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Following his latest directive in a long line of service for the WOTO corporation, Leonard Kiani has been flown in from out of the system to investigate and evaluate public compliance within Savior City.

Severe in demeanor and direct in character, he is looking to keep security overheads down by any means possible. Leonard is one of the few genuine success stories of an employee rising from rank-and-file enforcement to executive status in recent times. Still bearing many of the scars of his climb to office, he does it all for the safety and security of his family - which he misses dearly. The man has sacrificed a lot to get to where he is today and will do a lot more if it secures him a comfortable retirement back home.

Pre-Corvanis 3

Before coming to Corvanis 3, Leonard was a farmer on Orban 7 during the War of Unification. The planet was owned by WOTO, which mercilessly crushed any rebellion that rose up. Leonard's wife was pregnant and forced to work sixteen hour shifts in a hydroponics plant. Desperate for his child and family to have a better life than he had, he signed on with WOTO.

When WOTO management discovered Leonard was working to support his family, they sent him offworld and began rationing out the time he could speak with them, forcing him to work extra shifts, eventually cutting off his ability to have conversations with them completely, dangling the prospect of possibly sending a message back to them once in a long while.

Leonard has not seen his wife or child in years. It's been long enough that he's missed his daughter's childhood completely. He continues to send them messages every day in hopes of a response, but he does not know if they are even still alive. WOTO management refuses to let them respond since the messages have to be sent from a "secure facility" and they can't allow his family in.


Throughout most of Season 2 Leonard is fiercely loyal to WOTO, gathering intelligence on their behalf and collaborating with other corps on plans to stop the threats both to WOTO and Corvanis 3. He does his job studiously and steadfastly, seeing deceptions for what they are and exercising a healthy distrust for the other corps. He knows he's in a vital position for his corp and takes his job with the appropriate amount of seriousness.

Episode 14

After the meeting with the Union, Ian takes Leonard aside and tells him that he thinks Leonard is the most competent Head of Security out of all the corps. In an effort to get Leonard to trust him, Ian removes his helmet, revealing a familiar face which shocks Leonard. Ian presents Leonard with his ID, which Leonard runs and proves to be legitimate. Incredulous, he opens up to Ian about his past and vows to work with him and Atlantis to stop the threat to Corvanis 3 moving forward.

Episode 17

At the end of the day, Ian presents Leonard with a file of information on his family which his team was able to uncover. The file record stops suddenly three years earlier, which Leonard knows means they either are dead, went missing, or were transferred somewhere top-secret. Leonard is completely speechless, Ian forcefully tells him to keep it together until he leaves, as they could be monitored. Leonard heads back to his apartment in a stupor. In a distraught fit of rage, he shoots all the cameras he knows have been planted there to monitor him with his pistol, rips all the bugs out from under his bar and shoots his TV. He collapses on the floor and stares blankly for some time, sobbing occasionally, before pulling out his gun again and placing it under his chin. In this moment he realizes he's never going home. Eventually he puts the gun down and begins to drink.

Episode 18

On this day, Leonard's only goal was to drown his sorrows. He wakes up with a hangover and drives to the wasteland, without his armor.

Leonard brings Hank his crate of "meat"

Upon arriving there, he wanders out of Scrap Town's gates and watches the desert for a bit before hearing gunshots and heading back inside. He goes to the clinic, where he meets Hank Solomon and opens up to him about his dependency on human flesh. Hank is caught off guard despite his assurance he wouldn't be, but after taking samples of the meat to see if there are addictive substances imbued within it and a sample of Leonard's blood, he assures Leonard he'll do what he can to help him. Before leaving Scrap Town, he runs into Hadwyn and stresses to him not to help the corps or WOTO, it's not worth it.

The bar in Scrap Town is closed so Leonard heads to the Undercity looking for another bar. He stumbles on the tavern, where Greasepalms asks for his help in removing mannequins from behind the counter and gives him a free drink to go in return. Suggesting she'll sell him more alcohol there, Leonard follows her to the arena where Greasepalms is fighting Cleo. In a cruel twist of irony FRED is there selling WOTO cubes. A spirit then begins messing with Leonard, dropping WOTO cubes behind him, which annoys him into leaving.

