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Kyler is a man being pulled in many different directions. He is constantly at war internally between his human side and his drow side with outside forces pushing and pulling him in both directions. Kyler fled his old life in Gradia in hopes of finding somewhere stable to settle down in and live his life. However things seem to be just as chaotic in Arilaand and only time will tell if he will survive the days to come.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!



  • Major - Sneak Attack: Kyler is very skilled at identifying an enemy's weak points given the right amount of time. Because of this, when he attacks an enemy while they are not expecting it or are otherwise distracted he's much more likely to hit a killing shot. Sometimes able to kill them before they could even make a noise.
  • Minor - Sneaky: He doesn't find it very hard to hide out of sight... Given the right lighting and whatnot.
  • Minor - Light Fingered: He's quite nimble and has a somewhat easier time taking things from other people's pockets or picking locks… if he's ever needed to do such a thing.


  • Major - Weak: Kyler tends to avoid going directly toe to toe with people If he can avoid it, fighting isn't his strong suit. He'd much rather stay at a range or use hit and run tactics. If he were to be cornered with nowhere to run or hide in anything more than a one on one fight he'd be lucky to leave alive.
  • Minor - Hopeless Romantic: Growing up wasn't easy and Kyler focused on other things than relationships and girls. Because of this its incredibly easy for him to be seduced by an attractive female and has often left him in some tricky situations.
  • Minor - Serenity: He has become addicted to a substance known as ‘Serenity’. A drug made and used by sailors in Coracadis the Free-Wharf. It's a powder that can be smoked or put in tea. It's used to calm the nerves or pass time however his exposure to it over the years has made it his go to place when he's stressed or anxious. He's unaware of its legality outside of Gradia where it is not exactly legal. It's made from a root found in swamp lands.
  • Minor - 'Shroom-lung': Due to inhaling spores from within the mushroom caves, and weakened immunity thanks to starvation, Kyle has problems breathing from time to time. In times of duress, when a sword must be swung, or a fight must be had, he will not last long. Can be treated, if identified.