"I want these Shadow Runners dead" ― Lange telling the Mayor his wishes for the Row

"This Row will burn into chaos" ― Lange growling in his blood-lust

"You're pretty good" ― Lange telling R.G.-2 that he's a good fighter before he faints

"KILL! THEM! ALL!" ― Lange commanding Quixote kill squads to open fire on Callous Row

Lange Pliskin is a brashful corporate reject who was demoted by his superiors. Technically still employed by the mega-corporation Quixote, he is desperately trying to earn his way back into their good graces.

He is stationed in Callous Row, the slums of the massive metropolis Savior City by his company superiors, tasked with establishing a business and is currently awaiting orders.

SciFri who portrays Lange now portrays Sgt. Kal Reinhart.

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Lange was practically born into service of the Quixote corporation. Raised from a young age on the upper levels of Savior City he quickly fell into the career of a corporate security merc. He was a natural in combat, but he resented being assigned to guarding office buildings and being a bodyguard for pencil pushing office workers. Eventually his hot head and penchant for starting fights got him kicked down the chain of command to the shithole known as Callous Row. His current goal is to follow orders and further Quixote's goals in Callous Row. He believes that if he can do his job right this could be his shot at climbing back to the top.


Discussing properties in Callous Row with Mayor Eric and Becky.

Week 14 New Beginnings

Prospecting real estate

Appearing in the city he followed GU1D3-B0T on a tour and met with the mayor Coach Eric pitching his business idea of opening a casino of sorts, referring to it as a "loung" or "tea shop". After being informed of two open lots of property he was guided around by Becky.

Looking at different locations he showed her his tech of opening doors, getting in where he shouldn't regularly have access. Having access to master keys he opened the door to Carl “8” Clerk's general shop and went in without permission. Violating the homes of various inhabitants, inspecting one place after another he failed to find any property of interest from the tour. He sent Becky on her way with regards to the mayor that he wanted a luxurious apartment.

Hearing mentions of a magical location he followed the broken train station and located the undercity below on his own. Down there he met Dagu and Charles among others, located the grove as well as the magical sanctum but was unable to enter due to some erected magic barrier.

Oriana offers to sell her courier shop for a cheap price on one condition.

Oriana owning the courier shop heard of him showing interest in purchasing real estate, met with him and offered her place for a cheap price as she wanted to get rid of it with the only condition that he didn't turn it into a "titty bar".

Property owner

Lange met a dark elf named Xia and shared some drinks while conversing at the local brothel called "The Dirty Diamond". From her he learned that she runs a courier business but currently lacks a base of operations. Hitting two flies with one stone he met again with the mayor but discussed acquiring both the courier shop and the convenience store. Becoming the benefactor for Xia with her indebted to him could earn him special benefits. Purchasing both properties he kept Xias name on the contract for the courier shop.

Marketing and business

Drinking next to Charles Rask, being non-approving of him being "wage slave" for the corporations.

Meeting Rask and Rook working at "The Grindstone" bar he learned that the current owner of the general store Carl “8” Clerk has been recovering at the hospital, making acquiring his purchase of the store problematic. Before leaving, Lange managed to insult both bar employees by referring to Akeera as a "lizard thing" as well as a "pet". Making a bad impression he came across as just another "wage slave" and kept being referred to as such.

Visiting Bethany in her shop he learned about her history and potion brewing, once taught to her by her old master. Figuring her skilled, honest to a fault and gullible he told her he would get back to her about employing her skills in his future tea shop business. Continuing to market his future business he advertised it at the brothel and various other places.

Week 15


Lange meets with the mayor again to discuss properties wanting to purchase the trash pile that is the current shanty town, demolish it and make it successful. Eric expresses gratitude from taking the burden of him to acquire undeveloped land and offers Lange a deal in exchange; no property tax needs to be paid for a whole year in exchange for him assisting in rescuing an individual that has been captured by mercenaries.

In truth Lange doesn't care about making a successful business, his goal is to set up a front for his company Quixote.

Shootout at The Shadowbats headquarters

Corporate strike force

Eric informs Lange of The Shadowbatss capture of Loch and he calls in a corporate strike team from Quixote to rescue "some slum rat". Although not showing care for most Lange ordered his team not to harm any civilians and avoid any accidental friendly fire. Both Coach Eric as well as his employee Becky joins the strike team and are given firearms.

No mercy for cultists... Lange executes a Shadowbat.

Reaching the compound they found dead Shadowbats laying on the ground all around the entrance as well as non-standard issue weapons. When securing the entrance a backup team attacked them from behind and they opened fire to guard their position. After the entrance was secured another armed group suddenly exited the building.

Encountering Rooks team, having already rescued Loch

Mission already completed

The unknown shadowrunners that exited were lead by Rook and with the injured Loch in tow. Pulling guns on each-other the confusion almost ended in violence but it became clear that their target had already been liberated by these vigilantes of slummers from the row. The force consisted of Ais, Cap Fawkes, Plif, Desmond, Talus, Nash, Warren and Phil.

The rescued and injured Loch, supported by Warren

After returning to Callous Row, Lange met with Loch and learned about him being freed by vigilantes and was surprised that former Hellbat mercenaries were defeated by slummers, realizing that these were no regular slummers. Lange found Bethany and questioned her what she knew about the slummers rescue mission but she didn't offer much useful information, claiming that she didn't know it was even a rescue mission and that the people following the orc Rook "just like guns".

Snooping around the clinic, Lange snuck by the chaos that was going on with the and managed to steal private information from the clinics terminal. In the chaos of treating all injured after the slummers attack nobody seemed to notice him though not being especially stealthy. He also questioned a mercenary if he was familiar with The Shadowbats but he wasn't helpful.

Visiting the brothel to relax he met Xia again and confided in her. He told her of the shadowrunners interrupting his rescue mission as well as furthering their shared investments. Working with him she would found it to benefit her greatly.

Week 16


After waking up, Langes first action was to check his after-action reports of the last mission. While checking them, he came across a newly submitted report that he'd not seen, detailing how a Quixote Delivery Squad had made contact with the Mars Corporation on the streets of Callous Row and had sustained heavy casualties.

Reading further in, he learned that out of the unit, only 3 of the 7 managed to escape to the local civilian Med-Bay and decided to head out immediately.

Lange watches Bo vanquish the spirit


Upon leaving the elevator to the offices, Lange was confronted by Coach Eric and Loch running into the bank, shouting about a Fire Elemental wrecking havoc on the Row. As they locked down the bank, Lange informed them of what he'd read in his after-action reports and was told by the Mayor that he'd made sure the Quixote squad finished their delivery and got escorted to the Med-Bay.

Langes new Tea Shop: Lax Chances

Cautious about what had been happening in the streets, Lange slowly made his way down the Row, only to stop at the ramp near Duncyn Kuiper's store. Looking down at the entrance to the subway, Lange caught site of what looked to be a shadowy spirit being banished by a bright light emanating from Bo. As Bo seemed to pass out from the usage of their magic, Lange noted it down and headed towards his newly opened Tea Shop: Lax Chances.