Leonard and Dr. Rowan converse in the Air District

He stops a passerby, Dr. Rowan, and asks if there's someplace he can go to have a more private walk, to get away from the noise. He leads Leonard to the Air district, with a massive balcony overlooking the wasteland. There the two have a long conversation about what happened to Leonard and the human spirit.

Leonard gets drunk on Mushrum

Still looking for an open bar, he heads to the Row and arrives at the Dirty Diamond as they close up. He refuses to consider The Grindstone even if it were open and Dr. Universe suggests to him he try FRED's convenience store. He goes there and buys a beer from FRED, who suggests he also try Fun Guy's Noodles for their Mushrum.

He goes there but hears Simon inside and decides to wait until he leaves, but eventually gives up and enters anyway. He buys a bottle and drinks heavily, also buying a shot for the stronger effect. As he drinks multiple other corporate executives chat him up, Max gives him a candy bar and Bobken tries to console him. Leonard doesn't much seem to care for Bobken's company, who can't really relate to Leonard's trauma. Simon has been working in the kitchen and is stunned to see Leonard in his current state. Leonard insists on being left alone with his drink and Simon leaves him be for a bit. He continues to talk to Bobken before Simon returns and they leave together.

Simon finds Leonard in the noodle shop

They go to an empty alley where a very drunk Leonard unloads on Simon. He tells Simon his life story and how the corporations make fighting for anything a waste of effort. Simon does the best he can to console Leonard. He asks if Leonard plans to go back to the Upper City tonight, Leonard has no plans to and tells Simon to tell Goldman he's having implant issues. Then he passes out in the alley.

Leonard wakes up in the noodle shop

Episode 19

Leonard wakes up in the noodle shop, where Simon brought him so he would be safe. The myconids say he can stay as long as he needs and give him something to hydrate on the house. He thanks them for their hospitality and laments to himself that Dr. Barnes was going to pay him a lot of money to bring them to him at one point. He asks for a place to freshen up, the myconids point him towards the hotel. The owner of the motel Elwin Keyfir walks in and they go together to get him checked in.

He pays ten times the normal rate to keep Elwin quiet and heads up. He enters his room with his gun drawn but nobody is waiting for him inside. His prosthetic irritates him in the shower and the water is freezing. He notices that as the water from the shower runs, the toilet drains. He hides out in the room for a bit, the noodle shop reminding him of his own family run shop back on Orban 7.

He heads to the tea shop looking for Simon, they haven't seen him today yet. He and Bertram leave to talk privately in his apartment, where Bertram says others will meet them. A man in an exosuit arrives and removes his helmet- it's Warren Crassus, who Leonard saw footage of Goldman shooting in the head in the WOTO boardroom after the Golden Lance mission. Leonard is shocked, but then Gregor Loch Brunswick walks in. Leonard asks him if he's out from under Damien's thumb. Loch asks Leonard how he's still alive as he also watched Leonard die on the Lance.

Speaking to Loch

Leonard then recounts his life story to Loch, and says he expects no pity from him. Loch tells Leonard about Norman Flint and how he had tricked Loch into working for him- until Loch realized he actually cared about the people of the Row. He then tells Leonard how his decision to destroy the Sonitii warp gates actually saved all the worlds Union troops were stationed on from being glassed.

Leonard then tells Loch about how Atlantis plans to broadcast the fight with the approaching alien to the galaxy for good ratings. He also says that if Loch's plans are just to take one city on one planet, then he's full of shite. Loch says that even the people who are complying with the corps are being dragged into the shadows and that making a strike during the invasion will spark the momentum needed to make this spread. Leonard then reveals he is expected to lead the combined forces of the corps against the alien and offers his help. Loch reveals he plans to reveal himself to all of Corvanis 3 after the threat is dealt with, ideally only to the corporate heads. Leonard says he doesn't have a future after the invasion and that he'll give Loch the opening. Loch offers to find any last transmissions from Leonard's family but Leonard declines. Leonard says he'll try to prove there's something they can do about the corps, and then it'll be goodnight.

