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Not to be confused with: Kaiphus The Collector

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A half-demon who fell from grace from Talaris, Kythus Tolem seeks vengeance against the company that scorned him. Kythus leads the Savior City Coven as one of the few magic users who lives there. He was fired after an experiment went wrong forcing him into a low class lifestyle in the underground of Callous Row. He is portrayed by Zabson.


Kythus was once a magical researcher for the Talaris Corporation, despite not having magical power himself, but one day one of his experiments had a catastrophic failure. The lab was destroyed, and he was seriously injured, but it left him with a power he didn't have before. He was instantly fired, and steadily lost money to medical bills and trying to keep a reasonable lifestyle. He has recently stooped low enough to have to move to Callous Row , but he will rebuild.


Episode 1

After the quarantine had finally been lifted from Callous Row Kythus was able to leave his home and check up on things once again. He discovered that someone entered the sanctum and messed with it during the quarantine. Not too much was taken aside from books, but that loss of knowledge has put Kythus's research back a few months. He met some interesting individuals that might provide some insight on magic when tested and experimented on, Rook gave him a job opportunity that should pay well if he can find the right people, he learned that a Talaris researcher now lives and works in the Undercity, and Viana Kelesni, the fortune teller informed him that the future doesn’t look too bright.



  • Major - Magical Cane - Before the Necromancer was dealt with, Kythus was able to make a staff to help him focus his magic. After he broke his legs, Leilani grew him a cane to help him walk, and he added runes and crystals to it to make it work as a new focus. With this cane, he can greatly focus his magic, allowing him to do things that not many in Savior City can do, like being the initiator of the ritual to anchor spells, and cast more powerful spells.
  • Minor - Demonic Heritage - Despite Kythus’ dislike of what his father has given him by birth, it has its uses. Kythus has inherited his father’s ability to resist most poisons, drugs, and alcohol of non-magical origin, especially the weaker ones.
  • Minor - Research Notes - Kythus has gathered as much knowledge on magic related topics as he can from his time working at Talaris, the necromancer’s notes and library, and various databases and other net-based places he has access to. Once a session, Kythus can go through the knowledge and notes that he has gathered to get some information on a magic based topic or how magic might be related to the situation. He can also research topics more in depth while the sweepos are going.


  • Major - Was an Arm, Now the Legs - Being thrown down two or three stories into a pot of boiling brine left Kythus’ legs severely damaged. They have healed a significant amount with Leilani’s help, but Kythus still requires a cane to keep his balance for longer periods of time without leaning against a wall, he walks slower than he used to and cannot run, and he has trouble with steeper slopes and can’t traverse difficult terrain without help.
  • Minor - Like Father, Like Son - The overpowering shadow magic in the necromancer’s domain woke up the more demonic side of Kythus. Especially in areas of intense shadow magic or pure mana, Kythus is more easily aggravated to the point of occasional outbursts of rage.
  • Minor Flaw - Demonic Metabolism - The downside to being able to burn through poisons to the point of them having little to no effect, is that it takes a lot of energy to do so. Kythus needs to eat twice as much as a normal person to compensate.

Magical Affinities

  • Major Fire
  • Minor Earth
  • Minor Mana


  • Burning Hands
  • Wall of Stone
  • Mage Armor
  • Light
  • Prestidigitation


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