Survivor Reports

Lange gives a respectful bow to Faye as she buys his Tea

As Lange sat behind his counter, he found his first customer in the form of Faye, who seemed to quietly enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and high-grade ingredients made tea that Lax Chances provided. After

Lange meets Zero

making his first sale, Lange took a walk along the Row and found that the local 24/7 shop was open once again, only now run by a new resident clockwork robot by the name of Zero. A short conversation provided Lange with the information that Zero was from the WOTO Corporation.

Heading further up the Row, Lange overhears a few conversations from multiple groups, all claiming that Becky Cantuckit was now exuding fire from her body. Heading into the bank to check for himself, Lange found Becky behind her desk and on fire, as people watched safely from outside the glass.

Making a note of it, Lange set foot for the Med-Bay to receive the records of the Quixote team that was

Lange watches R.G.-2 carry Ori's body away

treated there. Whilst in waiting, he watched as the lifeless body of Ori was carried out of the elevator and out the front doors.

After waiting, Lange was soon escorted downstairs by Dr. Cellulose Universe, where he retrieved her personal report of what happened. From her, he learnt that the Quixote survivors were still there and decided to let them rest until they were healed enough to be extracted.

Rest and Relaxation

Leaving the Med-Bay, Lange encountered Bethany Esda, who'd confirmed that Ori had passed away and was sent to the incinerator. Lange commented that it seemed to be a waste of potential scrap before heading to the local Strip Club of the Row for some R&R. Once there, Lange grabbed himself a drink, a dance and some conversation, getting to know a few of the people more. He decided not to spend too much time there, and headed over to his shop and open up.

Not long after opening up, Lange found customer eager for his services, only this one wasn't interested in tea. Dagu was immediately hooked when he heard Lange's Tea Shop also dealt in gambling, and Lange quickly learned that Dagu may have been a bit of a gambling addict as instead of leaving while he was

Lange watches Dagu gamble his money away

ahead, he carried on until he lost it all and instead had to pay out his own money.

Underground Investigations

Closing up shop once more, Lange decided it was time to begin investigating the potential starting point of the recent Fire Elemental that had wrecked havoc on the Row. Not long into his slow descent to the underground, Lange found his way to the Incinerator and made note of a glowing red pentagram that was etched into the other side of the room. As he was walking out however, Lange found a Corporate-level firearm resting on one of the ledges.

Excited about making headway into his investigation, Lange picked up the gun and began exploring the Undercity in earnest before finding himself in a conversation with Big Conk. From Conk, Lange found out that the MARS Corporation that was involved earlier was also attacked by the Fire Elemental. Now knowing that both the MARS Corporation and Quixote Corporation's were attacked by the same spirit, Lange pondered on just who could have summoned it then.

The Magic Sanctum

Lange gives the gun to Coach Eric

Heading back to the main plaza, Lange had another meeting with Coach Eric and handed in the gun he'd found down below. In the meeting, the Mayor lamented to Lange how he was caught with his pants down during this attack, stating that he had no idea how to deal with magical entities.

Informing Coach Eric about the magical circle he'd spotted, Lange escorted the Mayor back down to the Undercity to show him. Before making it there however, they'd ran into Big Conk once more, and Lange had Conk inform the Mayor of what he'd told Lange. During their conversation, Lange noticed deep into the Undercity that the usual glowing door of the Magical Sanctum was not there and that it was in fact open. Curious, Lange headed over and quickly entered the Sanctum at the allowance of Big Conk. During his small tour of the Sanctum, Lange took a collection of pictures, capturing the chalk boards, notes and magical equations.

Lange enters the Magic Sanctum

After gathering all the information he could for the day, Lange bid the Mayor a good night and headed back to his store. Leaving it open for a small while and gaining some business at the end of the day, Lange decided it was time to grab some rest. Lange closed down the store and headed to bed, happy with the information he'd gathered for the day.

Week 17


Lange heading towards Upper-Plaza terminal

Not long after waking up, while walking along the streets of the Row, Lange and a small group of people heard a mighty crash from the Upper Plaza. Quickly making his way up there, Lange was able to use his Corporate Override to gain access to the video records from a nearby terminal.

Reviewing the footage and data given to him, Lange learnt that the crash came from two unmanned vehicles colliding with each other. The strange thing however, was that despite being unmanned, the crash somehow resulted in a "Loss of Life" being detected.

Information Gathering

Sending off Loch, Nash and Warren

After doing all he could to learn about the crash, Lange decided to head to his newly opened Tea Shop, Lax Chances. Within moments of opening, he had three customers in the forms of Loch, Warren and Nash. After serving them their tea, the three of them took a seat at one of the tables and Lange decided to sit behind his counter and listen in on their conversation.

During this conversation, Lange learnt some useful information that could be of potential use. The first was that Loch has many connections in the row with people. It seemed a lot of people looked up to him, but the main interest Lange picked up on was that Loch has a vested interest in the Mayor. Lange noted it to himself and vowed to look into their relationship. On a side note to that, he also learnt that Becky lived with Loch as she did not own her own home.

The last small piece of information Lange overheard, was that Nash was an Ex-Hellbat. He also noted that down as something of interest.

After the three had their drinks and left, Lange locked up the store after them, happy that he may have just gained his first three regulars.

Corporate Mission

Rana and Bo heading to Nirvana offices

Moments after leaving his store, Lange ran into Rana Amariah and Bo walking together. Before getting anywhere into a conversation, Lange was contacted by Quixote high command, and advised to take his call secretly. Dismissing himself from the two, Lange quickly made his way to the bank offices, noting that while he headed into his Quixote office, Rana and Bo headed into the Nirvana Corporation office.

Inside his office, Lange took the call from High-Command and was given the 2 objectives:

  • The synths were acting up, figure out what's happening
  • Nirvana was up to something involving magic, put a stop to it

Immediately, Lange began his first mission and headed outside to find some synths. Within moments of doing so, he came across R.G.-2 and the new clockwork droid Zero talking to Duncyn about something called "All-Star" and it potentially being able to connect to GU1D3-B0T. After being told to have some patience, R.G.-2 mentions a "Very aggressive voice" in his head that speaks in "Biblical Phrases" about saving all synths.

Deal with R.G.-2

Hearing all he needed, Lange places his hand on R.G.-2's shoulder and asks him to accompany Lange to his Tea Shop. Once there, Lange locks the door behind him and seals himself, R.G.-2 and Zero inside. Lange wastes no time in getting to the point, letting R.G.-2 know that he has information that could help, but only in return for something useful. R.G.-2 stands strong at first, but after realizing how useful Langes offering is, he gives in. In return for access to the data in the Upper-Plaza on the crashed debris, R.G.-2 gives Lange a very obvious hint on where to find the Shadow Runners base of operations. "You want to find the Shadow Runners? Do me a favor. Go get a drink."

The Grindstone Confirmation

Finished with his mission to find out information on the Synths, Lange quickly learns from multiple people in the Row that Bo has gone missing since heading to Nirvana's office with Rana Amariah. It quickly became obvious to everyone that Bo had been abducted by The Nirvana Corporation. Lange decided to go fetch himself a drink in the Grindstone, but found it filled to the brim with people of the Row. Before long, Rook (CR) came out from the back, requesting Coach Eric to come with him. Lange tried to head back with them, using the Mayor as a cover, but was quickly shooed out.