Simon admits he stole WOTO guard armor for Hadwyn

He leaves the apartment and immediately runs into Simon. They go to the hotel and Simon admits to him that he has already made moves- he took two WOTO guard suits and gave them to Hadwyn. Leonard grills him and he admits it's to defend themselves. Then Leonard says he plans to continue to do his job at WOTO so everyone outside the Upper City can have a chance, feeding them information. He then tells Simon about the game show Atlantis is planning and how he plans to send a very different message. He tells Simon how he reminds him of his brother at his age, but that Simon should not be making any moves with people on the line.

An operative holds Leonard at gunpoint

Leonard heads back to the corp docks, where an agent of Atlantis alerts him to go straight there upon returning. He does so, but Mr. Reynolds isn't in so he is filled in on the day's events with the alien sample by Conrad and Kraver. He scoffs at the idea of using a nuke, saying it will spread the alien all over the system.

He heads back to WOTO to finally talk to Goldman, but is called by Mr. Reynolds before he gets to Goldman's office. Reynolds tells him he needs him in the best headspace he can be in, Leonard says he is recovering from manipulation by slummers, and will make them pay for telling him his family is dead. Reynolds then sends Leonard footage of the alien sample being dealt with in the arena.

Speaking to Goldman about his absence

Leonard runs into Goldman outside the boardroom. There Leonard tells Goldman about the slummers trying to manipulate him and Goldman says he'll give Leonard WOTO's full support in dealing with them. They then discuss the weapon being constructed to deal with the alien, and talk about Sonitii. Goldman says they're a loose end, and that they took far too long to help secure the sample. They go into further detail about the bomb to get Leonard up to speed on the specifics of the plan and how to properly destroy the alien, which Leonard notices some holes in. Goldman also tells Leonard that Talaris doesn't have a problem with Rikky getting spiritual. Leonard is then confused by the sudden humanity Goldman seems to demonstrate in forgiving him for his absence.

Giving FRED a paint job

Leonard leaves to talk to Mars but FRED is at the gate. Simon has told him he can get a WOTO paint job so Leonard sets that up in the WOTO lab. Simon has also given FRED gate access, Leonard says he'll need to speak to Simon about that.

He continues on to Mars, but nobody is in at that moment. Frustrated with his situation, he decides he wants to speak to the Union but they aren't in either, so finally he heads to Sonitii. The entire time he's having an internal debate on the purpose of the corps in society.

He runs into Nina Winters who leads him to the gate. There they find Xia, who has a delivery for Ellek Myth but has missed him. Leonard and Xia get to talking and he makes a deal with her to bring up any info Hank might've found for him in return for a credit reward.

After a brief interaction with Sheila and Polka, Nina leads him inside to talk. In the boardroom they discuss plans for dealing with the alien should parts of it land on Corvanis after the destruction of the core. Nina tells Leonard Sonitii doesn't believe the organism is just a single hivemind. Leonard points out that Sonitii's plan to use escape ships to evacuate everyone from Corvanis 3 has some holes- as much firepower as possible will be needed to attack the alien, it's likely Sonitii doesn't have enough ships to evacuate everyone, and that glassing Corvanis should be a last-ditch effort. Ellek arrives with Nirvana so Leonard ends the meeting with Nina so they can do business. He believes they are bluffing.

Receiving his credentials while waiting for the barbecue to start

He goes to visit Atlantis again and runs into the rest of Sonitii who are going to a barbecue, inviting him. He says "fuck it" and joins them before a drone descends from the sky and delivers to him the Atlantis credentials Mr. Reynolds had promised him.

Leonard leaves and muses to himself that Ian has been working with Loch for some time, and wonders if Ian knows of Loch's plans. He also wonders if he wants his dying message to be that the corp heads need to die. He's a product of this system, or so he tells himself, but does that mean he's complicit in it? He comes to the conclusion he doesn't want to start a war, but to tell people they have a choice. He's not going to help Loch.

Episode 20

Leonard had a very eventful day spent almost entirely with Rikky. After leaving his apartment, he immediately notices Simon's car is gone. He heads up to the WOTO plaza, where he runs into Rikky and they quickly meet about a few things before heading to a meeting Leonard is hosting meant for all the corporate Heads of Security.

