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"Sometimes you will never know the value of a person until they become a memory..." ― Laura

༺ Who is Laura? ༻

Laura currently serves the Waifuwehr of the Federal Waifu Republic of Germany as a Major of the Sanitätsdienst within the Fallschirmjägertruppe.

Sekretärin to Hølly Madison.

༺ Laura's Backstory ༻

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

Laura Eisend was born in Bavaria, on July 27th, 2002 to the Eisend family. She grew up in the town of Pegnitz. There she would live with only her only mother, Sophia Alex Eisend, who served as a surgeon general within the ranks of the Waifuwehr. Growing up her mother gave her many stories about her life experiences and time serving in the armee. She would even hear about her great-grandfather, Dr. Alexander Eisend and his many stories from old imperial times. Laura loves a good story. And these stories would later inspire her. Though Laura and her mother were usually two apart, she never stopped thinking of her as a hero. Her mother's dedication to her work over the years in the armee had weighted a bit on Laura. She loved her mother but would often reminisce, for she was often left with a sitter while her mother would do her duty serving her country. While Laura was alone, she had books and imagination to keep her company. As for being a very creative young girl, she would often find it hard to keep her mind from slipping off the edge of reality. Laura absolutely loved the outdoors because beyond that door there is a world. A world of possibility, and adventure. If there is one thing in life that felt like a prison to Laura, it was school. She struggled in school with dyslexia and ADHD. Though, unlike many other students, she was reserved. She never liked to speak, she never fell in love, and she spent her time doing her projects alone, or with her mother back at home. But in her time, it would all finally be worth it and she would get a great education and finish school.

Laura was now an adventurous young woman, who wanted to explore the world at already such an early age. She spent her time away from home to experience the world around her. On one particular trip, she met an American girl named Evelyn Winters. Suddenly Laura had made an unexpected stop on her travel plan. She spent time with this new person that had been on her mind. She began to go on dates and Evelyn would even teach Laura more about English. She would learn new words and different phrases. They made each other laugh with how different they were. And for that, they fell in love. Eventually, Laura knew she would have to return home. And when it came time to say goodbye, Laura couldn't do it. But she had to. She left home, with a card in hand and the pictures on her phone. For her, it had not been the different parts of the world she would have wanted to continue exploring it would have been love.

Upon returning home to Germany she would return to live with her mother in her hometown. She found herself lost. She would stay at home all day with an empty feeling. Until only by her mothers she would get back up and continue exploring life. One night sitting alone in the house, she would gaze upon an old framed photo of her great-grandfather. She would remember all the stories from her mother and her looking through old writings, photos, and even found some uniforms in boxes that were not meant to be touched. And with her courageous heart. She got up from hugging her knees and decided to enlist in the Heer of the Waifuwehr. This gave her many opportunities. It would not only take the lost feeling off her mind but also will bring her closer to her mother. And she would be allowed to travel to many more parts of the world. So she began her days as a recruit, and slowly would work her way up the ranks.

༺ Laura's Enlistment Backstory ༻

So started Laura's days as a fresh rekrut of the Waifuwehr. She understood the sacrifices and the kind of work she put herself in. But no matter how much would be thrown at her, Laura would be determined. She first enlisted and trained to become a proud member of the Fallschirmjäger. She went on a few operations, but still enjoyed her time along the way. She would often be actively deployed on an outpost in Syria, Delta Seven Mercury. It was a struggle for Laura, now that was expected. She had not been used to working together with so many individuals. After all, she had always been the quiet type. But that didn't mean it was impossible. Because of her hard and dedicated work, she would draw attention to many eyes of those ranked higher than herself. This put made her close with much of the ranks. Eventually, she was offered the opportunity to become a UvD, Laura gladly accepted and would be even more determined to take on the responsibilities that would lie ahead.

Returning to Germany for more training based on leadership and everything there was for her to learn to become a full-fledge NCO of the Waifuwehr. She would be allowed to assist others with training for the same kind of things she had once done. For Laura to be fully ready for everything she needed a place to study, with peace in her mind. So she would often take walks to clear her head when she had the time for a normal day. Without uniform or any kind of training, she would just grab her paperwork and her coat and go out on a cold winter day for tea. While in her studies, sitting at a table outside from a café. Laura had gazed at an old couple for a moment and had seen them happy. For a moment she remembered the girl that she fell in love with. She had almost forgotten. Pulling out her phone to look at the memories. With a warm tear falling down her cold face she put away her phone, got up.. and walked. Too be continued...

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