Finding Faye's room

While the two were conversing in the back, Lange found himself next to Becky Cantuckit, who had found something of use for Lange to look at. Asking Becky to keep an eye out, Lange went into a small corridor that led him upwards, finding himself in a small console room that belonged to Faye. Taking a few pictures to scan, Lange headed back down and decided to check on Rook (CR) and the Mayor before leaving, only to find the back room empty.

Lange decided to head out of the Grindstone after that and wondered around the Row for a small while. He eventually found himself at the bank and realized that the Mayor had returned. Lange walked to the Mayors office and decided to grill him for any answers he could on what was in the back of the Grindstone. At first, Coach Eric was adamant about it simply being a "Wine-Cellar", but after more grilling, he let loose that something in there allowed for them to peak on the networks and intercoms in the Row.

Meeting with Coach Eric

In a later meeting, Lange grilled the Mayor once more on letting the Shadow Runners have any control. He offered his help a final time, wishing for the death of the Shadow Runners and the co-operation of Coach Eric and that instead of doing whatever the Shadow Runners wished to do to retrieve Bo from Nirvana Corporation, that they do what Corporations do best. A business transaction. Before leaving, he left one fact for the Mayor to consider. That Callous Row is but a street, on the bottom of a city, on one of many planets in the galaxy and that no matter how far he may get by helping the Shadow Runners, it's the Corporations who have the true power.

Week 18

Normal Day so Far

Lange begins his day in the row with the usual patrolling of the streets and checking of his store. Finding nothing out of place, Lange finds the robots mechanic garage open and both R.G.-2 and Bethany Esda talking to one another. Thanking R.G.-2 for the drink, he tells him that if he ever needs anything else, feel free to contact Lange for another deal.

Lange talks to Bethany Esda and R.G.-2

Bethany informs Lange that their are new people on the Row, and Lange continues on his way through the Row via the rafters. As he does so, he overhears Big Conk mention that Bo is now back and okay.

New People in Town

What is seemingly becoming one of his own vices, Lange finds himself spending some time at the Strip Club on the Row, enjoying the dancers and tipping them before leaving.

On his way out, Lange notices that the new group of people are on their tour of the Row and are outside his shop. Opening it up, he ushers the newcomers in, happy for potential new business. As they look around, Lange finds himself introduced with one of the tourists by the name of Norman. From his coat colors alone, Lange guesses he's from Talaris and Norman confirms it.

New Talaris member Norman

As the tour leaves, Langes gambling section finds itself being used once again by Dagu, who loses his money to the game.


Closing his store, Lange wanders up the Row and heads to his office inside the bank. Checking on his reports and finding nothing majorly new, he decides to head on back down. On his way out however, he gets a surprising encounter.

Loch, Talus and Fandiarius Sharborough (Nicknamed Plif) hold Lange up inside the bank, under the accusations of finding files that he'd been the one to sell out Bo to Nirvana. As Loch and Talus keep Lange in place, Plif heads out to find Coach Eric. As they wait, Lange finds himself in more dire straits as both Charles and Warren now join in holding him up. As they wait, Lange mentions that Talus wouldn't want to really kill him, not after reading his file containing project records. He explains that while he doesn't care about cashing in on Talus' bounty himself, if he himself goes missing then Quixote will come down the Row looking for him. While they may not find Lange, they would certainly find Talus.

Lange held up by Loch and Talus

As they wait, Warren asks Lange whether he's down in the Row to keep an eye on him, in which Lange scoffs and replies that he's in the Row because he was kicked down due to insubordination. He notes that while up top, he was just another one in a million of nothing special, a mere grunt. Meanwhile, down in the Row, he has power and means something.

Finally, Coach Eric joins them in the bank, and Lange hopes for a good explanation to what's happening. As he takes a seat, the Mayor paces up and down, explaining to Lange that they have on good information that he'd been involved in the kidnapping of Bo. Lange calls "Bullshit" on the accusations and Loch explains that, with no ones permission other than his own curiosity, he broke into Ranas apartment in which he found files that explained backroom dealings behind her back involving Lange and Nirvana. These files that Loch found say that Lange was working on selling assets under Quixotes own nose to Nirvana and that Lange would get away with it due to the entire Row believing it was Rana Amariah.

Coach Eric paces as they explain their reasons for holding Lange

Lange asks whether any of this came from the Quixote offices upstairs, but Loch explains that they came from a breadcrumb of clues that lead to Ranas apartment. Lange says that since being in the Row, he's made daily reports and has files on every single person in there. He claims he received orders from Quixote High Command to find out what Nirvana was doing and put a stop to it. Whilst he says this, he mentions that Warren is familiar with Quixote High Command to the group. He also notes that if he'd been the one to take Bo, she'd be in a Quixote facility, not a Nirvana one.

Coach Eric asks if Lange wasn't the one to do it, then why wouldn't he be willing to work with them, in which Lange replies because he'd noted how willing the Mayor was to work with the vigilante Shadow Runners. Loch also asks how Lange is going to explain away the very authentic files that seemed to be heavily hidden and encrypted by someone who was investigating him. Lange was surprised to hear she'd been investigating him and asks if any of them had seen Rana around and that she seemed to have skipped town. Surprisingly, they mention she hadn't skipped town at all and was in fact still in the Row.

Coach Eric asks that if Lange was sent to stop Nirvanas plans, then why was it that they seemed to go so swimmingly well. Lange rebuts the Mayor by claiming he had 2 objectives, not 1. He'd been tasked to find out and stop what Nirvana was doing and also to find out what the hell was going on with the synthetics of Callous Row. He mentions he followed the synthetic lead, and in turn lost the lead on Nirvana.

Eventually, Loch asks whether Bo is back and gets it confirmed. Coach Eric claims that she'd be forever changed what she went through but Lange and Loch claim that she'd know the truth, a first-hand testimony of what happened.

Loch mentions to the others to keep their weapons trained on Lange as Talus goes to find Bo, out of respect for his ability. Lange immediately replies that he wouldn't doubt Warrens own ability as they'd went through the same training, trying to sow some discord between the group. Coach Eric asks if they're friends and Warren mentions that they're acquaintances that went through the same training, albeit in different departments of the same company.

Bo arrives for Langes accusations

Eventually Bo, Big Conk and Rook arrive. Bo tells them how Rana had been the one to lead her into the Nirvana offices where they were attacked, and that Lange was simply on the same elevator ride while he was heading to take a private call. Lange mentions he has records of this exact call that happened and how long it was, giving Coach Eric full access to the Quixote terminals out of good faith.

To get all parties in place, Loch heads out to find and bring in Rana. As they wait, Lange notices the Mayor asking if Faye would like to go over the Quixote terminal and quickly puts a stop to it and mentions that he doesn't trust a civilian who has ties to the Shadow Runners with access to the terminal.

Finally, Rana arrives and they ask why she tried to take Bo. She says that she'd tried to stop it and that the people who attacked were hired by Lange which he calls out as a lie. The Mayor claims that he has qualms with how the mushroom people had come to be known in Nirvanas eyes and Lange sees his chance. He tells them of how he did some investigating and that he found the clinic had sent samples of the healing potions to Nirvana, potions that had the main ingredient of Mushroom Juice.