Leonard's POV of the meeting

Most other corporate leaders attend along with their Heads of Security, and everyone shares their learned knowledge about the threat while plans are formulated and combined to form a cohesive strategy for destroying the xeno. Quixote reveals they have learned a scout ship has been dispatched by the alien, due to arrive in 24-48 hours. After, the trio of Leonard, Rikky and Manyu head to the WOTO lab with Conrad and an Astral decker to create a message in the alien's language to send to it and confuse it.

Conrad leaves and the trio discuss Simon, as Manyu is growing impatient with their inaction. Leonard comes up with the idea of possibly needing to kill him, let the Lazarus Program repair his brain damage, and then change his identity after in order to get a stable Simon back. Rikky wonders why Simon snapped in the first place, and Leonard reveals to him and Manyu the death of his family and his brother. Rikky forgives him and Manyu gives him a hug (Otto protesting after). Leonard tells them about their encounter in the Row, he believes it's his own fault that Simon snapped, after seeing Leonard distraught- but Leonard is suddenly interrupted by an incredible shaking.

They run to the window and spot a plume rising from the Wasteland, surmising the Golden Lance has been destroyed. Incensed by this sudden possible betrayal (Mars was sending a salvage team in at the same time) the trio storm over to Sonitii HQ, arriving along with most of the other corporate heads.

During a very tense meeting, Bobken and Blayne explain to the assembled that the alien somehow got a hold of their firing codes and fired their cannon without their knowledge. Everyone gathered is furious Sonitii is incompetent enough to allow such an incident to happen in the first place.

They return to WOTO and discuss Hadwyn and Leonard's motivations before they decide they're going to the wasteland to talk to Hadwyn. While Leonard goes back to his apartment to put his armor on he gets an alert on his visor that an unknown dreadnought class vessel is flying over the wasteland. They instead decide to pay Sonitii another visit to find out what's going on, letting Manyu go to the Row to search for Simon.

In a confusing and frustrating exchange, Sonitii tells them that they have no idea who is flying that ship. Additionally, Nirvana employees David and Alice enlighten Leonard and Rikky that everything that's been said in the past few weeks in the Union meeting room is known by the alien, including all their plans for dealing with it, as a Union satellite had to be corrupted by the alien for it to get access to Sonitii's cannon. As they walk into Quixote to share this information with them, they run into Hadwyn, who Leonard threatens with his life if he leaves.

The meeting with Quixote is tense once again, where it is assumed the dreadnought is also being piloted by the alien, and presumably the scout ship Quixote mentioned was coming in several days' time. They discuss containment and how to deal with this new problem of compromised communications, to which no solution is immediately reached. They ask why Hadwyn is here, Kraver tells them Phil wanted him for something.

Hadwyn reveals his synthetic eyes

The two exit the boardroom and confront Hadwyn. First they ask about Simon and the lab intrusion, Hadwyn says Simon pulled him aside the previous day and told him the planet would be in danger if he revealed what he learned about the alien's biomass to the corps. Leonard counters that Simon has brain damage and shouldn't be listened to. They demand to know why he's working with Quixote, he says he was dragged there without a choice. They wonder why someone like him would have any expertise on xenobiology as he studies plants, he removes his glasses to reveal his synthetic eyes. He was trying to scan the alien to learn more about it. He had invaded the lab in an attempt to scan the sample while the corps still had it in their custody.

They follow Hadwyn into the Quixote lab, where he is able to start work on his research into the alien. Then they depart for the Wasteland to find Mars and the dreadnought (which they still assume is being operated by the alien), where they discover there are no vehicles available for rent. They persuade McCuldger to drive them to the spirit canyon, and with only two seats available Leonard is forced to ride in the boot of the vehicle.

Leonard is jostled by the ride in the boot but quickly comes to his senses upon seeing craters of Hellfire missiles around the entrance of the spirit canyon. They make their way inside and immediately run into Wit and Ront, the former who is helping the latter limp, crying. McCuldger picks Ront up, whose legs have been shot to pieces, and she tells them Thaddeus came and took two spirit walkers- but not Sheila. Nina Winters and two Sonitii guards arrive, too late to help, as were Leonard and Rikky.

