undercity Levi wanders her way onto the docks and takes a boat up to The Row. She finds herself in the tea shop where employees AL-0 and Bertram Manheim-Cassady offer her a mug of tea on the house and teach her about how tea is made. Afterwards Levi runs to the clinic where she accidently fires a gun that was laying around.[2] She is taught by Dr. Cellulose Universe and Dash Spacer that guns are bad and she should stay away from them. Before heading back to the Undercity Levi meets a few more slummers, including Marceline Rey Key who offers her assistance if she should need it and teaches Levi a bit about the Corporations.

Levi eats the shadow district shrooms

Levi makes her way back to the grove where she gives an offering of a parfait before wandering into the shadow district where she eats a chunk of the ominous mushrooms that grow there. Shale attempts to rush her to the clinic but Levi claims she feels fine and doesn't need help. She then runs into Sir Polka and Raleigh who are looking for a mohawked man, but their conversation is cut short by an explosion coming from the water district.

Calm Levi deals with a stressed out Friend

Upon arriving at the tavern she finds members of the TALARIS Corporation investigating the scene. She witnesses a tense arguement between the corps and Bethany Esda that turns into Friend pulling out a gun. Levi calmly steps in and asks Friend to lower the gun, claiming guns are no good. She then leaves the scene and learns from Koi Zogin that Talaris are planning a raid of the Undercity, and finds a place to sleep in the magic sanctum.

Watching the Vanto vs Quixote fight

30 minutes before the sweepos arrive she returns to the water district where she sees a fight between Vanto Ruve and Quixote. She watches him get shot down then gets knocked back by an explosion coming from his body. As she was hiding behind a pillar, Levi was unharmed but upon seeing some of the injured she attempts to use healing magic, albeit to little effect. Her final moments are then spent in the sanctum, sad and angry at the violence she has seen.



  • Major - Slug Anatomy - No bones, Can regenerate limbs, Has slimy skin that is slippery to the touch, Unaffected by poison, Can breathe underwater.



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