Rana joins for the accusations

Coach Eric asks where the mushrooms are grown and finds out that Big Conk grows them in properties that he'd bartered off to the Talaris Corporation.

Rook puts together that if the clinic had sent samples to Nirvana to commercialize the health potions, that are grown by Big Conk to sell to Talaris, then it seems obvious that Nirvana are simply trying to get a piece of the pie so to speak. They see an opportunity for money that Talaris have a hand in, and they want their own cut. He notes that Lange has nothing to gain from this, but Nirvana certainly does. Rana claims that while she works for Nirvana, she only does so because they have her husband captive.

Rook personally believes that neither of them had anything to gain from it all, but the some of the others believe Rana certainly did. Loch wonders about it himself, saying that if Rana really had anything to do with it, it's surprising she'd come back to the Row. He mentions how Bo didn't have a clear memory of the entire event and that perhaps she was also attacked since Rana has a gunshot wound to her eye.

Eventually, they decide to let Bo decide the fate of what happens, and she has Rana Amariah exiled into the wastelands and Lange is left to go free.

Interesting Magic

Annoyed with the accusations but happy to be free, Lange makes his way to his shop, Lax Chances. On the way Bethany Esda delivers him a free health potion from their previous deals. He leads her to his shop and they have some small talk of what's been happening within the Row that day, where he learns that R.G.-2 has some new pants and gauntlets.

Lange introduces Bethany to his gambling area and allows her to have a shot at it. As she loses her own roll, Dagu finds his way in once more but has brought a friend with him, a Tiefling that Bethany says looks like Duncyns older brother. Dagu loses his rolls again and they leave his shop.

Dagu arrives to gamble away more of his money

After everyone has left, Norman enters and explains to Lange that it seems like this is the only shop where a corporate guy can go without an escort. Lange asks what it is he does for Talaris and gets the answer of 'Asset Management'. Lange jokes that at least he has a less dangerous sounding Job and has the locals less likely wanting to kill him.

Some small talk commences, Lange telling Norman how he does security and a different type of asset management for Quixote. He also tells Norman who the other Talaris members are on the Row that he knows off and how to spot them. Before long, they find themselves joined by Phil and some strange plant creature who Phil calls a Grove Spirit.

Lange notes to Norman that he should check the Undercity if he's from Talaris due to the high number of magic users down there. The little grove spirit says that "corps are bad" and should not go down there. Norman claims he's not so bad and in fact uses magic himself. He shows it to them, disappearing in a red haze, becoming invisible before showing up a few seconds after.

Norman uses his magic

Noting it down for later, Lange decides to close down the shop and head to sleep for the night.

Week 19


Lange begins his day by reading a missive from high command that Atlantis recently botched an execution of someone in the Row by the name of Alfons. His bounty had been doubled from the previous one he'd had and Quixote wish for Lange to cash it in. All they know is that he had some form of voice masking technology and he was hiding in the Row somewhere.

Lange decides to wander the Row and see if he can find any information regarding the bounty and notices that a lot of graffiti now paints the walls of the streets. He also noted that the arena now had a shooting range and took a few pot shots at the targets. As he walked the row, Lange noticed that Duncyn was fiddling with a new body for GU1D3-B0T, though it sounded like it still had some problems to work out. Lange also noticed a particular piece of graffiti on the side of the bank that was insulting towards Becky. Lange motioned Coach Eric towards it, but was surprised when The Mayor agreed with it and claimed that Becky had changed recently. He claimed that he felt the worst thing the fire elemental had done, was not kill her.

Becky Cantuckit burning up due to graffiti

Lange finds Becky inside the bank and lets her know about the graffiti, which causes her to light up in flames. Finished with telling her of the graffiti, Lange wanders the alleyways of the Row only to find Coach again. Lange mentions how volatile Becky seems but is once again surprised when Coach says if he ever needs a hit done or bounty set, he'd get in touch with Lange for it. Coach goes on a rant with how much he's annoyed with Becky at the moment and Lange decides to leave it there, walking away while noting down how much of a rift there seems to be between the Mayor and Becky now.

Warrens Gun Store

While scouting the Row for anything peculiar, Lange notices that Warrens new shop was open. He asks for a look inside and is shown what seems to be a guns sale and repair shop for street level weaponry.

Heading further down the Row, Lange comes across The Taxi, Dagu and someone he doesn't recognize who calls themselves a decker gathered around a particular piece of graffiti outside of the mechanics shop, depicting Static as a monster.

Static graffiti

Of Bounties and Thievery

Lange decides to head back towards the bank in hopes of gaining some information from Becky regarding the bounty. He finds her there and mentions how Coach seemed to be very fed up with her, to which she seemed shocked by. He also managed to find out from her that the person with the bounty used to frequent the Row a lot and was a reporter.

Leaving and taking off down the back alleys of the Row, Lange comes across some strange noises emanating from behind a door. He gets curious and decides to take a look inside, only to find out it was the back rooms of the bakery. In there, he finds a ragged looking tiefling (Odd) scrounging through the food. Odd tries to call himself an employee of the shop, but Lange mentions he's never seen him there before when buying from the shop. Lange asks Odd who the owner of the bakery was and Odd found himself stumped for an answer, outing himself as a thief to Lange. Odd realizes he's been caught out and tries to leave, but

Odd blackmailed at gunpoint

Lange pulls out his gun and stops him. Lange interrogates him and finds that Odd can pick locks and is good at overhearing things in the Row. Recognizing his usefulness, Lange contracts the thief to keep an ear out in the Row for the bounty he's hunting for. Considering the gun leveled at him, Odd agrees to the terms and Lange leaves the shop after blackmailing him with the fact he won't tell anyone he found Odd inside the shop.

Shots and Conversations

After leaving the store, people across the Row begin hearing loud gun shots echoing through the streets. No one is able to pinpoint the shots origin, but Lange hears someone mention that it's likely the "little red midget" that was shooting, giving Lange a basic description of who to look out for.

Lange finds himself inside the bank with Becky, who mentions to Lange that the Mayor is annoyed with her due to how her office is uninhabitable due to a bomb above the desk and a radioactive barrel to its side. Lange displays his shock at it but is unable to process it properly before he's also told that the banks ATM had been hacked during the previous day at some point. Wishing Becky well, Lange leaves the bank to wander the streets some more only to begin hearing more gunshots. This time, they're coming from the shooting range at the arena and Lange notes to himself that the range would be a good cover for if he ever had to use his gun.

Talking with Static and Dr. Universe

Lange catches sight of Dr. Universe talking with Static up on the rafters and edges his way around to listen to them. He overhears the Doctor mention that she believes someone is not capable as a leader despite being a good individual. She also mentions seeing Cap alone and that he shouldn't be due to how he's acting. Before he's able to learn anything useful however, The Taxi catches sight of Lange listening in on their conversation and hurries to inform them. Lange plays it off as waiting for a chance to talk to the Doctor, wishing to ask about the events that transpired the day before. She claims that no one got hurt and Lange asks if she was sure and whether someone with a stab wound through their chest via an Atlantis blade came through. She says that if there was, she wasn't the one to treat them. Before leaving, Lange mentions to Static (CR) that the graffiti about her seemed rather barbaric and thanks the Doctor for the titbit of info she gave him.