They continue inside, where they discover the corpse of Maxwell riddled with plasma rounds, defaced runes and the water shrine itself desecrated. Rikky speaks to the spirits (while looking like he's talking to a wall), who give him the names of those taken and what they must do next.

Episode 21

The first half of the day Leonard spent with Rikky looking for Sheila, where they also discover an old WOTO factory is being used to produce sentient killer mannequins, a summary of those events can be found in the Rikky article.

During the ride back to Scrap Town from the spirit canyon, Leonard is overcome with hunger riding with the corpse of Maxwell, and begins eating it. Rikky hears the eating sounds and assumes it's some kind of joke.

After they return to the Upper City Leonard grabs a WOTO Cube as a snack, to which Rikky makes a joke about the body apparently not being enough. Leonard freezes and begins to recount, somewhat shakily, the origin of his addiction to human flesh. Rikky says it's kind of fucked but he appreciates Leonard telling him. He also agrees to keep it between them.

After debreifing Goldman on Thaddeus and the events of the spirit canyon, Leonard goes to Sonitii to talk to Ellek, who he heard was trying to get a meeting with him. He quickly finds Ellek in the Sonitii promenade, Ellek invites Leonard into the offices but Leonard declines (on advice from Goldman not to accept if Ellek asked).

Ellek tells Leonard he has come up with a plan for dealing with the xeno- overcharge it until it is destroyed. Leonard points out they had already tried something similar with Manyu. The two then talk about the dreadnought, with Ellek only knowing the "telephoned" version of the events that happened. Leonard mentions Nina showing up with Sonitii guards at the spirit canyon and his meeting with her before, Ellek is unaware of both events. Leonard's tone changes to be more accusatory and he asks Ellek how killer mannequins were making their way to the Upper City. Ellek is completely baffled, unaware of the mannequin issue in the first place. He mentions he saw Blayne with one, but he hadn't asked Blayne what it was about. Blayne had told Ellek nothing about this new problem, which Ellek admits is an ongoing issue they're working on. Ellek insists he tells Leonard everything he knows but Leonard doesn't seem to believe him. Ellek, practically yelling, states no other corp is sharing info with him and everyone is doing their own thing, basically leaving him out of the loop. "Everyone's asking a question right now, Ellek, they're asking, 'What's up with Sonitii?' Is it malice, is it scheming, or is it incompetence?" asks Leonard. He then tells Ellek they can help locate Thaddeus's ship if they want to get in good graces with WOTO again. (Leonard later learns from Goldman and Rikky that a Talaris mage had located the ship and compound instead.)

He then ends up at Quixote, where he runs into Phil. Phil informs him Sonitti is going to provide Quixote with plans of the warp gate and the weapon has been coming along well. Leonard says they should move Hadwyn somewhere where Goldman can't reach him, Phil says he'll look into it.

Leonard walks back to WOTO and the boardroom to find that Hadwyn has gone directly to all of WOTO, where he convinces them of the importance of the plan and smooths over tensions, re-earning WOTO's trust and support for the operation.

After, he catches Manyu in the WOTO courtyard to ask about Simon. Manyu says he's hiding, possibly somewhere around the tea house but investigation revealed not for several days. They talk about Thaddeus, to which Leonard asks if Manyu has heard if any of the Astral mercs are magically inclined, Manyu doesn't know but he wishes Otto were awake to help. Leonard asks about that and Manyu admits he had a few drinks, which surpresses Otto, so now he's a bit drunk. Leonard informs Manyu of the mannequin situation and that Cleo had said one was her "boyfriend," which Manyu says had better be a joke. Manyu also says Otto won't let him ask Cleo out on a date, despite Manyu calling her his "princess."

Friend and Shaska Gug'Adez suddenly walk in, let in by the guard, to deliver a message from Ront to Rikky. Rikky is indisposed talking with Sheila so Leonard takes their message instead. Shaska wants to know what's going to be done to rescue the spirit walkers, Leonard informs her there is indeed a plan, a joint effort of the corps to storm Thaddeus's hideout, but he doesn't want to go into too many details so Thaddeus doesn't learn about it before it's ready. Shaska asks what the analysis of the sample she obtained revealed, Leonard asks her to clarify- she had given a sample of Thaddeus's blood to Talaris, which WOTO knew nothing about. Friend says it's still being analyzed. Before leaving Shaska delivers the message- Ront needs Rikky's help.

