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Levi is a humanoid sea slug that was born in captivity to slave traders, she wasn’t much for exploration and would sleep the majority of the time. This passed the time quickly for her, and her parents were quickly taken from her life before she could remember their faces. She was put in tightly packed cages with many others of her kind, watching as many passed away from not getting enough water or just not being able to eat. Once she matured she was used solely for reproduction, but sadly she would lose those children that she cared about deeply. She instead would care for the people that wouldn’t leave her.

One day she was able to slip away from her captors. During her escape, she snuck onto a ship not knowing where it would go. Hoping it would take her back to the lands everyone around her talked about she hid inside planning to get off where it stopped. A few months later, she snuck off of the ship onto Corvanis-3.


Season 2 Episode 23

The first thing Levi sees when waking up in the Undercity

Levi's first day in the Undercity begins by getting woken up by Niko from an inconspicuous boat in the Water district. Niko and Levi realize they are of similar species and quickly form a bond, however Levi refuses to answer questions about her past. Much of Levi's first couple hours are running around the Undercity touching and tasting everything she can and questioning whoever she runs in to. Notably, she finds herself in the Grove and learns about spirit shrine offerings from Korvo Tallis.[1]

Offered free tea by the tea-house staff

After a lot of touching, tasting and jumping around the Undercity Levi wanders her way onto the docks and takes a boat up to The Row. She finds herself in the tea shop where employees AL-0 and Bertram Manheim-Cassady offer her a mug of tea on the house and teach her about how tea is made. Afterwards Levi runs to the clinic where she accidently fires a gun that was laying around.[2] She is taught by Dr. Cellulose Universe and Dash Spacer that guns are bad and she should stay away from them. Before heading back to the Undercity Levi meets a few more slummers, including Marceline Rey Key who offers her assistance if she should need it and teaches Levi a bit about the Corporations.

Levi eats the shadow district shrooms

Levi makes her way back to the grove where she gives an offering of a parfait before wandering into the shadow district where she eats a chunk of the ominous mushrooms that grow there. Shale attempts to rush her to the clinic but Levi claims she feels fine and doesn't need help. She then runs into Sir Polka and Raleigh who are looking for a mohawked man, but their conversation is cut short by an explosion coming from the water district.

Calm Levi deals with a stressed out Friend

Upon arriving at the tavern she finds members of the TALARIS Corporation investigating the scene. She witnesses a tense argument between the corps and Bethany Esda that turns into Friend pulling out a gun. Levi calmly steps in and asks Friend to lower the gun, claiming guns are no good. She then leaves the scene and learns from Koi Zogin that Talaris are planning a raid of the Undercity, and finds a place to sleep in the magic sanctum.

Watching the Vanto vs Quixote fight

30 minutes before the sweepos arrive she returns to the water district where she sees a fight between Vanto Ruve and Quixote. She watches him get shot down then gets knocked back by an explosion coming from his body. As she was hiding behind a pillar, Levi was unharmed but upon seeing some of the injured she attempts to use healing magic, albeit to little effect. Her final moments are then spent in the sanctum, sad and angry at the violence she has seen.

Episode 24

Asking if she can poke the bad people

Levi wakes up from a nightmare in tears and immediately begins a search for Niko, saying she doesn't want bad people to come down. She finds Tynan Hamada who tells her that Levi is currently in the row clinic, but also says that Talaris are about to arrive at the Undercity. Soon after, Levi sees some Talaris guards running around, and does her best to hide and evade the corps.

Talaris guards ask Levi to make her way to the docks

While looking for a good place to hide she runs into Shale whom she warns of the "bad people". He tells her not to attack them unless provoked and brings her to the safety of the grove, where she finds Bethany Esda and Mateo Dengra hiding from Talaris as well. Conk arrives and tells them that Talaris are here for a peaceful meeting. When he leaves Levi curiously follows him, but they soon run into a pack of guards who order them to the water district.

A guard asks Levi to step away from the water

Levi shows some resistance and continues to run away from the guards, until she is again caught and escorted to everyone else at the docks. The guards ordered her to fall in line, but in a frightened state she backs off the docks into the water and escapes again.[3] Levi listens to the Talaris announcement from the water, calling them slave owners and plotting an ambush.

An inch away from poking Katashi

Thus, after the corps finish their speech and are exiting the docks, Levi rushes up behind them in an attempt to "poke" Morgan Le Fay, but barely misses and runs away. She then stalks Talaris employee Katashi Nakamura and nearly attacks him, but decides against it at the last second.

Mushrooms teach levi about magic

Afraid and in tears she finally finds Levi and informs him that everyone in the Undercity is now "owned". She follows Levi to the water shrine where an elemental tells Niko that in time he will be able to control the flow of water. They then make their way to the nearby hot springs where Levi learns the basics of magical affinities from Bo.

After some wandering around, she finds a crystal from the magic sanctum and takes it to the water shrine where she attempts to eat it as a snack. After one bite she throws it away in disgust and finds Lucio Prieto who makes her one of his desserts to get the taste out. Levi eats some of the treat and then donates the rest to a spirit shrine. She then has a very brief venture in the Row before retiring for the night in the Sanctum.