Buying Cap some noodles

Heading back down to the ground level of the Row, Lange finds Cap Fawkes alone outside the noodle shop and decides to get some information from him about what had happened last night. Lange buys Cap some food and asks about the injured that were brought into the Med Bay, but Cap staunchly refuses to hand over anything, citing Doctor/Patient Confidentiality. Realizing he's getting nothing, Lange leaves the shop and heads back to explore the rafters more.

While up there, he overhears R.G.-2 warn Cap about Lange and to not trust him. While up there, Lange is

Cleo disappointed at Dagus addiction

stopped by Becky who tells him that Ryder and Dagu are taking care of synthetics and are apparently up to something. She tells this to Lange in front of Amy who Becky seems assured won't tell anyone. Lange thanks Becky and decides to open up Lax Chances to see if Dagu will stop by. He does so, but accompanied by Cleo who claims to be his financial advisor for the moment. Dagu fails his free roll and Cleo allows him to pay for one more, which gets accepted. Dagu fails that roll also and leaves, stopping Lange from getting any information regarding Ryder. Cleo buys some tea before leaving in a hurry, chasing after a rat she saw.

Lange closes down the shop after that and wanders the row, in which he finds Odd in some back alleys. Lange grabs Odd by the neck and demands anything he's heard so far, but is told he hasn't found anything. Lange pulls his gun on Odd and tells him to do his job, which Becky comes across. She mentions she doesn't care since Odd is some slummer and Lange leaves them. While walking along the street however, Lange overhears someone inside the Med Bay mention that there is an assassin from an organization called Spore, who failed a job that they were hired to do by Atlantis to deal with a bounty. Lange notes to himself that this sounds similar to what he was looking for and leaves before he gets caught eavesdropping. Lange heads into one of the VR booths to get his head together and plan for what to do.

Assassins Association

Lange leaves the booth and takes stock of his inventory for Lax Chances, before leaving to explore the Row for more information. While doing so, Lange overhears that someone by the name of Alfons is currently staying inside the Hellbats HQ. Lange realizes this is the person who's on the bounty that he's been looking for. Heading over to the HQ, he finds it being guarded by Plif, who mentions to Lange that the members of the Hellbats are growing by the day. While talking, Lange notices that Plif was brought two lots of meals to take inside by The Taxi, confirming to Lange that the one he's after must be staying inside.

Lange continues to scout out the area, deciding for a good old fashioned stake-out when he notices that Coach and Becky are both fiddling around with a building next to the Hellbats HQ. The mayor tries to play it off as nothing and quickly shuts the buildings doors before leaving. He also learns from Becky that one of the members of the Hellbats came out of nowhere, looked scroungy and had some form of voice modulation to hide his voice, exactly like the reports he'd been given on the bounty he was after, adding to the evidence that Alfons is inside.

Stakeout of Hellbats HQ

Perching himself on one of the rafters overlooking the Hellbats HQ, Lange notices a number of people moving out of the shop that the Mayor had previously closed. Curious, Lange heads around the long way just in time to see them enter the apartment with the number "666" on the outside. Waiting a minute outside the door, R.G.-2 and Beth both come up the stairs and say they saw someone called 5 was being dragged up there. Lange points them to the apartment just as Becky walks out, who Lange asks to unlock the door. She does so and immediately upon entering, they come across the scene of a small boy dressed in purple having a panic attack on the couch with Warren watching over him. Warren tries to shoo them off, but the kid on the couch begs them not to leave as he bleeds out on the couch, so Lange and R.G.-2 push past Warren.

5 panicking on the couch

R.G.-2 asks Lange to call the Med Bay but Warren claims they already know, to which Lange remembers that the Med Bay previously said they had some people in cryostasis. The kid, now known to be 5, says that he was the one in there. R.G.-2 tells Lange that he was placed in there after he failed an assassination on Alfons. 5 begs for a way out and Lange claims he may have a line out for him, to which Warren claims it'd be up to whoever is in charge of the situation right now. R.G.-2 asks if this has anything to do with the "weirdo" inside the Med Bay which causes 5 to curl up on the couch. Lange asks who he's talking about and is told about someone by the name of 4, with a flamethrower and a long sword. 5 claims that 4 won't leave until he's dead, so Lange heads to the back room to make a call to Quixote for a train out of the city. Information in exchange for freedom.

Lange heads back into the room after making the call and stops R.G.-2 from leaving and says he might be needed. While he and Warren talk, Lange crouches next to 5 and mentions he's got a way out for him into the higher levels in exchange for him giving over information to Quixote. Warren claims it's not part of the plan, but Lange ignores him and continues in offering his own deal to 5. Becky returns, but this time she has Loch with her citing he seems to know how to handle these situations. While they all argue at the door, Lange continues talking to 5 and finds out that 5 has a chip inside his head that allows people to track him. Lange asks if R.G.-2 can scan the chip to know if they can remove it without blowing the kids head off. R.G.-2 finds that this chip is advanced and if they wish to get it out, it's going to take time. Lange catches site of Beth walking into the room with a health potion which Lange stops her from using in case it kills 5. He tells Beth that she needs a way to block the chip without removing it as it may blow up.

Lange stops 4 at the door

Number Games

While Beth gets to work, Coach and Becky return to the room but are followed by someone who matches the description of 4. Lange immediately stops him at the door and pulls out his sword, calling out to R.G.-2 that they have a problem. 4 asks if 5 is inside and 5 begins panicking again, curling up into the corner of the room as the Mayor tries to stop everyone fighting. 4 mentions that he wishes to take 5 back to the association but Lange tells him that he's not going back due to being sold to Quixote. 4 claims that it doesn't matter at all to him and the Mayor decides to take him outside to talk. While they talk, Lange tries to calm 5 down, telling him he won't let the association take him away. In the meantime Dash begins applying basic first-aid to 5, who has had his eye ripped out by Warren and was bleeding heavily. Beth has also come up with a device that won't mess with the chip in 5s head, but will stop the signal and keep him from being tracked.

4 persuades 5 to give up

Lange keeps tries to keep the kid calm as he panics when Beth tries to apply the device, telling him that he risks the chip being scrambled or he lets 4 take him back to the association. As he says this however, Callous Row gets an alert of Corporate sanctioned personnel arriving. Lange believe it to be Atlantis coming for the kid as he failed his contract with them and demands 5 make a choice now. Just as he finally begins calming down, 4 returns to the room with the Mayor, saying he only wants to talk. Lange tells 5 he can't do anything without him giving a yes or no to Langes ultimatum.

4 slowly convinces 5 that he's not going to kill him. He trained him too many times, despite his failures as an

4 decapitates 5 with his blade

assassin, to kill him. Lange tries to convince 5 that he doesn't have to listen to 4, but in the end is unable to persuade 5 to answer. 5 gives in, letting himself go to 4 who pulls out his blade and decapitates 5 right there in the room. Lange and Warren immediately act, attacking 4 and chasing him out the room and towards the elevator plaza while Beth and Nia scream at the brutal killing.