Episode 22


Episode 23

Leonard wakes up, suits up and heads to work. On the way he notices a new car is parked in Simon's space, which he believes could be for keeping up appearances.

He first meets Manyu at the front gate and talks with him about the mission he missed that happened the previous day at Thaddeus's mansion and how Manyu still wants to kill Simon, before Rikky shows up, promotes Manyu to First Samurai of WOTO, and they debrief in the boardroom. Goldman says they're short-staffed after the betrayal of Simon and they discuss hiring more people. Then they go over the mission, talking about Thaddeus escaping before Damien lets himself in out of nowhere to also talk about the mission. Rikky gets heated that Damien wasn't there, but what's done is done, Jeremiah was killed on the mission and Damien blames himself (Leonard thinks to himself that Damien may somehow be trying to figure out how to pin Jeremiah's death on WOTO). The group discusses tracking Thaddeus and trying to shoot his ship down with whatever resources they have, and splitting their resources between defending the planet and the upcoming volcano mission, when suddenly an incredible explosion emanates from the area of Union Tower.

Leonard sprints to Union Tower with Manyu, where they find a crashed Mars fighter in flames. Mars is also on the scene and is pulling the pilot from the cockpit. Qroak tells Leonard to gather the Heads of Security for a meeting, he does so (taking note that Blayne is no longer wearing his hood). He finds Conrad, who tells him Rhapsoidia has informed Atlantis that the alien intends to invade the entire planet, not just Savior City. Going into Union Tower with Qroak for the meeting, Leonard asks him about his species, which Qroak says doesn't have a name. They realize the meeting is actually taking place at Mars and head there.

At Mars, they are debriefed by Razz on what information they could glean from the testimony of the soldier and his credentials. He's from a station on the edge of the system, and according to him the station was attacked by aliens with blue-grey skin and tentacles on their faces. The soldier is returned to the room after a scan by Mars, but Korgak suddenly orders everyone to leave the room as he's potentially dangerous.

WOTO leaves to go about their business, but Goldman gets a call there's going to be a board meeting in 30 minutes. Annoyed, the four WOTO members go to Atlantis and have some drinks. A tense conversation ensues, where the Goldman yells at Rikky for his perceived carelessness, and Leonard voices his concerns about everything that's been going on. They go to the meeting early, where they keep talking about their plans and Rikky decides to stand away from the rest of the group while they wait, still drinking.

After they go inside and wait for a bit, a member of the Galactic Board using a synth as a stand-in telepresence arrives to promote Goldman to president of the board. Goldman dismisses everyone quickly and Leonard speaks to Ellek after, who tells him the ships are ready to go. Leonard tells Ellek about how the entity will absorb the planet, and its relation to Titan. Leonard brings up the history of Corvanis 3- it was a death world but Savior City was established to mine the planet. Sonitii may still have old geological scans and with those they might be able to find another way into Titan. Leonard also theorizes Thaddeus built his mansion on top of a place of importance since it was on the edge of the city and he's unlikely ot have built it just anywhere. As they talk Razz walks in and then walks out, Ellek saying Razz was messing with the computer in the boardroom. As they leave with Mr. Reynolds, Razz signals without speaking that he wants to talk to Leonard, they go back to the boardroom, where "Razz" grabs him and knocks him out.

He wakes up in Nirvana without his armor, in a panic, covered in tiny stab wounds. Nirvana tells him two women found him passed out and brought him in. Immediately he asks where the president is, Nirvana doesn't know much, and Leonard insists everyone issue an Upper City-wide alert. He tells David about his situation with Razz attacking him and radios WOTO to say he's awake. Reynolds walks in wearing his Astral armor, injured, and tells Leonard to get to Union Tower ASAP, Leonard tells Rikky to do the same.

