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Karvar Carabass, a white male military man who served in the war of unification on behalf of the Shometsu corporation. While the man might be 41 and received a fair bit of battle scaring both physical and mental from the war, he still serves his cooperation and the orders his higherups dish out to the letter, almost zealously.

Now a days Karver serves in the armed security forces of Shometsu, "To serve and Protect" is his moto. Kraver is tasked in insuring the protection of the corporation and its assets, by any means necessary. He now operates in the Upper City, doing what he has always done, being a good soldier and following his orders to the letter.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Kraver was born into a family who was and is extremely loyal to Shometsu, since a young age his mother “Ameilia” and father “Marr” have taught him and has instilled into him that Shometsu has done nothing but greatness for all of its tech and for how it has treated his family. Kravers father was a soldier in Shometsu and from a young age the young boy had always wanted to join the armed forces, seeing how well treated his father was within his ranks, so the boy joined when he was 19.

When Kraver was 26 the “war of unification” had begun. The war taught Kraver a great deal of not just leadership but loss and bloodshed. While only being a lieutenant In the armed forces of Shometsu, he had a deep bond with his men, he might have even  considered his friends at one point. However with war comes loss, and while Kraver led plenty of successful operations against Union forces, he also had fair share of losses, each time losing more members of his squads, people he saw as brothers, as friends. As the war went on, and seeing the men lead first hand die one by one.

The compassion he shared for his men and his friends slowly started to die off, as Shometsu gave him more men for his operations, instead of showing the new bloods compassion or friendship, he turned into a strict and ruthless military leader. The only men he would show compassion or friendship towards were some of the few, loyal, and trustworthy men that were with him since the start of the war. The two men that he had the utmost respect for and saw as brothers were SGT, Zol and SGT, Verrik, Kraver was regarded as a cut throat and strict leader as the war went on, but he was getting results, and that's all the young leader wanted, to please the cooperation and prove to himself that he is in fact the perfect soldier. However During the war Kraver had lost his father, Captain Marr, his father, was a high ranking officer which Kraver was working directly under during most of the war, this devastated the boy and was the final nail in the coffin for how ruthless this man could be, assuming that his father was killed by galactic union troops he developed a deep seeded hatred for the union. After the loss of his father Kraver was under new Command, Captain Therron. Under new orders Kraver and his men would strike specific Union targets of high interest and for the most part leaving none alive, this man's hatred for the union sprawled to the point of leaving no one alive, no prisoners, he was often referred to as The “Silver Reaper” for the account of his hair color and brutal tactics towards union men.

During one of his operations, one of his men where showings signs of subordination, Kraver at this point in the war was a cutthroat man, so instead of listing to the man's rambles, he shot him right in the head, ending the youngs soldiers life and continued with his operations. Once the union had conceded to the corps he was re-signed by Captain Therron due to his actions towards the young soldier he killed. The captain swept it under the rug and placed him on security detail for the Shometsu HQ on Corvanis 3, The Captain placed him under strict orders, “do what must be done in order for the cooperation to survive and prosper, you will keep your rank, and when you are need you will called upon, but do not kill anymore of our men without permission or you Mr. Kraver will be shot.” And with those words, Kraver did as such, Nowadays he works as security for Shometsu on the planet, however just recently he was called upon to work more closely to home, being security for the upper city portion of Shometsu. Kraver will do what he can to insure the protection of Shometsu assets and ensure that the cooperation thrives, no matter the cost, no matter the losses that must be made, Duty only ends in death for this old war vet.


Season 2 Personal Logs

  • S2 EP10 “ Log entry, Day 1, Upper City Shometsu. Today was nice, was given this nice apartment by the corp, its spacesus and lots of privacy, might need to change a few things around it in but its nice, and man this view, this fuckin view. It certainly beats the view back home, and it definitely beats the view of some drop ship. I'm off track, got to meet so good ol people here at corp HQ, met a man by the name of Kristof, seems like a nice man. Man showed me a little of Shometsu until we met up with boss man Reed. From there he gave me a more in depth look around the place, specifics will be redacted from this personal log. After I got to meet Madam Likargua, I call her boss just to make my life easier and still show respect. She's a nice woman and seems to me the woman I'll be sticking around mostly, judging this off of what happened today but we will get to that. As the day went by I got to meet some of the people who have been operating in the upper city for awhile as well as two new faces. If I remember correctly both are a part of R&D, more egg heads are always good I suppose, I mean this with respect of course. One woman by the name of Monty I think? Yea Monty, a woman with four arms, got to speak with her a lot today, but more on that later as well. Right, i'll be spiking some other minor events that transpired so let's get to the ‘major event’. Boss wanted to head over to Avalon, apparently we had an asset that they had taken. So Me, Kristof , and Boss headed over, lo behold when we arrived GEB was already there, and it so happens that our asset was a man, I don't ask questions i just get things done, my job after all is to protect and serve, not ask questions. Things were going south until Boss stepped up and had a chat with GEB, eventually seemingly persuading them to allow her and the asset head back to GEB for questioning. Boss wanted me to come along so I did. For the sake of Privacy and Corp security will not be including what transpired within GEB. After some time passed we headed back to HQ. not much truly happened after this, got to chat with one of our new transfers, Dr. Monty i think her name is, she's an interesting one. Gives off a spin chillin feeling but I don't judge. Anywho, ill end this log here, don't want to give off too much into a personal data pad. Kraver out.