They are unable to catch him before he leaves the plaza and Lange rages at not catching him. Before he can

R.G.-2 hands over 5s chip to Lange

give up however, Charles tells Lange and Warren that his drop ship is still in the Undercity. Rushing down there, Lange and Warren decide to take the Atlantis ship and catch 4 before he can leave. They kill 4, exacting what little revenge they can.

Laments and Realizations

Arriving back to the Undercity, Lange storms from the ship while Warren stays behind to inspect it. As he crosses the Undercity bridge, Lange comes across R.G.-2. They both stand there in silence, stewing over what just happened before R.G.-2 gives Lange the chip from 5s head and tells Lange that he thinks he's alright in his books despite being corporate and that he's getting tired of carrying dead bodies. Lange leaves the Undercity, now with the chip containing information on the Assassins Association, bitter and angry at not being able to convince the kid to go with Quixote. He encounters Xia and Loch and informs them that he and Warren caught and killed 4.

Lange opens up his shop and decides he needs some downtime to relax after that. He gets told by Xia that he surprised her, giving a damn about a kid like that. Lange laments about it all, curious about this association. He tells Xia that it seemed like a kid merely in over his head with these numbers. They wonder how many of these numbers there are before Xia expresses surprise once again over Lange caring so much. He tells her that just because he accepts how the world works, doesn't mean he likes it. As Xia is leaving

Lange notices he's being watched by something

though, Lange notices a figure watching him from outside the shop. He rushes outside to look, but finds nothing and decides to close his shop.

Deciding to get back to work, Lange heads up the Row before finding out that the person who matches the descriptions of Alfons is inside the Med Bay lobby. Lange stares Alfons down, thinking of how he's the cause of it all with his bounty. Unable to act with so many people around, Lange simply glares at him while Alfons stares back. Lange tries to get some information on 5 and 4 from Cap but is blocked once again by Doctor/patient Confidentiality. Annoyed he's unable to get anywhere, he takes a seat at the couch and continues glaring at Alfons until he leaves.

Lange stares down Alfons

Lange finds himself near Warrens shop and overhears him and Loch talking about Lange. Loch knows that Lange is after Alfons' bounty after going through Langes terminals and that his bounty has doubled to 180,000 credits. Before he's able to listen in more however, he's once again caught by The Taxi and forced to find a better position to listen in via the overhead rafters. He watches The Taxi warn Loch and Warren that he saw Lange listening in, which causes Loch to immediately head off and find Alfons. Lange watches from overhead as Alfons answers to his actual name and they head off together.

Lange heads to the office and makes his report on what he found during the day, running into Norman who asks if they can talk another day about working together. Lange submits his report and vows that he'll kill Alfons and receive his bounty as revenge for causing a kid to die. Just as he's heading home for the night, he learns something incredibly concerning from Warren. It turns out that the ship they'd taken wasn't Atlantis. In fact, he saw something creeping on the rafters of the ship, black in color and glowing with red lights before a cloaking device kicked in. Lange realizes he'd seen the same thing as Warren had, it was what was watching him and Xia from outside his tea shop.

Warren points out the Quixote assassin watching them

Lange and Warren come to a terrifying conclusion: The ship they'd used wasn't the assassins or Atlantis at all, it was Quixote, dropping off what seems to be an assassin to the Row during the chaos. As they realize it, they both notice that the exact thing they're talking about is watching them from afar and both chase after it. They don't catch it in time and it cloaks into the city. Lange decides to head to bed, altering his report with major concerns of a Quixote assassin keeping tabs on both the Quixote members in the Row without them being informed.

Week 20: Blood Lust

A calm beginning

Lange begins his day as he does any other and heads to his office at the bank to check on any new reports. He encounters Coach on the way, who apologizes to Lange for immediately blaming him the other day for the kidnapping of Bo. Lange brushes it off as the average response to anything happening in the Row, and that the Corporations are always the first to be blamed.

Heading into his office Lange finds no new reports, but begins thinking on plans. He needs to capture and/or kill Alfons, but he's guarded by the Hellbats and Loch. He stews in his thoughts decides to get to work and investigate the Row for anything he can use. He also notes to himself that he'll need to find somewhere to lay low once he kills Alfons so he can radio in Quixote for an extraction safely.

Lange keeps an eye on the two hot spots he thinks Alfons could be held up in; The Med-Bay and the Hellbats HQ, and notes that of the two, the Med-Bay has the most traffic while no one seems to be guarding the Hellbats base. Eventually, Lange comes across what he thinks to be some sort of abandoned train cart off to the side of the subway tunnels, which he figures would be a good place to lay low once he finally gets Alfons. While staking out the Hellbats HQ, Lange uses his Corporate Override on one of the nearby stall doors to open it up and hide in. Just as he closes it, he notices Loch not too far away, walking into the HQ. Lange works on the assumption from there on, that he has been seen and they know he's stalking the base.

Lange and Warren discuss the mysterious assassin

While staking out the Hellbats building, he realizes with the potential of having too many eyes on him, he'll need a distraction. His first thought is to use Static as his tool of distraction and heads off into the Row to find her. On his way though, he's stopped by Warren, who wishes to talk with Lange privately. He agrees, and leads Warren to his Tea Shop, where Warren confesses his worry about the mysterious Assassin they saw the day before. Lange tells Warren he knows just as much as he does, and accepts it's something he'll just have to deal with when it comes to them. He does tell Warren that he leaves any mention of it out of his reports, just in case.

As he passes by, Lange overhears Static complaining about the Corporations from inside the Med-Bay. He stands outside, ready to wait for her to come out when he turns around only to find Beth standing there, using a mannequin to hide behind. Lange immediately asks her to accompany him as he has use of her shop and she takes him there. Once there, Lange asks why she was following him, only for her to ask if he can lend her some of the herbs he uses in his teas. He agrees, in turn for a trade, and has Beth create a device that allows Lange to transfer code through it. She tells him that while she can build th

Odd tells Lange that no one was inside the Hellbats HQ

e model, Duncyn is the one who could actually code it for him. Taking the finished device, Lange gives Beth one last order to tell him where he can find Statics rage button, which she gives unwillingly. She chases and asks why he needs to know such a thing, but brushes it off as simple curiosity. Lange knows that she'll tell people that he's after such a thing and considers that the actual distraction, making the Row think he's after Static and not just Alfons to split up their people. Lange eventually finds Duncyn outside his mechanic shop, and asks him to finish coding the device he'd had built previously. After fetching his laptop, Duncyn takes a few minutes and finishes off Langes device for him. Device made, Lange stakes out the Hellbats HQ again only to run into Odd. Remembering he can pick locks, Lange pays him 1000 credits and pushes him towards the doors, telling him to just check if anyone is inside or not. After a tension-filled couple of minutes, Odd gets in, but immediately comes back out stating no one is inside.

Tensions Rising

After learning that it's empty, Lange learns that the Brothel/Strip Club is having a party to attract more business. Lange figures that it may be a distraction, but it also might be a ploy to protect Alfons, as if he's there during the party, he won't be able to kill him due to the amount of eyes on him. Realizing he may be on a time limit, Lange heads to the Med-Bay and finds Static standing in the lobby. Acting as if he was originally seeking out Dr. Universe about the Quixote squad from a few days ago, Lange tries to brush off their suspicion of why he's there. Before he leaves, he claims he remembers Static being a cleaning robot and asks if she'd head to his Tea Shop to clean up the left over boxes. Cap immediately puts a stop to it, claiming she is needed to work at the Med-Bay as well as R.G.-2 telling him to clean it himself.