When he gets there Rikky and Manyu are with Luca and Razz, Leonard is immediately suspicious and pulls his gun on Razz. Luca says they should put the guns down and talk, Razz says he was attacked as well. After some back and forth the whole group goes into Union Tower at Leonard's insistence and breaks down the door to the head office with Manyu's help. Goldman is inside with two Astral guards, the window has been shattered and the wind whistles by outside.

A very tense conversation is held, where Leonard doesn't believe Goldman is who he says he is, the broadcast Goldman wants to send to the Upper City may be a signal for the alien. He asks Rikky if he should shoot Goldman, multiple times.

David pulls him out of the room, suspicious of his intentions since the alien attacked him. Some of Leonard's memory of the incident returns, and he realizes the alien was trying to merge with him. Goldman delivers a broadcast to the Upper City saying war is upon them and they have to take the fight together.

Damien arrives out of nowhere with his invisibility as he did in the WOTO boardroom earlier in the day, spooking everyone. The group fills him in and Leonard and Rikky ask him to use his abilities to look for the alien. He does so, walks to the open window, says nothing is wrong and quickly excuses himself.

Leonard accompanies Goldman back to the WOTO office to a more secure place to hole up. He goes to Mars looking for more info with a Quixote rifle for protection. He talks to Conrad there, filling him in on the alien attack. Conrad asks if the fighter that crashed is for sale by Mars as scrap, Leonard say absolutely not as it's compromised. He confides in Conrad that he still doesn't trust Goldman.

Leonard goes to Nirvana to investigate a sound he heard, Phyllis and David tell him that Qroak was killed and turned into a zombie in the Nirvana lab. David says it wasn't related to the alien, as far as he knows, it was necrosis. Leonard asks David to scan him for necrosis as well. While the scan runs David implies he thinks Goldman may be the alien too from what Leonard's told him, Leonard won't confirm that. Leonard says its sensitive, and David says he'll keep it to himself.

Episode 25

Leonard is involved heavily in the attack on the Upper City by the Illithari. He is part of the group that counterattacks the incursion at Nirvana, first retreating with them to Union Tower before returning with reinforcements after hearing the announcement that the Lazarus Program is threatened. He leads the group into the Nirvana lab and immediately engages in an intense firefight with the aliens before being shot himself.

He is pulled to safety outside the lab, where Rikky has arrived to back him up, but Leonard is already mortally wounded. He utters his final words to Rikky- if Sarah, his daughter, is still alive, please make sure she's safe. Then his lungs fill with blood and his heart seizes.



  • Major - Accomplished Oppressor - Prior to his current role, Len spent many years enforcing public order in many capacities. He is trained in weapons used for policing and riot-control, as well as tactics and tools surrounding populace suppression. This is the main reason why he is suitable for his current job.
  • Minor - Success Story - Leonard enjoys a degree of fame and respect from the lower ranks of the corporate employees for being one of the few genuine “rags-to-riches” stories. This gives him a small bonus to persuasion when it comes to requesting things “off the record” from low-tier corp personnel.
  • Minor - Contraband - Leonard has learned a lot from the desperate and starving people of WOTO’s farming/production worlds. This grants him smuggling lore and know-how.


  • Major - Sent to the Chop-Shop - Early in his career a good portion of Leonard’s face was destroyed by an improvised firearm in a conflict with local resistance forces. Yet to come to wealth and status, he was sent to a corp chop-shop for treatment. To this day he still has most of the original crude reconstructive supports and “prosthetics” fused to his flesh. These always hurt to some extent, are too invasive to replace, have the potential for remote hacking, and stand to cause complications in any future surgery.
  • Minor - Higher in the Food Chain - As Leonard had to rise through the ranks to attain his executive position, he had to prove himself a lot along the way. A part of that was a quaint little ceremony where he had to demonstrate he viewed the poor-folk as cattle... by eating one of them. Unbeknownst to him, chemicals mixed with the cadaver made the gruesome dinner-date a long standing addiction. His WOTO executive provisioner keeps his fridge stocked with unbranded Prison-Mince. He however still has to hide his diet from enemies and colleagues alike due to the damage it could do to his image.
  • Minor - Family Man - Unable to go against the fantasy he has constructed, that his actions are justified so long as he rationalizes them as within his family's interests, Leonard will go along with any plot to reunite and secure the safety of a family.


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