Episode 25

Checking the Wasteland for volcanic activity

Another nightmare wakes Levi up, although this time she is joined by Raleigh and Esperine Veil who also spent the night in the sanctum. For eats some shadow mushroom for breakfast and steels herself for the day ahead, much more confidant in her actions. She finds Niko with Fishbowl at the water district graveyard, but before they can discuss plans the Undercity is shaken by nearby volcanic activity. They run to the balcony overlooking the wasteland, but don't see any fire yet.

Raleigh and Bo approach the Necropolis

After finding out Levi doesn't have a radio, Niko makes it his mission to get her one and tries to find Bethany who can get one for her. Before they can find the scrapper a spirit tells Niko to find Esperine and the Lightbringer - Bo and bring them to "The Shadowmother". Levi and Niko quickly find who they need and all head through the shadow district to the Necropolis. There, Levi watches Raleigh and Bo attempt to break through a shadow barrier surrounding the Necropolis.

While waiting she learns about last years necromancer from Big Conk, who also came, and is guided to the shadow shrine by Esperine who also teaches her a bit about the shadow district. Eventually Levi learns that the barrier was finally broken and they should now exit the shadow district.

Undercity denizens gather before the elementals arrive

She makes her way to the grove for a short rest, and finds Fishbowl there trying to deal with her hand being stuck to a strange ice ball. Tynan then arrives with news that fire elementals from the volcano are coming to the Undercity and offers some advice - the elementals have a weakspot in their head. She is also given new new radio by Niko and is taught how to use it.

Watching the elementals destroy

Levi then exits the grove to help deal with the incoming elemental attack. She finds the volcano elementals burning through the Undercity, destroying homes and shops around the steam district. She assists Tynan, Ahi and others by using her words rather than weapons, ordering the elementals away from property.[4]

Levi, Mari and Marceline discuss corps

Eventually deciding she might not be much help she then spends some more relaxed time with Amara "Mari" Mauler who invites her to an anti-corporate gang she is forming. Together they find and climb up a hidden ladder up to the Row arena. In the Row they find chaos around the clinic and Marceline who explains they are recovering from an alien attack. Mari recruits Marceline for her new gang and as a token of appreciation Marceline offers her apartment for the girls to stay the night, which they accept.

Episode 26

Tending to the grove shrine with Esperine

Levi spends most of the early part of the day with her new friend Mari as they wake up in Marceline's apartment, head back down to the Undercity, and give an offering to the fire shrine together. She then sees the aftermath of the volcano elemental attack on the steam district before finding Esperine and helping her tend to several shrines around the Undercity. After the shrine care taking Levi meets back up with Mari who gives her a key to her apartment if she ever needs a place to stay.

Blocking A2 and Quixote from entering the Undercity

Then, back with Esperine and discussing affinities, Levi's attention is drawn to some gunshots coming from the water district. At the docks she finds A2, several Quixote guards, and Captain William 'The Wall' Vossler and Cap'n Angelina Greasepalms in Quixote armor. She blocks their path, confronting them about Vantos death and insulting the pirates for wearing a corporate logo. A2 tells her group to ignore Levi and they go back to the bombed tavern.

Arguing with the Captain

Determined and angry, Levi runs to the shadow district where she eats more shadow mushrooms then runs back to the docks where she argues with the two pirates about their intention working with a corporation. While A2 is not around, Captain Vossler tells her that they are still loyal to the Undercity and only using Quixote for weapons and armour, but Levi remains unconvinced.

Levi ambushes A2 and stabs her with her poisoned barb

After some stalking she hides in a dock warehouse and upon hearing A2 nearby, runs out and stabs her in the back with her right arm needle, infused with poison from the shadow mushroom she just ate.[5] Levi is immediately executed by the surrounding Quixote guards and carried to the clinic by Big Conk. They find she is totally dead, standing no chance against Quixote weaponry. Niko is called in and cries over her lost friend, then Tynan who gives a spirit prayer. Conk carries her to the fire district incinerator where Levi is cremated.

Episode 27

A2 explains why her people executed Levi

For one last day Levi remains in the Undercity, shadowing Niko as an invisible ghostly spirit. Even though they cannot hear her she apologizes profusely to her friends for causing problems. She watches Niko get summoned by the grove spirit who tasks him with bringing him A2 - one of those responsible for Levi's death. He does so successfully and upon A2 getting close to the spirit, he forcibly grabs her and drains her shadow magic, claiming she will receive appropriate compensation in time.

Final, brief conversation at the grove shrine

As a reward for Niko, the grove spirit allows him to speak to Levi one last time. Niko pours all his magic into the nearby shrine which summons Levi before him. She apologizes, claims responsibility and says that in a way, she is now truly free. Levi's final worlds are a request for Niko to do good for their species before she fades from the world, leaving Niko in tears.



  • Major - Slug Anatomy - No bones, Can regenerate limbs, Has slimy skin that is slippery to the touch, Unaffected by poison, Can breathe underwater.



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