Lange meets with The Mayor and Giovanni

As he's leaving, Lange comes across Coach and Giovanni who ask for a meeting inside the bank. In this meeting, Lange lays it out very blatantly that he wants Alfons. The Mayor has an interest in getting weapon schematics for the Row, specifically Warren to make the Row more profitable. Lange agrees on potentially supplying materials for such weapons, but only so long as Coach will allow him to take Alfons' bounty. After some back and forth, The Mayor comes to terms with the fact that Alfons is causing too much trouble for him and accepts, washing his hands of the situation, but also asking Lange to at least try taking him alive.

Stranger asks Lange for directions to The Mayor

After overhearing multiple people and noticing most of the Hellbats sticking around there, Lange realizes that Alfons is likely inside the Med-Bay. As he tries to think of how to get in there, he gets stopped by Greasepalms, who asks if Lange has any potential jobs left for her. He agrees, and asks her to accompany him to the Elevator Plaza, where he explains the bounty on Alfons and whether she's able to get into the Med-Bay. As they come to an agreement of a 50/50 split, they're interrupted by what looks to be someone from out of town, looking for the Mayor. They direct him on where to find the Bank and leave him there.

While walking the back-alleys of the Row, Lange encounters Odd and Warren together and Lange tells Warren that he caught the tiefling robbing a store. As he leaves them to talk things out, he's approached by Plif who claims he wishes to speak with Lange in the Hellbats HQ. Ready for things to get messy, Lange warily follows.


Heading inside the Hellbats HQ, Lange is immediately face to face with Alfons. Ecstatic, Lange tries to have him step further in before Plif decides it's better they do it outside. On porch of the Hellbats HQ, Lange and Alfons finally try settle things. As they talk, the courtyard they stand in is slowly filled with Hellbats and Shadow-Runners, who are there to back Alfons up in case things get heated. Alfons gives the two options he sees; Lange takes Alfons for his bounty, putting himself at risk, or they neutralize Lange then and there, but put themselves at risk of Quixote. Alfons asks him what is it he wants out of it all and Lange rebuts saying if he doesn't do it, then Atlantis will just keep sending more and more assassins after him. Alfons tries to claim that his bounty of 180,000 is nothing to Atlantis and he's not worth the hassle, but Lange tells him that it's not the price, but that it's personal to Atlantis, considering he's a son to one of their most influential families.

Lange confronts Alfons about his bounty

Alfons tries to convince Lange that he'll get nothing out of killing him, and that Quixote don't care about him, that he'll get nothing from them for it. Lange tells them that if they're going to take action against him, then they'd better make sure it counts. He tells them all that he personally loves it in the Row. Up in the higher levels, he's 1 in a million of Corporate goons, but down in the Row, he has power. That at any time he wants, he can call down the Quixote Corporation whenever he needs it and that he calls a lot of shots down here that he couldn't up in the main levels. He tells him that he's not willing to give up that power without a good reason and gives his own two options; Turn himself in, or Lange makes him. Alfons tries to convince Lange that if he does take him, what then? He can't live in the Row and if he keeps calling down the Corporations like he says, the locals will eventually make it so he can't and get rid of him. Lange scoffs and tells them that even if he dies, more will come and the Row will be watched permanently.

Lange tells Alfons that it's worth it with his 100k bounty, then turns to Talus and points him out as a bounty of One Million, that they keep Lange in their good graces. He could turn them in and get a position at higher levels, but he likes the power he has down in the Row, and simply wishes they give him a genuinely good reason to not to kill Alfons. At that moment, Loch offers the reasoning of investment. If he allows Alfons to live, then the bounty will rise. It'll give them time to come up with a truly good reason for Lange not to follow through with the bounty, and if they can't, then by time he does, the amount will be higher. Lange accepts the reason, but walks away with burning anger and blood-lust rising. His battle-rage still simmering with nothing to temper it.

Blood Lust

Lange walks the Row, simmering in his own rage and his lust for blood boiling over before he catches sight of Cap heading into some of the back-alleys. His blood-lust making his decisions for him now, Lange chases him down, pulling his gun on him and forcing him towards the arena. Lange tells him that his boy Alfons bought himself time with the Hellbats protecting him and Lange isn't satisfied. He tells Cap that his bounty will only rise and continue to endanger his own people and that he should give everyone a reminder of who's in charge before shooting Cap. His blood-lust filling his own mind to the point of acting out, aiming to kill but hitting Cap in the leg instead, he flees the alley, only to c

Lange shoots Cap in a blood rage

ome across Odd. Still consumed by his bloodthirsty thoughts, he tries to hail Odd down with the intention of potentially harming or killing him, but is stopped by Warren who asks if he shot Cap and why. Lange tells him he did, his anger at them protecting his target forcing him to act out. Warren tells Lange they have bigger things to worry about with the unknown assassin that could be after them both. Lange tells him that he couldn't help it once he smelt blood in the water and that he was kicked out of the higher levels because of him being such a combat junky. Lange heads down to the abandoned subway car he found earlier to cool off, deciding to himself that if he can't get Alfons, he'll get the people close to him, one by one and tear Callous Row apart. Sitting inside the subway car for a while, Lange is soon visited by Amy who claims that the car is actually her personal medical area that she uses to treat people since she can't use the Med-Bay. Lange excuses himself only to run into R.G.-2 who is extremely angry at Lange shooting Cap. Before he can say anything though he is injected with a neurotoxin from behind by Amy. Lange immediately swings for her but she manages to dodge out of the way as RG rushes him. Lange tells him he's making a mist

R.G.-2 rushes Lange and begins fighting him

ake and RG claims he's trying to stop mistakes from happening. He tells Lange that he's sick of him playing these little games, but Lange rebuts him by asking just how many systems the Corporations control and that he's playing the big game, the only game that matters. RG Tells him he's tired of everyone causing problems and the talking and immediately attacks Lange who misfires a shot by RGs head.

Crouched in pain, Langes blood-lust spikes again and he swings at RG with his blade, using it to try and pin him in place as he tries to place the override device he had built for him earlier onto RGs data port. Unfortunately, the neurotoxins injected into him made him weaker than usual and RG is able to just about punch Lange off of him. Before he can swing again, Langes muscles begin seizing up with spasms and Big Conk comes rushing in, holding Lange back. Conk tries to asks Lange for a reason for them not to kill him then and there and Lange claims that they won't stop him. Conk has enough of Lange, and immediately begins pummelling him into the ground, the neurotoxins causing him to be unable to fight back. Before Conk can finish Lange off, Warren comes running in and pulls him off Lange, stating it's a bad idea for this to happen. Lying there, beaten down, weakened by poisons, and mind hazy with rage, Langes claims that the Row will burn into chaos; No Law, No Order. Before he can continue, RG straddles Lange and delivers one final knock-out blow to Lange, Lange claiming that RGs pretty good before passing out.