  • S2 EP11 “ Log entry, Day 2

  • S2 EP12 “ Log entry, Day 3

  • S2 EP13 “ Log entry, Day 4

  • S2 EP14“ Log entry, Day 5. Life in the upper city never seems to calm down now does it, alot to cover today so here we go. Yesterday i had planned a meeting with mister Conrad from Trident to start showing off some of our weaponry and possibly strike a deal with the Trident corp, not only to build back up our reputation but also start makin us some damn money. So, I met up with Dr. Monty and Mr. Daitus to head over and make sure Conrad remembered the appointment, interestingly enough before leaving we got to see PR for a little, and by little I mean only a glance, more on that later. Anyhow, we arrive at Trident, set up the appointment and have to wait about 20 minutes afterwards, so we had some time to set up our demo room as well, we laid out all our weapons and even managed to get our hands on a Valkyrie pistol to display how well our shields work as well as give Conrad a nice ol comparison of what Valkyrie has to offer, and what we can offer. Now, I'm no salesman and to make it clear, i asked all of R&D to see if any of them wanted to give the info out, sadly none of them stepped up to the plate and instead suggested that I, the old war vet that i am, tell mister Conrad about what we have to offer. Had to be one of the most embarrassing yet interesting experiences of my career, seeing how I'm not PR or R&D, doing their jobs. But I digress, We struck up a deal with Conrad, he helps us get the news out that we are aggressively selling our weapons. As a thank you to Conrad I also gave him 2 creates full of Shometsu weapons, think of it as a test run, that and a possible discount to our weapons if they are interested in picking us over Valkyrie. Right, moving on from that, Dr. Monty wanted to head down into the wastes, she's still wanting more info on that grate with the symbol we found over the day so yet again, the three of us went down to the wastes to see what was what. Met with the nice man with the goggles again, forgot his name but he warned us that there were raiders and such out and about, and long a behold when we got out there we were flanked by raiders. To make a long story short I got clipped in my leg twice, they really dont tell yea how painful a scrap gun is until you get shot by one. We all managed to make it back to scrap town *mostly* in one piece. The waste landers were sure nice to patch me up while I was down there but i wasn't exactly what i would call Avalon treatment, still have to get the leg treated by them and get em to fix me up the right way. The Doc and R&D boy stayed in the wastes and called down some more men cause the Doc was really wanting that info, so after some time I decided to head back up to the Shometsu and give Reed a run down. But to my surprise, PR orders me to insure no one comes in, at all. I'm use to those kinds of orders so I took it as such, However when she left the building, she had two very, let's say interesting, people tailing her. Anyhow, I report to Reed about what happened and such, He sent me back down to the wastes to see if i can't find this bot he's been looking for, and surprise surprise i can't find a damn thing. Some time passes and i decide to head over to Trident to see if i cant talk to Mr. Conrad some more. I will leave what we discussed out of this log entry, let's just say having friends in high places is nice, but I still gotta watch that boy. Lets see what else, meet the guard union to treat guards better, sign with a fake name just to getem off my back. But the one interesting thing that got me all goin is the fact I got to meet with the Avalon head, not only that but tomorrow I've gotem them to stop by and get a contract signed for our guns. Makes me think, why am I, head of security, doing the job of a PR person? No matter, anything to better the corp and its gains, I mean it, nothing will stand in the way of Shometsu's Success, nothing. That's all from me, we will see what tomorrow holds. Kraver out. ”

  • S2 EP15 “ Log entry, Day 6

  • S2 EP16 “ Log entry, Day 7

  • S2 EP17 “ Log entry, Day 8

  • S2 EP18 “ Log entry, Day 9

  • S2 EP19 “ Log entry, Day 10

  • S2 EP20 “ Log entry, Day 11

  • S2 EP21 “ Log entry, Day 12



  • Major - Optical Augmentation - One of his eyes is augmented for improved visual capability. When activated, Kraver gains synth-vision, can see more clearly in the dark, and can pick up on thermal readings. The eye however cannot detect any form of magical invisibility.
  • Minor - Unbreakable Loyalty - Karver’s dedication to the Shometsu corporation borders on quasi-religious zealotry. It is virtually impossible to convince him of their wrongdoing in any given scenario. As a result, it is virtually impossible for him to succumb to forms of chemical or psychological compulsion or revealing Shometsu secrets.
  • Minor - Trained Gunman - Kraver since the age of 19 was a part of and served in the armed forces of Shometsu, he was trained in using all assortments of weaponry and hand to hand combat, in a gunfight or close quarters he is able to hold his own against an opponent.


  • Major - Head Trauma - Gets crippling headaches almost every hour stunning him and leaving him dazed for minutes. This effect can also get triggered from stressful situations and further head trauma.
  • Minor - Jarhead - Kraver is especially bad at using tech, while he might have a cyber eye Kraver had to be taught how to use the tech over a long period of time, when it comes to other forms of tech such as computers and such he requires assistance or some form of teaching on how to use the tech.
  • Minor - Zealous - Kraver will always put the corporation and its interest over his own life, needs and desires. He is so zealous that if it came down to it, Kraver would end his own life if personally asked by the corporation.


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