Leilani was a Dryad who not only lived but was a part of the hidden Grove beneath the massive metropolis of Savior City. Deep below, beneath even the slums referred to as Callous Row, covered in eternal shadows her home was next to a collective known as "The Undercity".

The Grove is an ancient natural place surrounded by magic, a hidden gem of beauty. In the grove she is a botanist. She spends her time tending to the plants and utilizing their present magic and their healing properties along with her own innate abilities.

Being a part of the grove herself she suffers consequences if she leaves the place and does everything to protect it. Recently a threat of deadly mushrooms have started to grow which are causing her ire. Neighbouring local magic users making their home in "The Undercity" she has to seek allies among them in order to protect her grove. Aside the local threats there are also corporations wanting to exploit the fertile grounds.

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Leilani was once a disfigured human girl abandoned at a young age in the subway systems of "The Undercity" beneath Callous Row. She was born with a small horn growing out of her head and her parents cast her away because of the imperfection. Due to lack of nourishment and proper care, Leilani passed away in the Grove to starvation before her being was taken over by the natural magics of the place. Her body was transformed and revived into the Dryad that she is today. She now lives out her days acting as a semi-botanist and protector of her home.


Season 1

Protecting the grove


A great sacrifice

She sacrificed a part of herself to revive Faye after she was mortally wounded by Kaiphus The Collector. In doing so also her barrier preventing an invading force of Quixote Corporation soldiers from entering dissipated. This unfortunately led to the near destruction of the grove by Lange Pliskin who planted a bomb there.

In the wake of the grove recovering a hostile entity going by the name "The necromancer" invaded with his corrupt mushroom zombies. It nearly lead to devastation but thanks to a group effort of the slummers from the Row he was defeated, leaving room for the grove to hopefully slowly recover.

Season 2

In season 2 she was accused of practicing necromancy and captured by other members of The Undercity, and eventually executed by Conk.



  • “Two hand Touch” - Once Leilani has both hands on the patient and can stay put and unbothered for 1 minute (REAL TIME) she can heal them back to the way they were.
  • “Home Advantage” - Leilani is able to function at a higher capacity as well as use abilities more when she is in the Grove. This does not apply to the Undercity.
  • “I speak for the Trees.” - Leilani is attuned to nature and as a Dryad/Treeant she can communicate with and through plants and animals.


  • “It’s just allergies, bro.” - Whenever Leilani goes up from the Undercity/Grove she contracts a super serious allergic reaction to whatever is above. This will cause bouts of coughing, sneezing, and lack of motor skills and lack of communication skills.
  • “Butterfingers.” - Her hands make it very difficult for her to grasp things like normal hands would.
  • “All natural, please!“ - Leilani cannot be treated in any way by any man-made or non-biological forms of healing.
  • “Wooden Headed.“ - Leilani easily trusts anyone she meets if they play their cards right, she seeks friendship in anyone and usually assumes the best.



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