Lange comes back to consciousness as Warren is slowly carrying him up the tunnels to the Med-Bay. He notices that his weapons are gone and likely taken away by the people that beat him down. As he's being carried, he overhears Guidebot asking if Lange would like him to notify Quixote about the situation. Lange agrees and asks Warren to let him rest on the pillar for a second while he calls the Med-Bay. While doing so, Talus approaches and Lange tells him if he wants to take a swing, now is the easiest time to do it. Fuelled only by adrenaline and anger at this point, Lange swings and punches Talus in the face before Warren pulls him back. Lange continues to taunt Talus, telling him that even if he kills Lange now, they'll keep coming for him as Project Nova. Dash Spacer then arrives and takes Lange to the Med-Bay, where they begin treating him with Warren standing guard.

Quixote arrive and extract Lange out of the Row

In a great form of irony, the one who ends up treating Lange is none other than Cap, who is on crutches due to Langes gunshot to the leg. As he's being treated, Cap spends the time taunting Lange. Lange growls to them that none of them are safe and that they should kill him now while they still have the chance, but their vow of neutrality stops them. Lange merely chuckles as they spend their time taunting him, before his wish comes true and he receives a transmission from Quixote High Command that they're sending an extraction squad to retrieve him. Lange lets Cap know that they're coming for him and his taunts immediately stop and he rushes to let people know someones coming. Eventually the Quixote squad arrives and extract Lange with no opposition, allowing Lange to receive the best medical care possible while informing High Command of everything he's learnt from Callous Row.

Week 21: Veni, vidi, vici.

I Came

Lange is returning to the Row. However he isn't alone, bringing with him 2 Kill Squads with objectives in mind:

  • Team 1 - Distract the Row by attacking The Grove and planting a bomb
  • Team 2 - Attack from elevator plaza during the distraction and capture the Med-Bay

Lange holds the Medical Bay hostage

Lange and Team 2 lay in wait, listening to the comms from Team 1. Lange advises them to continue moving on through all contact, killing all that move. He radios to them to inform him when they have max contact and have caused enough distraction. He gets word from Team 1 that the slummers have bunkered down inside the Grove and tells them to keep an eye on their backs for any sneak attacks. Eventually, Lange receives confirmation from Team 1 of max contact. At this point, Lange and Team 2 access the Row from Elevator Plaza, heading straight for the Med-Bay. Lange storms the lobby, backed up by his Quixote Kill Squad. In a single move, Lange now holds The Mayor, Ciara, Cap and Dash hostage. Holding them in place, Lange uses the global communication system to carry his message over the entire of Callous Row. Bring Talus Nova to him, or the hostages die. They have 10 minutes.

I Saw

While waiting in the lobby with the hostages at gun point, Coach tries his usual tactic of calming things down and talking to Lange, but Lange refuses to acknowledge him. Lange notices Dagu poke his head around the Med-Bay door and he is quickly forced back as the Quixote Heavy-Bot who is guarding the entrance takes a swipe at him. Dagu shouts around the corner that he just wishes to negotiate the terms of Talus' surrender, in which Lange replies for it to be unconditional.

Lange kills Argen

Lange overhears Coach still trying to talk his way out of things to the Quixote squad holding him up and Lange informs them that if the hostages try anything at all to shoot them dead. Warren arrives, claiming to deliver a message and Lange allows him to speak. Warren informs him that they're moving Talus as they speak, but they need time. He tries to convince Lange that things don't need to get worse but Lange cuts him off. He tells Warren he's a good guy, a cut above the rest, but if he gets in their way, he'll be cut down just like everyone else. As they wait, the Heavy-Bot begins to act strange before turning on Lange. It seems to be hacked as it attacks him and the Med-Bay inner doors close, allowing the hostages to escape out back. Lange subdues and resets the Heavy-Bot while the rest of the squad chase down the hostages. Lange holds the entrance keeping anyone from entering and receives word from Team 1 that they have breached The Grove. At this point, Talus arrives to the Med-Bay. He warns them if they make a wrong move, he'll explode, but they call his bluff and the Heavy-Bot tries to restrain him. Before he's able to, Talus escapes, seemingly realizing the hostages are no longer there and Lange calls over comms to all Quixote squads to begin free fire on all civilians: "Kill! Them! All!"

I Won

Fully submerged in his lust for battle now, Lange begins leading Team 2 down the Row, opening fire on everything that moves. They receive word that Team 1 are setting up the bomb and have shot a number of people down there. Lange informs Team 1 to guard the area as he and Team 2 make their way to them. Before he enters the subway, Lange overhears people inside The Hotel and orders Team 2 to sweep it with him. They override the doors and storm it, Lange just barely missing The Taxi as it runs away. Lange breaches the end room, immediately encountering Argen with a pistol. Lange deflects the bullet and storms the room. Like a whirlwind, he cuts his way through the bedroom, bisecting Argens arm from his body and cutting him deep, injuring Duncyn and severely damaging Guidebot before leaving the room. He exits The Hotel, meeting back with Squad 2 as they shoot at the people around them and get word from Team 1 they have 5 minutes until the bomb detonates. Heading down the subway, Lange and Team 2 reconvene with Team 1. Before they leave however they get more contact and begin shooting on the people of the undercity. Charles tries to attack Lange from behind, but foolishly shouts out as he does so, allowing Lange ample time to turn and deflect his sword with his own. Missing his only chance, Charles is forced to flee as the rest of the squadron begin opening fire on him. Happy with their status, Lange begins the evacuation, moving the teams to the subway entrance. As he's doing so, he receives a transmission from Talus, telling Lange he's no longer in Callous Row, and that if he wishes to find him, he's retreated to the Inner-City. Chuckling as he realizes Talus didn't realize the true plan, Lange leaves him with some parting words before he evacuates: "Good luck disarming the bomb."

Lange and Quixote evacuate, destroying the Grove.

Leaving off some final shots to the locals on the walkways, Lange and both squads enter the extraction ship and leave Callous Row, basking in victory as the bomb explodes, destroying The Grove and Undercity. Quixote, or more specifically, Lange, achieved what he'd wanted. Veni, Vidi, Vici. They Came, They Saw, They Won.

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  • Pliskin is addicted to combat, armed to the teeth with bleeding edge tech and always carrying weapons with him he is ready to start conflicts. This is a trait that got him into trouble in the past and has earned him a bad eye from his parent corporation. This means that if he happens to gets himself into trouble he probably can't expect much backup from them.
  • He still has some strings to pull and is able to override network connected electronic locks, magically connected barriers, open hidden doors reinforced by hackers for a limited amount of time. Though being addicted to conflict he is a good problem solver and is able to solve complex problems, avoid traps and digging through data.
  • Being used to luxury and expensive pleasantries he finds himself in surroundings unfamiliar to him in the slums. He will waste no expense in purchasing better dining, drinks that the city has to offer. He wears a re-breather face-mask which he puts on occasionally to cope with the bad smell of Callous Row.


  • His escort spy-drone was portrayed by Truu.
  • He lost his arm by firing a bad quality prototype magical firearm. It ended up exploding in his hand.
  • He doesn't respect synthetics, sees them as tools and refers to most slummers in the row as "rats".
  • The last name Pliskin comes from SciFri trying to do a Solid Snake impression when portraying the character.


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